This Women's Day, Let’s Break the Bias

This Women's Day, Let’s Break the Bias

It’s women’s day again and this time we’re all together, crossing our arms against stereotypes celebrating International Women’s Day 2022. Think of a world free of gender biases and stereotypes.

And then there’s something we don’t think about until we’re reminded of. When was the last time you wore your favorite red lipstick and were asked something like - “oh, are you going somewhere fancy?” or “Don’t you think that’s too bright for a brunch?”

When was the last time you didn’t wear any makeup, proudly wore just your natural face, and were told - “if you’d just cover up those blemishes you’d look so pretty! Or when you went on a date wearing your favorite makeup look and that guy told you - “I like women who wear less makeup”.

We’re here to remind you that it’s time to break the bias! Let’s smash makeup stereotypes one lipstick at a time!

This Women’s Day,
Tell Them Wearing Less Makeup Is Your Choice

As much As Wearing Bright Makeup Is

Tell Them that Your Blemishes Are As Beautiful
As Your New Blush Is

Your Dark Circles Are As Pretty
As Your Dark As Night Kajal Is

Your Red Lipstick Doesn’t Make You Any ‘Easier’

Just Like Your Nude Lipstick Doesn’t

It’s international women’s day 2022, let’s all come together and smash stereotypes. Let’s tell them they can’t tag us just because we look, feel, or wear makeup a certain way. Let’s cross our arms and #breakthebias this women’s day.. XOXO, darlings!