9 Yami Gautam Makeup Inspirations to Glam up Any Occasion

9 Yami Gautam Makeup Inspirations to Glam up Any Occasion

There can be nothing better than getting inspiration from your favorite actors. So we have brought you some Yami Gautam makeup inspiration since what better way to celebrate your favorite celebrity than on her birthday? She’s one of those who not only look gorgeous in makeup but also without it. But since we’re all makeup lovers, here are 9 amazing Yami Gautam-inspired makeup looks that you can not just admire but try and recreate for yourself as well.

We’ve all seen her slay amazing looks in several roles in her movies. But there are some of Yami Gautam’s makeup looks totally stole our heart—like Yami’s bridal makeup, her basic nude lip and kajal look that she pulls off OH SO WELL, and that red lip look (how can red lip look so good on anyone?). Let’s check our some Yami Gautam inspired makeup looks you might wanna try and recreate for the upcoming wedding and holiday season.

9 Makeup inspirations from Yami Gautam

#1 Of course, Yami Gautam-Inspired Wedding Makeup Look!

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The signature, OG red bridal makeup look you can’t underestimate. That small red bindi, gold jewelry, red lips, kajal-clad eyes, and red dress with that beautiful smile… no trending bridal makeup look can compare with this look!

#2 Her Signature Dewy Peachy Makeup Look

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How can someone look so pretty wearing just a nude lipstick? Recreate this Yami Gautam subtle makeup look with your favorite pink/peach nude lipstick, little bit of kajal, and some blush! Try this for your bestie’s wedding and you will turn all the heads.

#3 This Absolutely Gorgeous Kohl-Rimmed Look that Goes with Anything!

One more simple yet superb one of Yami’s makeup looks—just kohl-rimmed eyes with nude lips, and that’s it. Such an easy look to recreate. Just make sure to keep that kajal dark and if you like, throw in some soft contour and highlighter..

#4 This Boss Lady’s Brown Lip & Bushy Brow Look

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If there’s someone who can carry this boss lady look so effortlessly, it’s her. The simple light brown lips, softly smudge kohl on both upper and lower lids, and some highlighter & blush…effortless beauty.

#5 This Perfect Red Lip & Flushed Cheeks Look

Red lips and minimal makeup on the rest of your face… To recreate this Yami Gautam makeup look, you can simply put on your brightest red lipstick, use the same shade on your eyes, a little on your cheeks, and there you go!

#6 This Soft Smokey Eye Look

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Love this gorgeous soft smokey eye look? All you have to do is smudge your favorite dark, creamy kajal on your eyes (blend it REALLY well), add some peach blush on the cheeks towards your ears (for the definition), and add a nude lipstick, and voila!

#7 This Newly Married Red Lip Look

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This is so far one of the best Yami Gautam makeup inspirations for the new brides out there! The newly wed look has her favorite red lipstick that she swears by, a cute red bindi on her forehead, kajal on the waterline, some shimmer on the eyes, and loads of matching bangles! OMG when will I get married and get to recreate this look!

#8 This Wine Lip Look with a Hot LBD… BOMB!

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Looking at all of Yami Gautam’s makeup looks that are simple and subtle, this bomb look with deep wine lips, light contour, and highlighter slays all the way! We especially love how she’s left the eyes plain with just mascara, and those brows… we’re floored!

#9 And finally, this OG Himachali Girl Look, We're Crying...!

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What can be more exciting than Yami Gautam’s signature Himachali girl look? Maybe it would be if you can recreate this amazing look (oh who are we kidding…). All you need is a good looking pheran, a matching bindi, nude lips, a smile like Yamis’s (oh well, there goes the look…), and of course, those cute winter-flushed cheeks… She has it naturally but we can get it with a nice lip & cheek tint, that’s the closest you can get, right?

We know you love Yami’s style, of course her natural and realistic acting, and her subtle yet mesmerising makeup! We have now given you the best Yami Gautam’s Makeup inspirations to recreate her makeup looks for the upcoming wedding and holiday season. All you need to do is choose your favourite look as per the occasion and shine on. Don’t forget to share which Yami Gautam Makeup look is your favorite and which one you recreated! XOXO, darlings!