Beginner’s Guide: When to Apply Sunscreen During Makeup

Beginner’s Guide: When to Apply Sunscreen During Makeup

If the top question in your head is: When to apply sunscreen during makeup, you have come to the right place. We have tried to make this as easy for you to understand as we could, with step-by-step instructions on how to wear sunscreen properly at the right stage in your makeup routine, and even when and how to re-apply sunscreen after makeup application.

So, go ahead and screenshot these, and of course, feel free to share it with your friends who love makeup but wanna do it the right way. Because even the best sunscreens won't be effective if not applied properly. Here goes:

Question #1: When Should I Apply Sunscreen: Before Or After Makeup?

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As a rule of thumb, always apply sunscreen as the third step into your morning skincare—that is, after washing your face and moisturizing it, but before you begin your makeup! Your SPF will work at its best when applied to clean skin, given that you allow it a few minutes to sink into your skin. That’s when you can start putting on your makeup.

There’s more to it though! Keep reading.

Question 2: How to Reapply Sunscreen After Makeup

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If you’re going into the water, or on a sweaty day, re-apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours. In general, i.e., when not swimming or sweating, you can re-apply after 4-6 hours.

If possible, wash your face, reapply your sunscreen, and then re-do your makeup.

Question 3: How to Remove Sunscreen after a Day out?

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After your day out in the sun, deeply cleanse your face to avoid pore-blockage from perspiration and the sunscreen layer. Thereafter, follow up with your regular skincare routine as per your skin type.

In case you’re not much of a reader & skipped the above, scroll down for a shortcut of steps on how to apply sunscreen with makeup.

Steps to Wear Sunscreen with Makeup:

Step 1: Use a Hydrating Moisturizer

Step 2: Apply Sunscreen on the Face and Body (Rub Gently Till It Disappears)

Step 3: Apply Your Facial Makeup (Primer First)

Step 4: Set It with Loose Powder and Makeup Fixer

Step 5: Re-apply Sunscreen Every 2 Hours – Touch up with SPF-Rich Makeup

The Biggest Primer Confusion: Does Primer Come before or after Sunscreen?

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Moisturizer > Sunscreen > Primer - ALWAYS

Never apply your makeup before primer, and never skip sunscreen. Remember to use a foundation with built-in SPF. But that doesn’t mean you can skip your OG sunscreen; it’s just for added protection.

How to Make Sunscreen Work Better with Makeup?

Always buy sunscreen formulated for the face, plus, one that’s non-oily and doesn’t leave a white Facial sunscreens are more lightweight as compared to body sun lotions. Applying a body sunscreen on your face will make your makeup look cakey.

As mentioned earlier, always follow up your sunscreen with a good, blurring primer.

How To Apply Sunscreen Over Makeup — Step-by-Step

  1. Set makeup with powder
  2. Spray Sunscreen over makeup
  3. Use an SPF-infused Compact Powder

  1. Use mineral makeup
  2. Carry a translucent powder with SPF for T-zone

If you’re someone who doesn’t use too many base makeup products like concealer & foundation, use a good tinted moisturizer. Here’s where this product comes in during your base makeup:

Step 1: Prep: Sunscreen

Step 2: Prime: Blurring Primer

Step 3: Tinted moisturizer: With SPF

Step 4: Setting Spray: AKA Makeup Fixer

In conclusion, there are 3 major points you need to keep in mind when wearing makeup with sunscreen:

  1. Never start your makeup without sunscreen
  2. Moisturizer > Sunscreen > Primer > Rest of makeup
  3. Don’t forget to re-apply

Now that you know how to apply sunscreen with makeup, go ahead and have a great beach day, pool party, or just a day out in the sun with your girls! Blush in the summer sun and do everything under the sun (pun intended 😛) but first, protect your skin!

Happy summer, XOXO, darlings! 🙂