6 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your "Makeup-Lover" Lover

6 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your "Makeup-Lover" Lover

It’s that time of the year when singles cry and couples, well, they also cry. Coz they’re dying inside trying to find an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift for their partners. And guess what, searching “what to buy for Valentine’s Day gift?” or “best Valentine’s Day gifts” doesn’t work either. Who wants to gift such cliched, ordinary gifts to one of the most important people in your life?

But when you know them well, you’d know how easy it becomes to buy valentine’s day gifts for them. And if your lover is a makeup lover, nothing can be more exciting AND easy to buy a Valentine’s Day gift got them! We’ll still help if you can’t decide what makeup gift they would like more. So, here are the 6 best Valentine’s Day gifts for your makeup-lover lover. Have fun!

For the Skin-Care Enthusiast

If your lover likes a good skincare routine and you’ve seen them following a strict CTM routine, this Pink Aloe Cleanse & Glow Combo is perfect for them. It brings together the goodness of rare pink aloe vera in the form of a mild yet thorough cleanser and an oil-free day gel. The combination is perfect to keep your skin not just clean but 77% more hydrated.

For the Multitasking Makeup Products Lover

The Color Me Up Combo amazingly fits the Valentine’s Day gift choice for someone who loves collecting new lipsticks and blushes. But this one comes with a bonus—it’s a multipurpose tint! And it doesn’t just stop there. You can use it even as an eyeshadow.

For Keeping Your Love-Life Shiny

Oh My Gloss, this combo could be the best Valentine’s Day gift! Keep your love-life brand new and super shiny with this fantastic combo of 2 Beyond Shine Lip Glosses. Choose your bae’s favorite lip shades and surprise her with this pout-perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

For the “Just Wing It” Person

If they love to wing life, their eye makeup, and everything else, this is the perfect gift for them on Valentine’s Day 2023! The Wing It Up Combo gives them eye makeup that is dark, smudge-proof, and lasts all day with the eye makeup bestsellers—Magneteyes Kajal & A Matte Made in Heaven Ink Eyeliner.

For Making Those Colorful Kisses Comfy

Make those kisses more interesting by gifting her this Comfy Lips Combo—a set of 2 liquid lipsticks that are not just kiss-proof, but also super-comfy. These alcohol-free liquid lipsticks have no dryness, and the love of almond oil with a 10-hour stay makes this one a superb choice for lipstick lovers.

For the Lover of Colored Kajals

If her personality is too colorful for the regular black kajal, get her this awesome Eye Love Colour Combo—2 Magneteyes Color Kajals that not only last longer than any other kohl but are also super-smooth, smudge-proof, and give an intense color payoff!

Go, grab these before they’re out of stock because there’s no dearth of lovers who forget to buy gifts and order at the last minute. 😛 So, choose your favorite makeup products to gift the love of your life so they can say “I love you” because they love the makeup you gave them more! 😛

And if you’re buying it for yourself, even better! Who else can love you and your skin more than yourself?

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023, in advance. And XOXO, darlings!