Zodiac Sign Makeup Looks to Pick Your Next Party Look from!

Zodiac Sign Makeup Looks to Pick Your Next Party Look from!

It's always hard to decide two things—what to wear, and what makeup to wear. We have a solution for the latter—zodiac sign makeup looks! Imagine having a perfect zodiac makeup look all decided for you the next time you're going out to party. Looks like I'm about to solve half of your problems! Read ahead then, and thank me later. ;)

The Fiery Hot Look—Aries Makeup Look

The fire sign is one of the most vibrant zodiac signs and a deep red or maroon might just be their zodiac sign lipstick! Of course, a shiny eyeshadow would complement the look well!

The Classic Natural—Taurus Makeup Look

The zodiac sign that feels the most comfortable in their skin. So the best way to our sweet, down to earth Taureans is to stick to the classic peachy cheeks, nude lips look that never goes out of style.

The Two Extremes—Gemini Makeup Look

Just like the zodiac sign is always described, the makeup look that suits this one is also a edgy twin personality look. I’d recommend you this well-suited zodiac sign eye makeup—blue eyeshadow on the upper lid and green on the lower. Have fun!.

The Bubbly Girl—Cancer Makeup Look

The girl next door really suits this water sign—truly go with the flow! Since Cancerians are known to rock even the basics, this looks totally goes with their naturally pretty personalities. So pick up your favorite blush, eyeliner for that cute puppy eyeliner, and pink lipstick and rock on!

The Metallic Diva—Leo Makeup Look

The metallic eye and maybe even lip is the perfect zodiac makeup look for the second fire sign—Leo. A bright shiny metallic eyes speak for themselves, don’t you think!

The Perfect Wing & Pink Nude Lip—Virgo Makeup Look

As we all know Virgo is the biggest fan of order, organization, and symmetry. Even their makeup look needs to be neat. So, the best zodiac makeup look must include a subtle pink nude lip to represent the earthy element, and perfect winged eyeliner.

The Long Lash & Red Lip—Libra Makeup Look

Librans are known to kill with looks, and that must show in their makeup too! Go for a fabulous combination of long loaded lashes and the classic red lip. As you know, nothing slays better than a red lip!

The Smokey Eye & Nude Lip—Scorpio Makeup Look

The water sign Scorpio has a thing for bold looks. And what better zodiac makeup look for a lover of bold looks than the smokey eye? Pair it with a brown or nude lip and see how the look speaks for your personality.

The Graphic Liner Vibe—Sagittarius Makeup Look

Thrill and adventure is what Sags are made of and that’s what their makeup look must represent. And that’s why I chose the graphic liner for the third fire sign. Team it up with your favorite subtle lipstick and there you are!

The No-Makeup Makeup—Capricorn Makeup Look

The third earth sign believe in simplicity and that’s what makes their this sweet no-makeup makeup look their perfect pick. For fancy occasions, throw in a tinted CC cream for the perfect glass skin look, a nice pink gloss, some kajal, and off you go!

The Quirky Eyeshadow Look—Aquarius Makeup Look

The creative soul in you demands a magical experiment in your makeup look. Go all out with those colorful eyeshadows and ombre lips, and that’s what you stand for, dear Aquarians!

The Subtle Kajal and Nude Lip—Pisces Makeup Look

The simple, sweet, subtle Pisceans believe in less is more. So this minimal look with a dark line of kajal and a nice nude lipstick might just be your absolute go-to makeup look for a day out, a house party, or even a date!

I hope my extensive and super-exciting research on zodiacs gave y’all some amazing zodiac sign makeup ideas for your next party! I’m off to practice my perfect winged eyeliner and prove that I’m a true Virgo. Ciao, babes! XOXO