Maroon Lipstick


      Maroon lipstick---one of the best choices for office makeup look AND parties. We've brought to you our curated collection of maroon colour lipsticks in every kind including crayons, bullets, and long-stay comfortable liquid lipsticks. Go ahead and check them out!

      Something sultry, something bold and something universal – Maroon matte Lipstick Shades are often the top choice on everyone’s lips, and rightfully so. There’s hardly another piece of makeup that can enliven your entire look like a good and filling maroon matte lipstick shade, and you hardly ever have to worry about it going with your look because it most certainly will!

      Why and How Maroon Colour Lipsticks came to be the Talk on Everyone’s Lips

      Beauty can be deadly, and if you trace back the history of lipstick use, it can be said more so literally. Lipsticks were once a sign of status, and people used to adorn them despite them being made of toxic or fatal elements. And red and maroon lips were a fan favorite even centuries ago. The exquisite maroon lips legacy got carried right from Queen Cleopatra right down to the fashion goddesses and celebrities of today. From the ancient Indus Valley Civilization to the aborigines of Australia, to early China, most world-renowned early civilizations wrote of beauty with reds and maroons. Such is the power of this hue. And, thankfully today maroon color lipsticks are no more restricted to royalty, and we too can own them and enjoy the same luxuriousness of the royal red shade. 

      However, the road for this royal shade wasn’t always linear. From an emblem of opulence and novelty, in the medieval ages, it turned to be a shade only to be adorned by prostitutes to help them stand out. It was a color restricted for witches and satan worshippers, and otherwise colored lips were sternly avoided. Finally, again around the 1900s, the love for burgundy re-emerged and the maroon became a glam symbol for the stars. Soon enough, from fashion icons in magazines, maroon emerged as a popular favorite for the masses. After all, who among us doesn’t have a favorite maroon matte lipstick shades lying around in our collection? The trouble is, this shade is often kept aside for occasions. Why not put it to complete use and do it justice? If you too are a maroon lover, this article will certainly help open up endless possibilities for you to take up with your burgundy. 

      And if you don’t yet enough appreciate this shade, here’s why Maroon shades of lipstick have come to be a popular favorite?

      • Gives you an excuse to go light and easy on the rest of the makeup.
      • It’s timeless and versatile for all ages, outfits, and skin tones. 
      • One of the top sophisticated choices to flatter a professional setting. 
      • The moody yet bold shade will keep you on your feet and your confidence boosted all around the day. So on the days, you don’t feel the most comfortable in your skin, a maroon colour lipstick can be just the boost you need. 
      • Helps add a gorgeous tinge of color and warmth to your face and skin during winters. 
      • Let's channel your inner goth-goddess and let you feel powerful.

      Types of Maroon Lipsticks You Can Find in the Market – According to Texture 

      When it comes to choosing lipsticks, there are several criteria that one needs to sort out. Do you want a matte or a creamy look? Do you want a dark sultry or a light warmer undertone? Do you want something long-lasting? Since the evolution of lipsticks, more and more textures are being invented to aptly fit everyone’s requirements. Let’s break down the types of maroon lipstick, one by one so you can easily avail yourself in the market.

      • Creamy

      These are a perfect companion for a cold day. With a moisturizing texture, these can make your lips look fresh and nourished, with a velvety maroon glow around the clock effortlessly. Creme lipsticks have a higher wax content which helps them last a while. Faces Canada Creme Lipsticks have a unique and richly hydrating formula that comprises Shea butter, almond oil, Jojoba, and other enriching products, while at the same time providing a weightless feel. 

      This particular texture offers the perfect balance between matte and glossy, and can perfectly flatter an elegant and soft makeup look. Want to look glamorous but also be subtle about it? Maroon creme lipsticks are the way to go. 

      • Matte

      Matte is a popular favorite for all seasons as these are not only long-lasting but offers a better lasting full coverage than the other types. You’ll find a maroon matte lipstick in almost every makeup kit and there are plenty of reasons as to why. Matte lipsticks are non-transferrable and we seldom need to touch them up across the day. They offer a deep pigment and have an extremely comfortable texture, so that after applying once you can simply forget about it for hours. These also run a low risk of smudging thus giving your lips an elevated and defined look throughout the day. 

      • Sheer 

      These can be called the cousin to creme lipsticks. But unlike the latter, sheer lipsticks aren’t as long-lasting and will demand a touch up every few hours. The plus point to these is that they constitute mainly moisturizing oils that keep your lips young, healthy, and plump for years to come. Moreover, maroon sheer lipsticks offer a subtle spark that can flatter almost any look. 

      • Liquid 

      You can opt for a glossy sheen or a rich maroon liquid lipstick matte look, or even find the right blend of gloss and matte in a single solution. But that’s not where it ends. You can get a maroon liquid lipstick that’s a gloss, creme, velvet, or matte - any look that you want. If you want a fully defined lip and make sure it doesn’t go all over the place, grab a liquid lipstick for a more precise application. Wear lips that’ll catch all the eyes with a good quality liquid stick. 

      • Glossy

      A glossy maroon shade giving your lips the shiny, plump, and watery appeal, can be truly dazzling. Thin or dry lips? Keep them glowing with a gloss! Apart from being extremely hydrating, these offer a luminous subtle glow to your lips that'll leave people simply dazzled. They leave your lips with a semi-sheer finish and a soothing feel. Get a shiny and plump pout with a glossy maroon colour lipstick. 

      • Lip Stains

      Lip tints and stains have lately become quite popular. These offer longevity similar to matte lipsticks, maybe even more. They offer a range of pigmentations and can help enliven your lips. These too usually come in a liquid formula and can add a flush of color and have your face looking lovely and warm with colored cheeks and lips.

      Lip tints also come in balm formulas that offer the goodness of any good lip balm. For instance, some even offer SPF protection. The balm tints take a step further with moisturization and give your lips the most natural and subtle colored look.

      • Bullet

      Bullet maroon lipstick shade is the ideal choice for a dry day when you still want the richly pigmented matte look and also the nourishment of a moisturizing chapstick. The lipsticks are shaped like a bullet and give your lips a subtle matte look. These are well suited for a regular day when you want a softer look. These are also among the most traditional maroon lipstick textures, which recently are making a comeback with force. And we’re not complaining!

      • Lip Chalks

      These offer a drastic change in texture. Lip chalks are exactly what the name indicates. Cosmetic chalk that gives a glamorous color to your lips. These can be multi-functional and can help you with a well-rounded makeup look by applying them to your lips, cheeks, and eyes. These have only recently become trending and are mostly opted for to lift a day look. For a glam look with a soft and subtle appeal, maroon lip chalks will do the job just right. 

      • Lip Liners

      These aren’t exactly meant to function as lipsticks but sure can be used as one. When buying maroon colour lipstick you always need a lip liner. If you want to create a precise look, giving your lips shape and volume, these can save the day. These will outline your lips perfectly and also prevent your lipsticks from bleeding out. Moreover, these are long-lasting and will keep your lips defined throughout the day. 

      • Lip Crayons

      These can offer different finishes from matte to glossy. Lip pencils or crayons come packaged in the shape of pencils that you can sharpen for outlining your lips. You can have the tip defined exactly how you want them. Moreover, maroon lip crayons are highly nourishing and offer a smoother application than your go-to lipsticks. 

      • Powder Lipsticks

      Want to try something out of the box. Powder lipsticks have recently been trending due to the gentle lived-in look it offers. Moreover, the powder format is so lightweight and comfortable on your lips that you’ll forget you’re wearing lipstick. These offer a sold matte finish but without drying out your lips. Powdered lipsticks can be applied with a finger or a brush applicator, but you can also find evolved variations in tubes, capsules, bullet forms, and more. 

      • Lip Lacquers

      Lip lacquers again are a product formed taking the best of the two worlds - lip gloss and lipstick. These offer a higher pigmentation than glosses but lesser than lipsticks and can be a full range of products on their own. Usually, lip lacquers offer a shiny and creamy texture that leaves your lips with a subtle sheen and can seem as if you’ve applied butter on your matte lipstick.

      The Several Shades of Maroon Lipstick

      Before we learn what shade of maroon lipstick is apt for your skin tone, let’s read about them in general. Overall there are seven shades of maroon lipstick but there can be further variations. But for now, the nine of these consist - 

      • Dark Maroon color Lipstick- The darkest shade of maroon lipstick, this color leaves a bold opaque finish on your lips. Dark maroon color lipstick has a warm tinge of brown in the dark blood red color and can help you sport a strong, glamorous, and vampy look. 
      • Burgundy Maroon Lipstick- With a moderate maroon you have a tinge of purple, a color that’ll flatter any and every lip. With a burgundy maroon colour lipstick, you’ll hardly require any other piece of makeup because this is an entire statement and appeal on its own. 
      • Bright Maroon Lipstick- Imagine a bright rosy red with a splash of grounding brown hues. The image it paints is what a bright maroon lip color looks like. Gorgeous right? It’s the perfect balance between being bold, edgy, soft, and rosy. Not ready to go for an over-the-top maroon? Try this shade. 
      • Burnt Maroon Lipstick- This has a stronger brownish hue and a slight tinge of red and violet. Its dark brown hue of it flatters complexions that have cooler undertones quite well. 
      • Royal Maroon Lipstick- Here too, the brownish hues are more evident but this shade is more on the greyish scale. Want a bold and sophisticated look? Royal maroon will crown your appeal perfectly. This is a velvety opaque shade and a red-carpet favorite for many. 
      • Maroon Red Lipstick- Bring back the 90’s with this plump and sensual color. Everyone loves a royal red and the maroon hue just elevates the color a few levels. This is also a versatile shade that flatters almost any and every skin tone. 
      • Maroon Pink Lipstick- Not a fan of edgy and dark shades like burnt or dark maroon? You’d want to try this shade. With a gorgeous maroon hue, you get a soft pink splash. Moreover, this is a maroon that you can easily sport on a daily basis and is a great suit for an office getup. 
      • Maroon Oak - This color is similar to dark crimson and is a highly saturated shade. With a woody brown, you get a slight touch of red and pink. While royal maroon is more on the cooler side, maroon oak is more on the warmer side and resembles the velvety appeal of red wine. 
      • Dark Red - Still belonging to the maroon family, dark red lipsticks have dominant red hues with a warm chestnut touch. This is the perfect option for those who don’t want a bright red lip or a bold maroon lip, but a subtler balance between the two. 

      The Glamorous Types of Maroon Matte Lipstick Shades According to Skin Tone

      There are commonly seven types of maroon matte lipstick shades as established priorly – dark maroon, burgundy maroon, bright maroon, burnt maroon, royal maroon, maroon red, maroon pink, maroon oak, and dark red. But you can always find variations of these. 

      Just imagine a beautiful earthy brown with a splash of blood-red. Sounds wonderful, right? That’s the power of this universally flattering color. Irrespective of your skin tone, any shade of maroon will hardly be unappealing to your skin. However, some select shades can uplift certain skin tones wonderfully. And to help you identify those for you, here’s a small guide: 

      • Best Shades for Dusky Skin Tone

      You are lucky for you can go either lighter or darker with the shades of maroon and both do your appeal the right justice. For instance, Burnt, royal, or any dark maroon lipstick matte with burgundy and red undertones would give your look the perfect lift. If you're blessed with a cooler undertone, then you can turn to lighter brown and blue-toned maroons. But redder tones are more suited in maroon color lipstick for Indian skin. Settle somewhere in between a berry and burgundy, such as a maroon oak and your skin will look flawless adorning it. 

      • Best Shades for Fair Skin Tone

      A vibrant crimson or a deluxe deep mahogany shade is what you need to keep that pout looking bold and charming. Don’t feel anxious about going a little dramatic with this color. Go for the darker and bolder colors, it’ll offer a beautiful contrast to your skin. 

      • Best Shades for Dark Skin Tone

      Remember the key is to stay at least one or two shades darker than your lip color. Maroon with berry, pink, blue, and magenta undertones will fill your lips glamorously if you have a cooler undertone. However, with warm undertones, the more intense darker shades of maroon are a better suit. Go extra, go bold! Find intensely pigmented maroons, like a dark maroon or a royal, and wear them like a champion. With darker and duskier skin tones, you can also try a metallic or a glossy shine on your lip and stand out from the crowd in optimum glamor!

      Checklist for When Shopping Lipsticks Online

      Shopping for lipsticks online isn’t the easiest task, but is also a blessing in disguise. You have a limitless world of shades, and types that you could never find together at a physical store. However, if you aren’t taking care of all the requirements for buying a maroon colour lipstick, you can end up with a buy that will not be worth your money’s worth. To make sure that doesn’t happen, here’s what you can do. Down below are the 9 must checkpoints that need to be taken care of, when buying maroon color lipsticks online: 

      1. Lipstick Type

      As discussed before, there are plenty of lipstick types and there are more innovative types coming to light every day. Try out the different textures, and settle for the ones that are best flattering for you. For instance, does your pout need some hydration? Don’t solely opt for matte or liquid shades that are long-lasting as they may dry out your lips. For regular subtle looks, creme and bullet lipsticks can be your go-to. And also if your priority is maximum hydration. 

      List out your priorities when buying lipstick. If you want a shimmery and glossy finish, go for gloss and satin lipsticks. If you want an opaque velvety finish, matte is what you need. When opting for nudes, go for lip cremes and so on. 

      1. Features

      Apart from just the finish, there are other requirements you want your lipstick to fulfill. For instance, is your priority longevity? Do you want a non-bleeding lipstick? Do you want one with a nice scent? While non-transferable is a good feature to look for in a lipstick, it is not when you are shopping for a stick for daily use. Otherwise, not only will it dry out your lips, but also make them age faster. The best maroon color lipstick will always maintain the perfect balance between being stiff and oily. Do your research and compare the features of your top selections, and settle for the one that checks all or at least most of your requirements. 

      1. Packaging

      Although, this won’t be your first thought a lot can also depend on the packaging of a lipstick. For instance, if you get lipsticks with flimsy packaging, your lipsticks can break off and melt into your bag while traveling. Similarly, maroon colour lipsticks that come in metallic and cheap-looking packaging usually turn out to be of poor quality and start to wear off in a week or two. A good brand that takes care in manufacturing its lipsticks will also take care of its packaging. 

      1. A Brand That You Can Trust

      Most people, who have been acquainted with using makeup for at least a while tend to have a few brands they are loyal to. The same goes for lipsticks. Not all brands will be too careful with the customer’s needs. It can very well happen, that you enjoy lipsticks from an inexpensive brand more than the one selling its products at thousands. But most importantly, do not get your lipstick from a brand that you have no idea about. If you’ve never heard the specific brand name before, do your research and then only opt for shopping. 

      1. Check the Ingredients List 

      It is important to check the ingredients list before buying almost anything, whether it's makeup or food. A lipstick can promise to be hydrating but contain none of the ingredients to support it. Another reason why it's a must to check the ingredients list is to make sure it doesn’t contain any material you are allergic to. This is also a good way to root out lipsticks that are truly vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, etc. as and what your priorities are. It’ll also help you assess if the quality is worth the price, by comparing the formulas of your top picks. Some brands may even use carcinogens in their lipsticks which can deter your health in the future, which is why it's extremely crucial for you to check the ingredients list. 

      1. Stay Away from Replica Lipsticks

      This is something most individuals and makeup experts would advise you on. One original makeup product is better than ten replicas. And, the market is full of replica lipsticks which can be appealing, especially due to their lowered prices. While the idea of being able to afford 5-10 different shades of lipsticks at the price of one, sounds appealing, it’ll only do you damage in the long run. Replica products are cheaper only because of the ingredients they use. More than often, they aren’t cruelty-free and can end up leaving damaging effects on your skin and lips. 

      How to make sure your product is original and not a replica? One thing that you can do is buy the product straight from the brand’s official store. And if that isn’t possible, you can check their prices. Most brands have a certain range they tend to stick to, with their makeup products. A brand that sells its lipsticks at Rs. 300 - 1000 won’t sell its lipsticks under Rs.100 or at Rs.5000. Check out the eminent traits that the specific brand offers, and make sure that they match with the product you buy.

      1. Read Online Reviews

      Even if you buy a product from a well-known brand, there isn’t a guarantee that you’ll love the product. Keep your eyes out for online reviews, as they are truly a blessing in disguise. If you feel the customer reviews, under the product, aren't convincing enough. You can usually find detailed reviews from makeup experts and beauticians online. Keep your eye out for multiple reviews, and if the maximum voice speaks in favor of the product, you can know for sure it is a quality product. 

      1. Exchange Policies and Mini-Versions

      And if you still find yourself a little unsure of the product, one thing you can do is check out the store’s exchange policies. Most trusted stores allow a return policy of thirty days for opened or slightly used lipsticks. Otherwise, many stores also sell mini-versions. So if you are trying out a new brand or a product for the first time, you can get a mini-version. This way you can pick and choose your makeup kit favorites, more effectively without spending too much. 

      1. Expiry Date

      Last but not the least, do check the expiry date. Usually, lipstick tends to have a shelf life of 3 years. So even if you cannot find the expiry date, look for the manufacturing date. Often cosmetic stores try to sell an older stock, which means you’ll have products with shorter shelf lives. If you are someone who tends to wear lipstick regularly, you can shop for lipsticks with shorter shelf lives. But if that’s not the case, make sure you get a fresh product so that you can use it to the maximum, for the longest time.

      Which are Some Good Pocket-Friendly Lipstick Options for You

      When buying lipsticks, the brand becomes a serious concern, as there are enough duplicates and unchecked brands that can hand you over harmful concoctions for your lips. These are some of the top selected options in matte maroon colour lipstick, 2022:

      • The versatile Velvet Matte Lipstick Oh So Wine has a delicious sweeter-scented formula that is heavy on pigmentation but not on your feels or your pockets. The perfect blend of creme and matte offers you the needed hydration along with fulfilling and long-lasting matte coverage. It’s a good value for money buy with a needed lasting finish for all skin tones. 
      • For warm-toned people, the Faces Canada Weightless Matte Finish Lipstick in Royal Maroon gives an excellent uplifting appeal, which will leave you not only looking but feeling like royalty. 
      • The Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick Collection has a wonderful addition to the reddish Maroon matte lipstick everyday collection – the Getting Ready 02 and we are all up for it. With a long-lasting yet non-drying formula, it is certainly a smash for a diverse crowd. Protect your lips from dryness and keep them flawless around the clock!
      • We cannot consider maroon colour lipsticks without mentioning the all-time favorite Weightless Creme Finish Lipstick. The luxurious formula doesn’t compromise on its pigmentation or your comfort. Enjoy supple and hydrated lips dressed in a gorgeous color. And that too, you can have it all at such a low price. The gorgeous burgundy maroon shade will certainly leave you feeling like a badass!
      • The two glamorous deep maroons from the No Transfer Matte Lipstick collection are an absolute winner in trending maroon winter shades. With their deep oxblood brown and red undertones, these transfer-proof dark maroon color lipstick will certainly set you apart from the crowds. Looking rich doesn’t equate to buying rich and these lipsticks are the perfect example of it. 

      Tips for Styling Your Maroon Lipstick – in Summer, Fall, or Winter

      While a good maroon colour lipstick will do your appearance enough justice, there are certain things you need to take care of to keep your style flawless and charming. Makeup is an art, and if you compare a lip that has simply been painted in a room with a lip that has followed the A-Z steps of painting the maroon, as discussed before, you’d be able to identify the clear winner. Here are some more tips that’ll work wonders for your maroon liquid lipstick. 

      • Since you want your maroon lips to be the center of attention, make sure you eliminate or cover up any redness in your face to take away the attention. Use foundation and concealer to cover up any red spots around your face. If your lipstick runs out of the lip line, here too you can use foundation to cover it up.
      • As we’ve covered skin tones, buying a maroon matte lipstick shade can also vary with eye color. For instance, dark eyes compliment a burgundy maroon quite well. Similarly, pink-based maroons go beautifully with light-eyed people. Similarly, a deep red burgundy will flatter people with brunette hair. And blue-toned maroons are universal for all. 
      • To put on your lipstick precisely and with a filling coverage, burgundy is best applied with a lip brush. This also helps you apply your maroon colour lipstick with more precision and definition.
      • It’s better to skip the glossy finish when you are working with maroons. But for people with darker skin tones, a subtle gloss finish on a brownish or reddish maroon can work just fine. Just dab it a little on the middle of your lips, and you’re good to go. Similarly, a metallic look can also be flattering but don’t go heavy with the gloss or the glitter. Since maroon is already an eye-catching color you wouldn’t need to go over the top.
      • Finish off with a lip liner rather than putting it first, to give a perfect finishing look by shading out the perimeter of your lips. But do not forget to blend.
      • When going for the rest of your makeup, it is best to go minimal if you’re sporting a dark and eye-catching color like maroon. Don’t do an over-enhanced blush or a heavy eye. For people with darker skin tones, you can try teal eyeliner to provide a gorgeous finished look. Similarly, green eyeshadow, eyeliner, smokey eye makeup, etc. green are the safe and glamorous way to go when working with a maroon color lipstick shade.
      • Since you’re going light on the rest of the makeup, what you can go overboard on is your lashes. Pair the bold maroon with bold, fluttery eyelashes and give your face a beautiful and sophisticated appeal. 
      • Not sure how you can identify your lip color? Take a cotton swab and take a little color from the side of the lipstick. Bring the swab beside your face and evaluate whether the color livens up your skin or is toning it down, making you look tired. 
      • Have a lipstick in hand that’ll expire in a short while? Why not repurpose it and use it to the fullest. Creme or matte, apply two small dabs on the apple of your cheeks and blend it out for a generous and subtle blush. Similarly, you can use the same to also finish your eye shadow. If you can’t carry all your makeup when traveling, carrying just a few lipsticks will serve you well. 

      While the bright summer sun keeps you restricted to little to no makeup. Winter’s the prime season for bold, dark, and mysterious colors like maroon. While the aforementioned tips will help you out, here are some more fall and winter-specific tips, to uplift your maroon color lipstick shades:

      • Since fall and winter have a chance of leaving your lips dry, make sure to hydrate your lips with a nourishing lip balm first, especially if you’re picking a maroon lipstick matte
      • Exfoliate before putting on your lip products, to have a more pigmented and lively look.
      • Primers can give your lipstick a longer-lasting effect than usual. 
      • Deep reds are the perfect fall color for this season. 
      • Keep the eye and other makeup light and uplift your winter and fall outfit with a simple but bold maroon lip. 
      • Maroon is a royal fall color, so why keep it limited to your lips? Pair your dark maroon matte lipstick shades with a dark maroon top or a dress, if you want to look and feel fabulous.
      • Berry, wine, and other purple under-toned maroons are very in this season and will flatter almost anyone in the crowd and also create the outstanding fall glamor statement look. 
      • Winter’s also the best time to try out your maroon ombre lips and create a statement look. Follow the steps given earlier and create your gorgeous contrast. 
      • Here are some more makeup look ideas for you to try out this winter and fall:
      • Pair the timeless light-winged eyeliner look with your maroon matte lipstick shades. While you can skip any other color a light gold-toned eyeshadow and highlight can however amp up your look.
      • A dramatic maroon-on maroon look won’t seem over-the-top but beautiful under the winter sun. Do a reddish maroon lip. Go dramatic with eye makeup and do a vibrant maroon or red eye. Apply a warm red subtle blush and create a radiant red-on-red look.
      • When we think maroon, we think of a mysterious vampy look. But how can you do it with more subtlety and style? Skip the eyeshadow and liner and take up a kajal. Apply it in a thin line and smudge it a bit. Take on soft and wispy lashes and wear them on. Apply a very soft pink or red blush and a little highlighter for the natural flushed look and nothing more. Finish it off with any shade of maroon, to create an elegant and fashionable look. 

      Daily Use Maroon Matte Lipsticks Shades That are Perfect for You

      Maroon shades often get a poor reputation for being too occasion-y. However that’s not the case, and there are plenty of great specimens for you to choose from, to add to your daily wear. Here are a few for all the maroon lovers:

      • Simple too can scream glamorous and sophisticated at the same time, and the Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon offers a gorgeous maroon shade that goes great with regular office wear. Not feeling too confident? The Mystic Magic 30 is maroon-brown, and the Midnight Rose 12 which is a maroon red lipstick, are not only great budget buys but also offers a soothing and hydrating effect. Want to try out the aforementioned primer + lipstick trick? Luckily, the Ultime Pro Matte Lipstick Crayon also comes with a combo of a Primer, for your use at a generous offer price that you’ll find nowhere else. 
      • The Weightless Creme/Matte Finish offers some beautiful maroon shades which are designed for regular use and leave you looking timelessly beautiful. It’s eloquent, velvety, with a rich nourishing formula that very easily and effectively coats your lips. Do you want the creamy or matte finish or both? Take your pick. 
      • Regular use never means you can't go the extra step. And if it's the Ultime Pro Belle Deluxe Jewel Cut Collection in question, it is certainly a must-add to your daily use collection. The versatile maroons contain a rich hydrating rose extract that wouldn't dry out your lips in the long run. Moreover, the filling pigmentation makes it not only great for daily wear but also for any exclusive event. 
      • The Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick offers a weightless solution and a perfectly designed wand for exact and even application. You can also get the maroons at a comfortable price and the deep pigment will swiftly swim you through a long day’s hassle. This is also a great selection if you’re looking for the perfect lipstick with a maroon dress. 

      How to take that Lipstick Look, up a Notch – Best Hacks

      Want to spice up your regular makeup look? Here are some great maroon lipstick matte hacks gathered from experts that’ll leave you looking like a winter daydream. 

      • Get Bigger and Fuller Lips Using Maroon Matte Lipstick Shades as a Liner

      Contrasting shades when choosing a lip liner and lipstick is always the go-to advice. Moreover, opting for a darker shade as a lip liner gives your lips a more intense and fuller look, which is where maroon lipstick matte can be a savior. Brown, purple or red, maroon will perfectly complement all. The contrast also looks glamorous when opting for maroon matte lipstick shades for dark skin

      Here’s what you have to do - take maroon matte lipstick shades or lip liner, and line your lips. Once you’re done, use the same to highlight your cupid’s bow and in the middle portion of your bottom lip. Shade in the edges and once you are done, fill in with a light maroon shade than the previous one, or a lighter red, brown, or violet, and then blend it well. The contoured look will give your lips a fuller and much more prominent look.

      • How to do a Maroon Ombre

      Ombre lips are stunning, and maroon ombres are just the icing on top of the cake. How to do it? First use a nude lip liner, over which draw the edges with a dark burgundy lipstick. You can also simply take a darker-colored lip liner such as wine, maroon, or burgundy and fill in the outer edge of your lips. You can draw in the lip liner as far as you want, but make sure to leave some space for the lipstick. Now that you’re done, it is time to take a lighter shade than the liner and fill in the gap. Make sure to choose a color that will provide a crisp and beautiful contrast from the darker shade. For instance, you can pair a wine maroon lipstick matte with a red, or a brown and pink, etc. Take your pick, but once you’ve finished applying, make sure to blend the colors well. Just pat your lips eight to ten times into a tight hold, and it’ll do the job. 

      • Apply Blush and Bronzer for an Enhanced Look

      Makeup is all about trial and error. Want to create a distinct and fuller look? Gladly, the fascination with bigger lips has revealed many trending ways to do it. We’ve already covered the contrasting effect. Now let’s see you can do it with a Blush and Bronzer. These little tips and tricks can help you become the star of the party. So, here’s how you can do this trending Kylie Jenner makeup hack. First, apply your lip liner, and make sure you curve it a little at your Cupid’s bow and around the borders of your bottom lip to create the base of the bigger and well-defined pout. Then apply your lip primer or foundation, which upon drying take a lipstick a shade lighter than the liner and fill in your lips. Blend your lipstick and liner. 

      Now take a flat lip brush and dab a little bronzer on and highlight your cupid’s bow. The contouring effect will help create a more defined lip curve. Dab on a little more bronzer, underneath the bottom lip. Once your work with the bronzer is done, choose a lighter blush and dab it right at the center of your lips, over your lipstick. Blend it out and your final look is ready!

      • Carrying Dark Maroon Lipsticks like a Pro

      When sporting dark lip looks, it is best to pair your clothes accordingly on a darker shade range. The common risk that runs with darker shades, is that it ends up looking blotchy and uneven after a while. This is why it is advisable to keep your lipstick ready and on the go so that you can reapply it when needed. While there is a maroon liquid lipstick matte that is quite long-lasting, use a setting powder or a spray to ensure a more secure finish. 

      When wearing a dark color, make sure you use a little foundation first and bring the color of your lips similar to your face. Use a lip liner, either a shade darker or lower than the lip color, and paint your lips completely. After this, take your dark maroon lipstick matte and blend it on. Do you have a maroon on your hands that isn’t dark enough? Don’t worry, take a little waterproof eyeliner and dab it upon your lips lightly and blend them out. Get a defined, dark, and mysterious pout with your dark maroon lipstick matte, and carry it with confidence!

      • Best Maroon Shade For a Night Out

      Have a party to arrive at fashionably late? Here are a few tips that’ll do you justice. First of all, it is best if you keep the cooler and more intense maroon shades ready for a night out. But the range of options with dark maroon lipsticks matte is boundless, and if you do opt for a warmer undertone lipstick. Make sure to give it a light glossy sheen and arrive at the party looking like the ultimate showstopper. Try a Faces Canada burgundy lipstick, or a red, maroon, plum, or violet. Make sure you go dark, bold, and bright when choosing the lip color. 

      Carry your bold maroon lips and take it a step ahead with a matte liquid lipstick. You can enjoy your night without constantly having to worry about a retouch. Remember to follow the hacks given above, and create a precise and defined look? Got a little outside your lips? Don’t stress about it, take a little foundation and cover it up. 

      Do’s and Don’ts for Maroon Lipstick

      Maroon lipsticks matte can amp up your profile and transform your face. But for that, you need to do it right. Maroon is a symbol of power, sophistication, royalty, and freedom, and above all it’s versatile. There’s a shade of maroon for any and everyone and if you like being in the spotlight, sporting maroon lips will do you justice. So while there are basic do’s and don’ts for wearing lipstick, let’s dig in deeper and see what the do’s and don’ts are for liquids, mattes, and cremes. 

      Do’s and Don’ts for Liquid and Matte Lipsticks

      ✓ Use Lip Scrubs Once a Week to Keep the Dead Skin Cells Away

      Exfoliate at least once or twice a week. Matte lipsticks as established can dry off your skin and the dry flakes can cling to your lips. Moreover, other detrimental environmental factors which affect your skin can also be harsh on your lips. To keep your lips healthy and unclogged, you need to exfoliate. Just like you need to exfoliate your face once in a while to keep it soft and supple, the same goes for your lips. Exfoliation also helps regulate the blood flow onto your lips, making your pout look pink, fresh, and hydrated. Do make sure that you get an exfoliator that is specific to your lips. As your face and lips don’t share the same skin layer, using a face scrub won’t job. Moreover, you can always DIY your very own lip scrub. 

      Lip Care with a Rejuvenating Moisturizer or Lip Balm

      Prep your lips. Like your face, your lips are a blank canvas and need as much protection. Get a nourishing lip balm, preferably with SPF protection. Just like, moisturizer is a must-add to your daily skincare routine, make sure you also hydrate your lips at least once a day. But make sure to do that only once you’ve cleansed your lips, or after exfoliating them. This lets the lip balm seep into the clean slate providing better nourishment and the care it deserves. 

      Most of us have a constant habit of licking our lips. But did you know the saliva is drying them out? So keep them soft, supple, and cared for with a quality moisturizing lip balm. 

      Get the Exact Color You Want With a Little Dab of Liquid Foundation

       Apply liquid foundation in a small amount on your lips. This helps your lips become a blank canvas and the maroon color you apply after, will pop to its full glam. The foundation also helps the lip color last longer making it stay in place. It also prevents the lipstick from transferring and smudging away. You can use a lip brush when applying the foundation. Apply only a light layer or the foundation can deter the look, rather than enhancing it by making it look blotchy. And whatever you do, do not apply foundation on cracked lips. If your lips are feeling dry and cracked, use a moisturizer or a lip balm and skip this step for the day. 

      ✓ Why Getting a Lip Primer is a Wise Idea 

       When working with liquid lipsticks, a little primer can go a long way. Just as it helps your face makeup, applying a little lip primer can make the maroon glow even better and help it gain a more evened-out look. A single coat will do the job. 

      If you do invest in a good lip primer, you can skip the foundation if you want. Lip primers usually come in the shape of pencils, lipsticks, or crayons. But why do you need one? They help in covering up the lines in your lips, helping create a smoother and glossier surface. So that when you do apply the lipstick, your lips don’t look dry and full of lines and cracks. Moreover, a lip primer also acts as a barrier between your lips and the environment, keeping them from age and making them soft. A lip primer also helps create a much smoother base, to work your lipstick on and also makes sure that it stays right where it is. Do you know how lipsticks tend to bleed out from the line of your lips ruining your makeup? Well, a lip primer can also help here and let you have perfectly colored lips all around the day. 

      You can get a primer that comes with an SPF protection and if possible, with hydrating ingredients like jojoba, coconut, or almond oil. Do opt for a color that matches your natural lip color. If you want to save up on the bucks, you can get a multipurpose primer that works as well as on your eyes, as on your lips. Moreover, make sure that your lip primer has a creamy base soo that can help you get the smooth base you need. 

      ✓ Lip Liners are a Must if You Want Full and Defined Lips 

      You must use a lip liner. When outside, it's not always possible to retouch your lipstick or make sure it's perfect there. A lip liner will save you from that by increasing the longevity of the lip color and also help you define your lip shape. If you have thinner lips, a lip liner can make them look fuller and bigger. And if you want to have that effect where your pout looks fuller and bigger, use the liner outside the outline of your lips and then fill it in with your lipstick. You can either use a lip liner that’s the closest to your lip color, or a color that is two shades lighter than the maroon you’re about to put on. You can also go one shade darker than the lipstick. It mostly depends on the look you’re trying to create. 

      Now let’s come to the pertinent question, do you use the lip liner before or after? There’s no right or wrong answer here. While some prefer to do it before, as it gives them a limited canvas to work with. Especially with liquid lipsticks that seem to be the safer option. However, we do enjoy the natural look it offers upon applying the liner after putting on the lipstick. You can always experiment with both to see which one you like better!

      Give Your Lips Some Space to Breathe; Don’t Go to Town with the Lipstick Apply it in thin layers. 

      Since liquid lipsticks are more pigmented, you wouldn’t need more than two layers. Especially when working with a dark color like maroon. Let the first layer dry out first and then apply the second. This will only reduce the drying time, and will also leave your lips looking much better and complete. Make sure you apply the liquid lipstick in thin layers, otherwise your lips will feel heavy and uncomfortable the entire time. 

      ✓ Conceal the Yellow in Your Teeth with a Blue Undertone Maroon

      Many factors can lead to a yellow cast on your teeth. However, if you sport a warmer shade, it can make your teeth look unflattering. So, opt for cooler shades like royal or burnt maroon, or any shade with a violet, pink or blue undertone. These will help you downplay the yellow cast and help your smile look more radiant. 

      ╳ Water Won’t Help You Wash Off Liquid Lipsticks

      Don’t wash off your lipstick with water. Maroon matte lipsticks are deeply pigmented and if you go to town trying to remove the color, it’ll only hurt and damage your skin. Moreover, if you’ve been wearing lipstick for a while, it’ll dry off and won’t seem to budge when you try to remove it. Here, even if you rub your lips roughly to get rid of the color, it won’t do the job well. 

      Avoid all the hassle and opt for an oil-based cleanser to wash off the color from your lips gently. Other alternatives include plain old micellar water, vaseline, or any kind of oil - olive, coconut, almond, or even baby oil. This way, not only will the cleanser work better and faster but also leave your lips somewhat nourished instead of damaged. 

      ╳ Don’t Rub Your Lips Together After Applying Liquid Lipstick or Apply Too Much to Get the Color

      Usually, with lipsticks, we tend to go for many layers to let the color sink in properly. However, this is a strict no-no with liquid lipsticks. Since they are heavy and thick in texture, it’ll only leave your lips looking patchy and you feeling uncomfortable the whole time. It’ll also hinder the lipstick drying process.

      Another habit that we turn to when trying to even out the lip color to its full glam, is that we rub our lips. Your lips shouldn’t immediately be touching after applying the lipstick. Although it is an advisable step with creme lipsticks, liquid lipsticks become uneven and patchy if you close your lips before it has dried out. There’s no risk once the liquid has dried and smoothened out. 

      ╳ Don't Go Subtle With Maroon 

      Don’t settle for boring shades. Matte is a texture that is meant to be eye-catching. Go for hues that can complement the same. Maroon There are plenty of ways to determine which lip colors are best suited to you. Understand your skin complexion and undertones. The thumb rule usually for picking lipstick shades is to go one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. But there’s no tight bound rule to that. When shopping for lipstick in the store, you can test it out on your fingertips or your wrist on the side facing your palm. If it complements your skin tone, you’re good to go. 

      ╳ Don’t Use Liquid Lipstick on Flaky Lips

      Don’t apply liquid lipstick if your lips are flaky. Exfoliating them can help but make sure to put on a lip balm and then put on the lipstick. However, it is better to opt for creme or any maroon lipstick matte that is moisturizing. The flakes will not only cause your liquid lipstick to look patchy making you feel unattractive and uncomfortable. Moreover, the liquid lipstick can cause your lips to become more dehydrated, so it is best to take a break. 

      ╳ Don’t Throw Out a Shade if it Seems Unflattering

      Makeup is never meant to be thrown away. If you have bought a shade and you find out later that it's not the best suit for you, don’t immediately run for the trash. You can always make it work for you by blending it out with other shades. If you have a vibrant shade in your hands that seems to be a little too much, try painting it with a more dull shade. And if it’s too dull, mix it up with a brighter color. 

      Common Mistakes with Wearing Maroon Matte Lipsticks Shades and How to Fix Them

      • Getting Lipstick Outside the Lip Line

      Solution: Since maroon lipsticks matte are a darker color, it is always advisable to use a lip brush instead of the wand or stick it comes with. If it goes even a little out of the lip outline, removing it can be a hassle. Moreover, it’ll leave your skin reddened and give a messy look instead of a focused look. Using a lip liner will also help your lipstick not run outside your lip outline. And after you’re done applying your lipstick, take a tissue and blot your lips, by placing it in between and removing any excess product that can affect your perfectly painted pout. 

      • Getting Lip Cracks and Lines When Wearing Matte Lipstick

      Solution: Lip cracks can be unflattering for your dark maroon matte lipstick as they are very evidently visible with darker shades like these. Make sure to prep your lips enough, perform all the steps starting from exfoliation to covering up your lips with a moisturizing lip balm, and using a lip primer. Only then apply your lipstick and finish your job with a little bit of setting powder. 

      • Liquid Lipstick Feeling Clumpy and Tight on Your Lips

      Solution: You need to be careful when applying maroon lipstick liquid, because too many layers, much like nail polish can leave your lips looking clumpy and feeling uncomfortable. Remember the key is doing it in thin layers and applying the second layer only once the first layer dries out. 

      • Getting Lipstick on Teeth

      Solution: Lipstick on teeth can entrap many eyes and not in a good way, especially with a dark color like maroon. After you’re finished applying lipstick, purse your lips into an ‘O’ and insert your finger into your mouth. Enclose your mouth around your finger and drag your finger out, which will take any lipstick out from your inside lips that could’ve gotten to your teeth. Blotting your lips with a tissue will also help remove any remaining excess lipstick and this way you won’t get any lipstick on your teeth or even on the glass you drink from. 

      • Skipping the Lip Balm with Lip Cremes and Bullet Lipsticks

      Solution: Even if your lipstick promises a nourishing formula, you cannot skip the lip balm. Not even when you opt for a lip creme. Apply a layer of lip balm and then blot it with a tissue lightly and then apply your lipstick so that your lip cracks remain covered and hydrated. Moreover, the balm acts as the needed barrier, which keeps the lipstick from bleeding into your lip cracks. This is why it is also advisable to take an extra step and apply a layer of lip primer or foundation after you’ve applied the lip balm.

      • Lipsticks Can Bleed Out and Affect Your Face Makeup

      Solution: Lipsticks tend to bleed out from your lip corners. To avoid that take a little bit of concealer and apply it to the edges. Make sure to blend it out to give it not only a perfect finishing look but also to stop your maroon lipstick color from bleeding out. Using a lip liner also helps the lipsticks from bleeding out. Another step you can take is, once you apply your lipstick, apply a thin layer of colorless setting powder and a thin layer of foundation. 

      • Not Giving Enough Time Between the Prepping Steps

      Solution: When doing your daily makeup, you may do it in a hurry and skip some of the steps or not give enough time for the products to dry off. But this won’t do you any favor and can keep your face looking messy all around the day. You don’t have to go overboard but don’t rush the steps, instead try and manage your time better. 

      After you’ve applied moisturizer, apply the lip balm. Let the lip balm seep in and dry off, meanwhile, you can work on your eyes or cheeks. Once your lips are dry and set, apply the foundation and primer and again give it a few seconds to dry off. If you don’t give enough time between the steps, your makeup won’t set properly and make you feel conscious and unpleasant throughout the day. 

      • Eating and Drinking Causes Your Lipstick to Erode 

      Solution: Coffee, hot chocolate or tea, and warm beverages tend to wear out your lipstick more visibly. When working with beverages you can use a straw to prevent that from happening. However, it's not always possible to be conscious of our lip makeup when eating or drinking. If you need your lipstick on and aren’t carrying it in your purse, you can stay careful by using straws and avoiding oily food. Otherwise, once you’re done eating, you can always give your lips a retouch, so there’s no need to worry about it too much. 

      • Not Cleaning Off the Residue Lipstick 

      Solution: If you aren’t wearing long-lasting lipstick, chances are that by the end of the day your lipstick has worn off. But that doesn’t mean you’ll skip the cleansing process for your lips. Use oil, micellar water, or any good makeup remover to clean off your lips even if you see no lipstick residue. This’ll help clean off any residue that is not visible to your naked eye, and also help get rid of the dirt and pollution, leaving a clean and healthy slate for the next day.

      • Your Bullet Lipstick has Broken Off

      Solution: The best part about bullet lipsticks, lip cremes, and lip pencils is their longevity. A bullet lipstick will last much longer than a liquid if used at the same rate. But what they also are more prone to is damage. It is very much possible that a chunk of your lipstick breaks off. And if it's a favorite or expensive product, it’s bound to hurt more. But can get back from it and fix it? The answer’s Yes! Whether it’s a lip crayon, creme, bullet, or pencil. The thing with wax or cream-based makeup products is that you can always refurbish them. Take the broken chunk and hold it over a candle. Let the bottom part melt a little, and then take it and place it on the top of the part from where the chunk has broken off. Take a toothpick or you can use your fingers too. Run it lightly around the sides near the broken part to seal down the edges. 

      Best DIY Hacks for Your Maroon Lipstick

      Want to add more charming looks to your list, but don’t want to spend any more bucks? Here are a few DIY hacks so that you can recycle your products and give fresh new looks around the week without filling up your makeup kit. 

      DIY the Best Maroon Nude Lipstick for your Skin

      Maroon is not all dark shades, and a maroon nude can look extremely elegant. A nude maroon liquid lipstick on dark skin with cool undertones can end up looking exceptional if done right. In case you do not own a maroon nude, here’s how to make your regular maroon matte lipstick shade into a nude shade.

      As established, your first step should be exfoliation and then hydration. After this, apply a thin layer of foundation or concealer to make your lips a neutral color. Now instead of applying a full layer, dot your lipstick in a little and then blend it out. This way you can get a sweet nude shade without having to invest in another lipstick, and it works for any color and not just maroon. As this process might dry your lips a little, you can use a finishing layer of lip gloss to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. 

      How to Turn Any Maroon Lipstick Matte into Metallic Shade

      Whether it’s Katy Perry, Lily Collins, or Deepika Padukone, now and again celebrities have turned heads with beautiful metallic maroon with equally glamorous outfits. But the risk with metallic shades is having it look glossier than achieving the perfect metallic sheen. 

      Here’s how you can DIY your metallic lipstick shade. 

      • Do all the base steps first, from applying the lip balm to applying the primer.
      • Pick a liquid matte and apply it as the foundation layer. If you don’t have a liquid lipstick you can settle for matte, but the former is the preferable option.
      • Now take some metallic pigment that you can easily avail of at a local beauty store. You can also use a powdered highlighter, or metallic eyeshadow and apply it on with a lip brush. Make sure you do it before your liquid lipstick completely dries off. 
      • In case you find it difficult working with the lip brush and the metallic cover, you can make a liquid solution by mixing up the pigment with some petroleum jelly and then dabbing it on. Either will work just fine. 

      Pair that metallic lipstick with a maroon saree and you will certainly be a hit at weddings and parties.

      Wrapping Up!

      When we think of maroon, we don’t regard it as a regular or subtle color. While casual maroon brown lipstick shades as well as other cooler and subtle undertones are very much available, the intense color is a favorite of all ages as it helps them stand out in the spotlight. This dreamy color can give the subtle twist of warmth and color to your daily looks whenever you need it, as well as create the perfect bold lip for an event or a party. It’s a versatile and glamorous color and above all, it can help boost your confidence like no other. Whether you're walking into an office party, a glamorous event, or just strolling under the winter sun, a little maroon can save the day. Otherwise, our favorite celebrities wouldn't be adorning this dark hue on the red carpet events. And remember, while we all love a painted lip, do not go for bold and defined lip looks every day. Make sure to give your pout a break by simply wearing a lip balm or a gloss. 


      Is maroon lipstick good for dark skin?

      There’s a shade of maroon for every complexion. For people with darker skin tones, you can try deeper shades of maroon which are richly pigmented. If you have cooler undertones you can also try out a royal maroon or a maroon pink lipstick. For neutral undertones, red or purple-based maroon will do you justice. 

      How to pull off dark maroon lipstick?

      The key to wearing any dark color and making it look solid and good is to shape it perfectly. Make sure to use a lip liner to give it a limited outline, defining your lips and elevating your appeal. Keep the rest of the makeup minimal, so that your face doesn’t look overdone. Balance out your face by applying a little blush to your cheeks. But make sure apart from that, there’s no redness on your skin. And you’re good to go. While planning your outfits to pair with your maroon lip, you can go for lighter shades of green and brown. Maroon over maroon can also look great for Winter and fall. When retouching your lipstick, you may end up with a darker shade than you desire. Take a little of your face powder, dab it on and blot it with a tissue. Not only will it tone down the shade, but also result in a beautiful and elegant matte finish. 

      Is maroon lipstick best for daily use?

      Although darker maroon shades give you a novelty and dramatic appeal. There are lighter shades of maroon that you can wear daily. Moreover, the best part about maroon, light or dark - is that along with a sensual appeal, it also goes great with formals. So if your daily routine includes long stretches of sitting in the office, you can opt for maroon lipstick. 

      What is the difference between burgundy and maroon lipstick shades?

      The difference between maroon and burgundy isn’t too evident to the naked eye. However, the basic difference is that burgundy lipsticks are made by mixing purple with red, whereas, brown and red make maroon. However, there are shades of burgundy and maroon that can look similar. Don't end up buying the same shades of two lipsticks. And if you aren't sure about the difference, customer-reviewed images can help you out.

      How do you perfectly blend dark maroon lipstick?

      Cracked lips can look very unappealing when wearing a dark maroon lipstick. First, apply lip balm to make sure the cracks are covered. Put on a thin layer of foundation and or lip primer. After that apply a lip liner and make sure you put on a lighter shade. If you want a little contrast, you can also go for a darker shade. Then in smaller amounts add the maroon lipstick and keep blending till you reach the shade you desire. Eight or ten times dabbing your lips should be fine. Take a tissue and blot off the excess lipstick. Finish off with a little primer and setting powder. Voila! There you have a perfect lip.

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