5 Dazzling Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Makeup Lover Bae

5 Dazzling Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Makeup Lover Bae

There are gifts and then there are valentine’s day gifts. There’s a different kind of charm attached to shopping for valentine’s day gifts, right? The excitement, the joy, and the sheer love for your bae make choosing the gift a huge event in itself.

Since it’s close enough to get excited and far enough for you to get the gift delivered in time, we thought it’s would be the perfect time to give you some valentine’s day gift ideas.

So here are our specially curated valentine’s day gifts for her. If you’re together, nothing like it. If you’re celebrating valentine’s day long distance, fret not and let that dazzling gift reach her, packed with your love. :)

This Beautiful Bouquet of Classy Luxury—Belle de Luxe Combo

The lavish combo includes Belle de Luxe Nail Enamel and Belle de Luxe Lipstick in French Rosette shade. The rose extract-enriched, jewel-cut 3D bullet lipstick and the high-quality chip-resistant nail enamel will steal her heart at first sight.

Psst…It’s available in 4 more shade combinations.

This Blast of Color for Your Colorful Bae—Colored Kajal Combo

Spoil her with these two bright magic wands this valentine’s Day. Let her get lost in the forest green Eye Pencil, and blue colored Kajal Liner and we promise you, you’ll get lost in her eyes. (Excuse the cheesy, but I can’t help it.)

This Ultime-ate Pro Gift for the Eyeshadow Lover

This gift will immediately let her know that you care about her enough to know the little details. If you’ve usually seen her with eye makeup on, this is one of the best valentine’s day gifts you could give her. You can choose her favorite colors from 4 options.

This Supreme Gift for the Red Lipstick Diva

If you’ve seen her fashion the red lipstick or wear that ‘favorite red dress’ more often than not, chances are, she’s a red-lover. We’re sure you can win her over with this Valentine’s day gift—a hamper full of her favorite red things including the best red lipsticks she could find! Trust me, she’ll be a fan!

This Boss Combo for the Boss Lady Bae—Glow on the Go

This could be the best valentine’s day gift for her—the makeup lover who’s always on the go. She’d love you for understanding this most basic, yet most typical makeup need. It might just be your ticket to the next step in your relationship. ;)

Bonus: Here’s one more smart way to gift her all her makeup favorites. Get her this ultimate Valentine’s Day gift kit that has all she needs to look out of the world on valentine’s day date.

There’s nothing better than gifting her favorite makeup to her on Valentine’s day. That’s probably one of the best ways to show her that you care for her, you love her, and most importantly, you get her love for makeup! Have an amazing celebration of love.

Happy Valentine’s day!