Matte Lipstick


      Matte lipsticks are a popular favorite. Here's our collection of superb matte lipsticks that are equally comfortable too. Fill your cart, and your heart!

      Matte lipstick is that specific kind of lip cosmetic that will not only last you long but also give your lips that non-glossy, matte finish. It became popular in the initial part of the 1900s and has maintained its popularity since. It is more popular among those who don't have dry lips and enjoy the subtle matte finish and non-messy texture that these lipsticks offer. 

      Evolution of Lipsticks

      Lipstick, of all the cosmetic products made since the start of time, has had the most difficult experience getting to its current condition. Lipsticks and lip glosses of different hues and forms are now widely used around the world, but this was not always been the case. Lipsticks have gotten a lot of attention from fashion designers and forces trying to ban their use because of their significant impact on our look and ability to attract. And then when we say limitations, we mean it.

      Lipsticks and other cosmetics that radically alter our appearance were seen as unhealthy by the general medical community (supposedly, they hindered normal blood circulation to the face) and un-religious by the Christian church throughout the majority of the European medieval and dark ages. Although this doesn't hold true for Asian civilizations and the Middle East, where all of the great cultural breakthroughs occurred during Europe's 1000-year period of stagnation and recession. There, chemists worked feverishly to develop new cosmetics formulae that transformed the shape and appearance of entire civilizations. Their work has left an indelible mark on China, Japan, and several other Asian countries, where lipsticks and other cosmetics are still widely used (black-colored lips or stark whitish Geishas with red or for example).

      But, before we look at how lipstick became so popular, let's take a look at where it all began. Around 5,000 years ago, ancient Sumerian men and women may have been the first to invent and wear lipstick. They pulverized gemstones and used them to adorn their faces, primarily around the lips and eyes.

      Women in the Old World (Mesopotamia, Pakistan, Ancient Egypt, Persia, Afghanistan, India, and South Asia) used a red tint on their lips for beauty from 3000 BC to 1500 BC. Lipstick was worn by Ancient Egyptians to signify social standing rather than for its own sake. Egyptians, such as Cleopatra, crushed bugs to make red lipstick. Pulverized fish scales were added to the mixture to create a pearlized look.

      Despite the fact that we have evidence that various ancient civilizations used artificial means to improve their body appearance as far back as 12 thousand years ago, artificial lipsticks that are not made derived from natural sources (fruit or plant juices) were invented in Mesopotamia 5 thousand years ago (present-day Iraq). Women ground valuable and semi-precious jewels into dust, which they placed on their lips and eyelids with care.

      The most significant advancement in lipstick manufacturing occurred in Ancient Egypt, where the whole population adopted cosmetics not only to make themselves more beautiful but also to protect themselves from the harsh sun and desert wind. Except for the poorest classes, who could not afford even the most basic cosmetics, their lipsticks became a natural element of everyday dress. Originally, lipstick was made with a combination of colors taken from seaweed, iodine, and bromine mannite. They eventually discovered a way to extract carmine color from beetles and ants since this combination of chemicals was extremely deadly. Cleopatra (51–30 BC) was frequently seen with painted red lips.

      Cosmetics, particularly lipsticks, were essentially non-existent in Europe for the next 1500 years after Cleopatra. Only at the start of the Renaissance, due to a bad economy, wars, a lack of scientific and fashion breakthroughs, and isolation from Asia and Africa was the lipstick reintroduced. The genuine popularization of lipstick, on the other hand, did not occur until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when the industrial revolution and the emergence of film and photography ushered in the end of Victorian fashion. Since the 1920s, lipstick and other cosmetics have proliferated around the globe, creating the foundation of current fashion.

      Solid lipsticks were fragrant sticks rolled and pressed into special molds devised by an Arab physician (Abulcasis) during the Islamic Golden Years, between the 8th and 13th centuries. Lip coloring was prohibited by the Christian church until the late 16th century. Lip coloring, they believed, was associated with Satanic rituals and was only reserved for the lowest social levels, such as prostitutes. Bright red lips and a stark white face were not trendy until the reign of Queen Elizabeth. At the time, lipstick was prepared from a mixture of beeswax and plant-based red dyes. Makeup was worn by only upper-class women and male actors.

      Respectable women chose not to wear makeup in the nineteenth century, and cosmetics were linked with performers and prostitutes. There were cautions about the dangers of using makeup in the 1850s, due to the lead and vermilion that were used to produce the goods. Guerlain, a French cosmetics firm, began producing lipsticks in the late 1800s. In 1884, deer fat, Castor oil, and paraffin were combined to create the first commercial lipstick, which was wrapped in silk paper. Lipsticks were previously manufactured at home.

      The lipstick had been a significant feature of fashionable American women's daily and public clothing by the early twentieth century. Sarah Bernhardt, a well-known American actress, began wearing lipstick in public. The lipstick did not come in tubes back then; instead, it came in a pot and was applied with a brush.

      Maurice Levy produced the first lipstick that was sold in cylinder metal containers in 1915. Then, in 1923, James Bruce Mason Jr. of Nashville, Tennessee, patented the cylinder swivel-up tube. This invention made it simple to apply lipstick. The development of photography in the 1930s made lipstick acceptable across Europe and North America. Max Factor also invented lip gloss lipstick about this time.

      Because several of lipstick's vital constituents were utilized in the war effort during WWII, it became scarce (petroleum and Castor oil). Metal tubes were phased out in favor of plastic and paper at this time.

      Hazel Bishop, an American scientist, invented the first long-lasting, Matte lipstick in the 1950s. Dark crimson lips were popularized at the time by actresses Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. New hues and trends were produced as a result of their influence and new creations by Gala and Max Factor.

      In the 1960s, rock bands such as The Ronettes and the Shimeles promoted white lipsticks, but the majority of women favored darker or more vivid shades. Lipstick and stiletto heels were one of the most prominent symbols of femininity at the time. In 1990, a wax-free, semi-permanent liquid product for lip color was developed. Lipsticks now have a semi-matte finish. Brown tones were highly fashionable. Several sitcoms, such as "Friends," influenced these hues. Pearl hues became quite popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Lipsticks weren't any more matte or semi-matte, but instead shimmering, opalescent, and glossy.

      Liquid lipstick, which looks like a gloss but dries matte, became popular in 2015 and 2016. It is most commonly administered with an applicator wand and comes in a tube. Lip balms, glosses, crayons, pencils, liners, and stains are all examples of lipstick. Balms and glosses are more transparent and less dark and bright than lipsticks. Lipstick has come a long way from its humble beginnings to what we see and use today.

      Types of Lipsticks

      Lipstick cosmetics have been used for ages, with men and women utilizing smashed gemstones to collect color from wildflowers and veggies to decorate their lips since ancient cultures. Lipstick makeup has evolved over time, and we now have hundreds or even thousands of lipstick shades, formulations, and styles to choose from. There is lipstick for everyone out there, with so many various varieties of lipsticks available. These eight categories of lipsticks are used to classify all lipsticks —

      • Satin or Sheer

      Satin or sheer lipsticks offer your lips a delicate, moisturized appearance and are ideal for days when you don't want to wear makeup. Sheer and satin lipsticks are incredibly soft and moisturizing, and they give your lips a faint wash of color that you may build-up by layering. These lipsticks are infused with hydrating elements to keep your lips soft and supple all day. The disadvantage of this sort of lipstick is that it does not last long and requires several touch-ups throughout the day.

      • Rich and creamy

      The creamy lipstick makeup falls in between glossy and matte. Creamy lipsticks combine the moisture of a satin lipstick with a matte finish. These lipsticks are easier to apply and provide more coverage than sheer or satin lipsticks. The Faces Canada Color Sensational Creamy Matte lipstick is ideal for times you want both color and nourishment. The shea-butter enriched formula of this lipstick cosmetics gives you a vivid lip color while keeping your lips hydrated all day.

      • Matte finish

      If you're looking for a lipstick that has a lot of pigment and lasts a long time, a Matte lipstick is a way to go. These lipsticks are extremely pigmented and leave a flat matte look on the lips. Because this type of lipstick contains very little oil, it can wear out your lips if you do not properly prepare them. (Be sure to read The Dos and Don'ts of Matte lipstick to avoid having dry lips at the end of the day!) Faces Canada Super stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick or Lip Crayon are another option. These lipsticks have a rich color payoff and are long-lasting, but they're also really light and don't dry out.

      • Lipsticks and Tints

      Lip stains or tints are ideal for times you want to give your lips a pop of color without the feeling of wearing lipstick. Lip tints are usually quite long-lasting and available in a multitude of pigmentation levels, ranging from virtually translucent to vivid and bold. Lip stains and tints are low-maintenance because they don't require touch-ups during the day, but keep in mind that this sort of lipstick can dry out your lips. Bonus tip: some lip colors can also be used on the cheeks!

      • Shiny

      If you remember the thick, sticky lip gloss you wore in junior high, you'll be pleased to know that lip gloss has gone a long way. This is the lipstick makeup to use if you want your lips to appear moist or glassy. Lip glosses contain a mild to medium opacity and a short wear time. However, the good news is that they keep your lips hydrated all day. To add complexity and shine to your lipstick makeup, put lip glosses on over many other types of lipstick.

      • Metallic or frosted

      On and off the red carpet and fashion parades in the 1990s, frosted lipsticks were all the rage. Frosted or metallic lipsticks reflect light, making your lips shimmer and sparkle, giving them plumper and fuller appearance. If you want to wear this lipstick makeup, remember to moisturize your lips beforehand because these lipsticks can dry out and crack your lips.

      • Lip Balm with a Tint

      Lip balms are an essential lipstick makeup item, especially if you suffer from dry, chapped lips. If you notice yourself searching for your lip balm frequently, consider investing in one that also adds a lovely color to your lips, for a hue that looks just like your own but better. Faces Canada Baby Lips Loves Color Lip Balms are loaded with color pigments to give your lips a delicate flush of color while moisturizing them. These lip balms are like hydrating lip tints or stains!

      • Lip Liner

      Lip liners are the answer to many of your lipstick issues, whether you frequently find your lipstick bleeding outside the margins or you want to emphasize the contour of your lips and make them fuller. Lip liners prolong the life of your lipstick, protect it from bleeding or scuffing, fill in any fissures in your lips, assist define or creating the cupid's bow, and can even be used to indent your lips to make them appear broader and fuller. So, the next time you go after your favorite sort of lipstick, make sure to initially outline and fill in your lips with a lip liner. The next time you need to add a volume to your lips or make up for little contrasts in shape, utilize the Faces Canada Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner to emphasize, diagram, and variety your lips. This rich lip liner is an extraordinary beginning stage for your lipstick cosmetics and will assist your lipstick with waiting for an enduring effect.

      Lipstick makeup is an easy and quick method to improve your makeup and tie the whole look together, whether you're searching for something delicate and subtle for everyday use or want to make a statement with dramatic lips. With so many various varieties of lipsticks on the market today, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the paradox of choice. What if the purple doesn't suit my skin tone? Is this red too bright for the office? Will this pale, washed-out lipstick make me look pale? You should check out the new Virtual Try-On tool if you want to know the answers to these questions without having to spend money on a variety of lipstick makeup items. You can try on all of the different types of lipsticks on the Faces Canada website and experiment with interesting colors all from the comfort of your own home with the Virtual Try-On. Whether you want to stick to your favorite pink tones or branch out with dark brown, the Virtual Sample On is a terrific risk-free method to try before you buy!

      What Is A Matte lipstick?

      Matte lipstick is a form of lip cosmetic that is noted for its ability to persist all day and for its lack of sparkle. Since the early 1900s, when it became fashionable for women to wear lipstick, Matte lipstick has experienced spurts of popularity. Although there is no clear and fast rule, younger ladies tend to favor Matte lipstick. Long-lasting lipstick causes a drying effect, which isn't commonly favored by older ladies with dry skin. Furthermore, because it lacks emollients, which are responsible for hydrating the skin, it does not perform well on the dry lips of women of all ages.

      Abu al-Quasim al-Zahrwai, a Muslim from the Andalusia region of Spain, created the first molded lip color in a stick shape in approximately 900 A.D. Modern lipsticks are wax tubes that have been formed and have been infused with oils and color. Other ingredients vary depending on the type of lipstick. Although beeswax is the most common wax used in lipstick, other waxes such as paraffin and carnauba are also utilized. The most popular oils and fats used to make lipstick include canola oil, castor oil, lanolin oil, shea butter, and fat derived from a cow's brain.

      Matte lipstick has a drab look due to the low oil-to-wax ratio. The Matte ones in Long lasting lipstick are often only found in rich and deep colors for those who prefer it. Lipstick pigment comes from a number of natural and manmade sources, including crushed insect shells, plant matter, and minerals like iron and lead.

      Why Should You Choose Matte lipsticks?

      There can be numerous reasons why you might prefer Matte lipsticks over creamy or glossy ones. However, some of the more popular reasons are:

      • Lasts Long

      You just need to apply it once and forget all about it. No worries about these lipsticks getting transferred every time you eat and no running to the little ladies' room to keep re-applying. They usually last very long.

      • Natural Finish

      With Matte lipsticks, you never have to worry about going overboard. Be it a bold, bright color or a nude, these lipsticks will fit right in with your make-up and make it look natural. 

      • Summers are no Longer the Enemy

      Glossy lipsticks can melt and bleed in heat and with sweat. But the matte ones will just stay there the way you want them to and not make your lips feel heavy either!

      • Good Definition

      Matte lipsticks can give a better definition to your lips and of course, your face as well.

      Quick Hacks for Matte lipsticks

      Matte lipsticks and other long-lasting lipsticks have made a name for themselves by providing a wonderfully smooth touch to our lips. I'm completely smitten with how matte looks on my lips, but there's always a silver lining. Putting a bang on a matte is nothing short of a work of art. Every star, from Hollywood to Bollywood, is a big fan of matte-finished plump lips. So, here are some amazing tricks for properly completed lips that you must know.

      What is required? Exfoliation

      Matte lipsticks can settle into any cracks on your lips, so exfoliating them before applying a lip tint is recommended. Apply a combination of brown sugar and coconut oil to your lips or use any light lip scrub. A simple approach to exfoliate your lips is to gently touch them with your toothbrush for 30 seconds every day; it's a wonderfully sexy way to achieve perfect lips. When you apply a matte hue now, it will be seamless and free of a cakey appearance. 

      Dryness is a thing of the past!

      Because Matte lipsticks are dry, they give an immaculate finish, but if not properly applied, they can make your lips chapped and dry. We adore Matte lipsticks, but life isn't meant to be spent wearing them. As a result, the ideal recommendation is to use a chapstick before putting any matte color so that your lips stay hydrated for as long as possible and you may get your desired look with the least amount of discomfort.

      The "Lock Down" Plan

      Get started with this simple trick if you really want any of your lipstick colors to last as long as possible. Add some light powder to your lips and cover them with a tissue. Only the correct amount of powder will travel through your tissues and land on your lips, resulting in a true 9 to 5 lipstick.

      Vaseline may be used for more than just hydrating your skin. Each of our lips is distinct from the next, and some absorb more than others. If you have a hard time removing a Matte lipstick, put a dollop of Vaseline on an absorbent paper and wipe away your lip liner with it. It's that simple.

      Dust the edges with powder

      After you've applied your lipstick, dust some skin-toned powder around the rims of your lips to give them more definition and form.

      Make an outline on your lips

      Before applying Matte lipstick, use a liner to trace your lips midway because Matte lipstick has a tendency to travel from your lip line if applied straight. As a result, this is always a good idea to contour your lips.

      There's This Thing Called 'Primer'

      Well, each time I use a Matte lipstick, my lips wind up bleeding by the end of each day. The greatest thing we can do to avoid this is to apply primer to the lips before putting any kind of tint. It also evens out the tone of the lips, resulting in a more bright color.

      Long-lasting lipsticks, matte lipsticks, in particular, are highly pigmented and prone to smudging. The most basic and well-known rule is to outline your lips with a complementary color before adding lipstick. This allows you to fill in the color more precisely and avoid smudging your lips' edges.

      Put some gloss on your lips

      You want a matte lip that is dewy and shiny. Simply apply gloss to your lips to achieve ideal glossy lips.

      Apply a touch of highlighter

      Applying a highlighter to your bottom lips gives your lips more volume and helps you achieve beautiful matte lips. To keep the matte appearance immaculate, use a powdered highlighter.

      The ability to reapply

      It's a bad idea to use the same base as your Matte lipstick if it disappears. It is preferable to start from scratch. Remove all of the lipstick before reapplying. 

       Vaseline can be used to remove lipstick

      If you're having trouble removing Matte lipstick, you can use Vaseline to help you out.

      Make that holy pout even better!

      Even after carefully applying your liner and filling your lipstick, something went awry, and the borders certainly didn't come out as clean as you had hoped. What should I do next? If the damage has been done, it's best to throw everything away and start over with your makeup. Add a skin-colored foundation around the corners if the lipstick is only slightly smeared. It would not only hide all of your messes, but it would also strengthen your holy pout!

      How Matte lipsticks Became Popular

      Although in the initial, flowering days of the lipsticks, full and plump red lips were all the rage, the 60s saw a change in the tradition. Pastel, sherbet kind of shades in matte textures became increasingly popular. This departure from the world of red gloss was indeed a youthful revolution and provided ample opportunities for make-up artists to display their creativity. The 2000s was another period when Matte lipsticks stole the limelight once more and dominated the makeup kits of so many women who love to deck up for themselves.

      The Ideal Matte lipstick for your Skin Tone

      There might be controversies as to whether or not the concept of ideal lipstick color is still relevant today, now that people are so fond of experimenting with different kinds of colors. However, we would merely try to reach a conclusion that would cater to the majority in a more generalized manner, as far as complexions and skin tones are concerned. 

      • Matte lipsticks for Dusky Skin

      The dusky skin is often complemented by shades of Matte lipstick pink, reds, maroon, cherry, and burgundy. Nude shades may also suit dusky women, considering the colors are not too light to blend with the skin tone. However, it is advisable to avoid Matte lipstick sets like oranges and corals. 

      • Matte lipstick shades for Fair Skin

      Makeup artists feel that fair skin already has that flush of pink in it. So it is best complemented by matte red lipsticks of cooler tones of purple and blue instead of warmer tones with hints of orange. The bonus? These Matte lipstick shades make your skin look brighter and your teeth - brighter!

      Importance of Undertones in Choosing the Right Matte lipstick Tone

      Wondering what your perfect Matte lipstick tone is? It might not always be easy to find out the correct answer and this might make you linger longer along the makeup aisles trying to find the best Matte Lipstick in India match for your lips. However, let us tell you that the key to the problem is knowing your skin's undertone. The two most common undertones are cool and warm - but if you find difficulty figuring the same out, you might as well be a person with mixed undertones or a neutral undertone. 

      • Cool Undertones

      How to identify - The best way to identify your undertone is to check whether the veins in your wrists look blue or if silver jewelry appears to complement your skin.

      The perfect shade - Lipsticks that have blue or purple undertones might be the best bet for people with cool undertones. If you are going for a Matte lipstick red, stick to Matte lipstick colors like the cherry red than the others which have an orangish undertone. If you are going for nudes, pinks, rosy nudes or a taupey beige might be just the perfect for you.

      • Warm Undertones

      How to identify - The best way to identify the warm undertone is to check whether the veins in your wrists look green, as opposed to blue, or if golden jewelry appears to complement your skin.

      The perfect shade - The best Matte Lipsticks in India in these cases are those with warm undertones like terracotta browns, brick reds, or bold oranges. If you are going for nude lipstick, go with the tone of your skin and go lighter or richer accordingly.

      Checklist for buying Matte lipsticks Online

      Now that e-commerce has engulfed the entire beauty industry, it is only natural that people will obviously prefer buying lipsticks online as well. It does away with the hassle of hopping to different shops to find your desired shade or trying to make the person at the counter understand what you actually want. You also avoid the mistake of buying a shade that you already own, a second time because you can always double-check with your stock before ordering. However, since you are buying the lipstick online, you don't have an option to verify your purchase then and there and therefore you need to take care of the following before clicking the payment button:

      • Brand

      It goes without saying that this is one big thing you should care about if you are buying lipsticks online. It is always preferable that you buy lipsticks only from renowned brands and if possible, from brands which you have tried and tested before yourself. When it comes to skin, compromising with quality is never a good choice.

      • Expiry Date

      What's worse than bad-quality lipstick? - An expired one. It can be extremely harmful to your lips and can have several adverse effects. So it's crucial that you always check the expiry date mentioned in the product details before buying and also tally the same when the product arrives.

      • Don’t waste money buying the same shades you already own

      Now that you are making the purchase online, you have the option of checking the shades that you already have and not buying multiple lipsticks of the same shade. Why waste money on similar things when you can do so much more if you put in just a little more effort.

      • Check the Reviews

      Always make it a point to check the reviews after buying. It will save you a lot of unwanted returns and bad purchases

      • Check the Ingredients

      Last but not the least, good lipstick is always about good ingredients. This is all the more crucial if you are allergic to certain ingredients.

      Affordable Matte lipsticks You can Pick

      1. Faces Canada Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick

      Matte lipsticks Liquid are no doubt long-lasting and have super pigmentation, but they can also be quite uncomfortable as they tend to dry out your lips. The Faces Canada Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick takes away this pain and replaces it with ultimate comfort and hydration for up to 10 hours. The bonus? It is actually quite affordable!

      2. Faces Canada Weightless Matte Finish Lipstick

      These super affordable lipsticks have a unique color-rich formula that provides great pigmentation just with one stroke. It is also rich in Vitamin E, jojoba, and almond oils which pamper your lips just the way they deserve.

      3. Faces Canada Velvet Matte lipstick

      These lipstick bullets at an affordable Matte lipstick price are a must-have for all those lippie lovers out there. It has very high pigmentation and in spite of being matte, glides smoothly over your lips and gives them a Matte lipstick long-lasting tint.

      Ways to Style Matte lipstick

      Summers are indeed the best time to go matte with your makeup and especially your lipstick. But the tricky part here is that, unless you follow some preparatory steps, your look might end up as more dated than chic and modern. So if you are wondering how to apply a Matte lipstick, take a look here:

      • Exfoliate your Lips

      If you are using  Matte lipsticks, you would want to make your lips look smooth and plush. But dry, chapped lips can offset the entire effect and take away the charm. So always remember to exfoliate your lips properly with a sugar scrub or a soft-bristled toothbrush.

      • Add some moisture

      After you have exfoliated, remember to add some moisturizing lip balm on your lips to fill up any cracks or imperfections, so that the lipstick glides smoothly.

      • Get the perfect shape with a lip liner

      Matte lipsticks often have high pigmentation and therefore, it is very difficult to remove any imperfect application without staining or irritating the skin around your lips. So get a matching lip liner and line your lips for the perfect shape. 

      • Apply the Lipstick

      Next, just apply the lipstick directly or with a brush and make the application as precise and uniform as possible. 

      • Blotting

      Remove any extra shine or product on your lips by blotting your lips on a piece of tissue or toilet paper. This gives you the perfect matte finish.

      Makeup ideas to complement the matte look 

      Matte makeup means every part of your makeup should be devoid of that shine or glimmer. So make sure that in the process of making that happen, you don’t end up looking cakey or overdone. Go slow and gradually build the look. The following steps can be the best way to go about it:

      • Start with a matte primer so that it can conveniently absorb the extra gloss of the foundation and add that extra softness.
      • The next step is to dab the foundation gently on the face with a makeup sponge
      • You can then go for some concealer and color correction if necessary.
      • Then apply some setting powder to seal the makeup and make the look set properly.
      • Next, take some shimmerless eyeshadow and blush, and remember to apply them economically so as to not overdo the eye and cheek makeup.
      • When you are going for the matte look, you can always play with your liner and also try on false lashes and new liner styles.
      • As a final step, add a suitable Matte lipstick and you are good to go.

      However, try to avoid highlighting your facial features as it doesn't go well with the matte look. 

      How to get a vintage look with Matte lipstick

      The fashion scene nowadays is definitely a blast from the past and people are inclining more and more towards retro looks and vintage styles - be it makeup or apparel. Especially in the case of makeup, the vintage look is definitely in and we can see people realigning their makeup routine to accommodate these looks. Here are a few pointers-

      • The good old blush

      Using a good amount of blush was a retro practice and it is definitely back. Here the blush is used not just on the apples of your cheeks, but also to accentuate your facial features. It is the perfect look for both spring and summer.

      • Bold, Red, Matte lips

      Remember Marilyn Monroe? You can now go back to the 40s and 50s with a bold and matte red lipstick to create that perfect attagirl look. Whatever your skin tone is, there are different Matte lipstick sets red to complement it and make you look absolutely gorgeous.

      • Winged Eyeliner

      The winged eyeliner might as well be considered a trend that never really went out of style. It is basically a default liner style for a proper retro look. You can try out various variations like the cat eyeliner, the puppy eyeliner, or the fox eyeliner.

      • Bushy Brows

      You no longer have to feel the pressure of keeping your eyebrows on fleek. Let them free and let them grow to achieve that perfect retro bushy eyebrow look and it can undoubtedly take you back to the 60s styles.

      Why Exfoliation is important Before applying a Matte lipstick

      As we have already told you, the process of exfoliation is a staple when you want to apply a Matte lipstick to your makeup routine. Exfoliation helps remove the dead skin cells from your lips and gets rid of perpetually dry and chapped lips, especially when it is followed by proper moisturization. You can use sugar and honey scrub for exfoliation or even a soft-bristled toothbrush can do the trick. Once it's done, you will find your lips much smoother and with fewer textures making your Matte lipstick glide perfectly on them and give you the perfect look.

      Why Does Matte lipstick Dry Out your Lips?

      In most beauty bags, lipstick is a must-have. The perfect product to finish a look and add a burst of color to a makeup look is lipstick. Glossy may provide you with a lovely, flirtatious appearance. Many women choose a matte texture when they want a strong, vivid lip, especially in tones like plum or red.

      Despite the fact that many brands say their Matte lipstick won’t make the lips dry, many women nevertheless suffer dry lips when using one. You may find yourself examining every mirror in the house to make sure you don't have a dry, uneven lip look that draws attention to every flaw on your lips!

      Fortunately, there are techniques to get rid of Matte lipstick's drying properties for good. But first, let's look at why Matte lipstick sets wear out your lips in the first place.

      It's right there in the ingredients.

      Matte lipstick differs from its glossy counterpart in terms of formulation. There are three main elements in any lipstick: paraffin, oil, and color. However, the proportions of these components vary depending on whether a lipstick is matte or glossy. A Matte lipstick contains more paraffin and color than oil, resulting in a rich, opaque product with a deeper color and longer wear time. The lack of additional oils, on the other hand, renders the lipstick's overall texture drier and more prone to lodge in the small cracks of your lips.

      So, how can you get all of the benefits of a Matte lipstick with a lot of pigment without the dryness? Here are some suggestions:

      Exfoliate your lips to prepare them.

      Remember how Matte lipstick has a tendency to sink into your lips' cracks, creases, and imperfections? That's because the absence of oil prevents the product from sitting on a cushion. Matte lip color will draw attention to even moderate dryness. As a result, it's critical to exfoliate your lips and produce a smooth, flat finish that prevents settling.

      With ingredients found in your pantry, you can make an all-natural lip exfoliator in no time. Simply combine sugar, olive oil, and honey in a small bowl and gently rub your lips for 1–3 minutes before rinsing completely. Your lips will seem soft to the touch, and exfoliating them will give them a more even appearance.

      Toss in some wetness

      After exfoliating your lips, use an excellent moisturizer to refill your pout right away. You can use your favorite lip balm or an organic oil like rosehip oil or coconut oil to hydrate your lips. Lip balms with chemicals like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, on the other hand, can dry out your lips. These chemicals dehydrate the skin, resulting in even drier lips!

      The problem is that you would like to add hydration to your lips without jeopardizing the Matte lipstick appearance. Applying a lip primer before applying your color is the greatest method to retain the supple, moisturized lip look you achieved by exfoliating and moisturizing. The foundation will also enhance the lip color to be stronger and more accurate than just what you see in the bottle as an added bonus.

      Your lips are now flawlessly prepared. The next step is applying color, but how can you keep your lips looking flawless all day? Even if your lips are primed, Matte lipstick can often mislead you. Here are some things you could do to keep your job.

      Make use of a lip liner

      Before you apply your Matte lipstick, line your lips with a lip liner. Lip liner will create another barrier on your lips, preventing the lipstick from settling and ensuring that your lipstick glides on smoothly. A lip liner will also help to prevent the Matte lipstick from seeping into any wrinkles around your mouth. Lastly, lip liner will extend the life of your lipstick.

      Matte necessitates upkeep

      Unlike gloss, which can be applied and forgotten about, Matte lipstick necessitates a little more attention. Keep a compact with a mirror in your bag to check your lipstick all through the day. After eating, drinking, or kissing, you'll like to touch it up. Also, if your lips become dry despite your efforts, dab a small amount of lip balm onto your lipstick. Yes, it will give your matte lips a little shine, but it will make your look endure longer in the end.

      5 different ways to use your lipstick

      Lipstick is one of the most popular cosmetics. But did you know there's a lot more you can do with it than just put it on your lips? Lippies can be used to create a variety of looks by combining different colors. Let's have a look at five potential applications for this versatile item!


      Your lipstick can be used as a blush. It will apply as smoothly as a cream-based blush. Apply a small amount to your cheeks and smooth thoroughly with your fingers. For a more pleasing effect, use the same color on your lips and cheeks.


      Yes, a brown lipstick could be used as a bronzer, just as a blush. Make your lipstick a dual-purpose product, whether you desire tanned skin or contoured cheekbones.


      You can be more imaginative with your make-up styles if you have a lot of glossy lipsticks. Use Matte lipsticks as eyeliner and experiment with different eye make-up styles.


      Use your lipstick as eye makeup for a different look. What's the best part? They last a long time!


      Are you aware that crimson lipstick can be used to mask dark circles? Yes, it is correct. Putting red lipstick prior to concealer can assist in evening out the skin tone.

      Let's see in detail each of these:

      You certainly have lipstick in your cosmetics bag, whether you are just starting out in the world of cosmetics or are a self-proclaimed cosmetics master. Lipstick is one of the most often used (and adored!) cosmetics products by people all over the world. With so many different lipstick tones, surfaces, and equations available on the market today, it's no surprise that people wanted more from this small item. If you've only been putting lipstick to your lipstick, these unique lipstick applications will take your breath away. Here are five different ways to make the most of your lipstick tones and advance your makeup game.

      • Blush

      You probably already know about this makeup trick, but if you don't, you can use your pink, red, and orange lipstick tones when the cream becomes blushed. Make sure to choose delicate matte, smooth, or rich lipsticks, which are easy to blend and won't feel heavy on your skin. Simply dab a few grains of lipstick over your cheeks' apples and blend with your fingertips or a thick brush. Using pink lipstick as a blush will give your cheeks a flushed appearance. For people with all different complexions, the Faces Canada Color Sensational Creamy Matte lipstick in the shade Touch of Spice will look fantastic as a delicate and natural-looking blush.

      • Corrector

      Have you ever wanted to try your hand at variety correcting but weren't sure what tones to use? Another fantastic lipstick use is to conceal dreary under-eye bags or hyperpigmentation spots with red or orange lipstick, such as Faces Canada Color Sensational Creamy Matte lipstick sets in the shade Red Liberation. Dark rings and patches are balanced by red or orange tones. Apply a small amount of each of these lipstick tones to your under-eye area or any drab pigmentation all over your face, and daintily tap in with your finger or a stunning wipe. Apply your liquid foundation and concealer over top, and voila! The dark spots and under-eye circles will be covered far better than they would be with only a simple concealer.

      • Contour

      To contour your cheekbones, identify your sanctuaries, and mask the difficult double jaw, use a delicate earthy colored lipstick two or three shades darker than your complexion. Rich lipsticks are simple to blend and are great for beginners as well. For example, to sculpt your face, try the delicate and easy-to-mix Faces Canada Superstay Matte Ink Crayon lipstick in the shade Live On The Edge. If you're already a pro at fluid forming, try using long-lasting lipstick like matte slugs or fluid lipsticks to achieve a more apparent shape. In any case, be careful since these lipsticks dry quickly, so mix it up quickly before it dries all over and leaving you with a single startling splash of earthy-colored lipstick.

      • Eyeliner

      You just added a variety of eyeliner tones to your unit if you like fluid lipsticks and have an assortment of different fluid lipstick tones. Take your favorite liquid lipstick and wipe a clean, calculated brush along with the wand, and you've got yourself a brand new fluid eyeliner right out of the box. These long-lasting lipsticks work well as fluid eyeliners because they don't stain or blur. This is a fantastic way to explore with interesting tones without spending any extra money! When all else is equal, you need to keep your look simple. To explore other paths regarding another variation without going too wild, choose a dark earthy colored lipstick variety like the Faces Canada Superstay Ink Liquid Lipstick in the shade Seeker.

      • Eyeshadow

      Using your bullet lipstick as velvety eyeshadows is another common lipstick use that includes the eyes once again. Using a lipstick shade as an eyeshadow is a quick way to glam up your eyes without putting in a lot of effort. On the other hand, if you want to go for a more high-end look, you can use reflexive lipstick. Reward tip: To create a simple monochrome appearance, use a similar lipstick tone as lipstick, eyeshadow, and become blushing!

      That concludes the discussion. There are a few great ideas for a wide range of lipstick uses, from the rich and effectively mixable velvet lipsticks to the lasting lipsticks that will last the entire day.  

      Hacks for a Flawless Matte Look

      • How to remove Matte lipstick

      • Take some makeup removal cream or even petroleum jelly and rub it on your lips. Let it sit for some time and then wipe it off with a warm washcloth.
      • Coconut or Olive Oil is also a good option for removing makeup and also nourishing your lips at the same time. 
      • For very adamant stains, you can use Micellar water and get rid of them
      • How to make Matte lipsticks last longer?

      • Exfoliate
      • Moisturize with a lip balm or some kind of lip mask before you actually start using the makeup
      • A primer, when applied before lipstick can help your lip makeup last much longer than usual. Also, if you add some lip liner to line your lips before the lipstick, it will not only make your application precise but also make it stay longer and non-transferable.

      Dos and Don’ts for Matte lipsticks

      The Dos

      • Exfoliate - We cannot emphasize enough the importance of exfoliation before applying a Matte lipstick. If you want your lips to look matte and flawless, this should be your go-to trick
      • Prepare - Just like the other parts of your face, your lips also need prepping before makeup. Never forget to use a lip balm before your lipstick to make sure you fill up all the cracks on your lips and keep them moisturized.
      • Lining - Using a lip liner with a Matte lipstick is almost a must and this is one step you cannot miss if you want those perfectly colored lips.

      The Don'ts

      • Layering - In order to avoid your lips feeling heavy, stop layering too many lip products for more color. That way you will only end up making your lips look messy and sticky and invite discomfort for the entire day.
      • Forget to Hydrate - Keeping your lips hydrated is extremely important for the Matte lipsticks to show their magic. They never work well on cracked and chapped, dehydrated lips. 
      • Going Beyond Lines - With Matte lipsticks, it is a bad idea to go far beyond your natural lip lines. Although lining outside of your lip lines can make your lips look fuller. But keeping the balance is crucial here. Too much of a difference can make the entire look weird. 

      A quick glance at the Do’s and Dont’s:

      1. DO: Exfoliate more frequently than once a week. Peeling the lips is the first step before applying Matte lipstick. Because Matte lipsticks have a flat, non-sparkling finish and cling to your lips, putting Matte lipstick to dry lips will draw attention to the lips because the break and chips will be visible even after the lipstick has been applied. Peeling your lips is similar to cleansing your face for brighter, more lustrous skin.

      2. DON'T: Use lip salve or any other type of preliminary. After you've shed your lips, you'll want to moisturize them. This is a must-do step before applying Matte lipstick. Allow it to sit for a few moments, using both lip and groundwork. Hydration will help to soften the lips, make it easier to apply lipstick, and give the lips a more even focus.

      3. DO: Use a lip liner. Many women dislike using lip liner, yet it is an important step to take when wearing Matte lipstick. Covering your lips with a lip balm before applying Matte lipstick will extend the longevity of the lipstick and aid to give your lips the perfect shape.

      4. DON’T: Use several layers. One swipe is all it takes to achieve the perfect Matte lipstick look. You don't need as many layers to achieve full coverage, and using too many coats will make your lips feel heavy and thick. Similarly, using a large number of layers will result in an untidy appearance and a sticky appearance on the lips.

      5. DO: Make an effort to match your lip liner. Choose a lip liner that comes close to concealing your lipstick. A lip liner will prevent the lipstick from coating the outside of the normal lip.

      6. DON'T: Be hesitant to clean up messes. Making a mistake while applying Matte lipstick isn't something you should be concerned about because you don't have to wipe the entire lipstick but only the areas where you made a mistake.

      Common Matte Mistakes That Make You Look Older

      It takes effort to find the optimal lipstick hue for brightening your smile (and sometimes, expert assistance). If you've had the same distinctive lip color for a decade or constantly switch up the findings of your beauty bag, your lipstick choices should alter as you get older. (It's similar to your personal style, right?) Don't worry if it has been a while last you changed your lip color. Even if you have a favorite color, you may probably locate something similar. (Perhaps even better.) When it comes to buying for and wearing a new lip color, we asked the pros what to do and what not to do. Here are some of the most common mistakes they encounter, along with suggestions for how to correct them.

      Using an overly dark or bright lipstick

      Bold statement lips are enjoyable to wear, but extreme colors should be avoided. "As we get older, our lips become thinner," says Polina Bukovza, a cosmetic expert and the creator of Nail Art Gear. "Dark lipstick colors accentuate this by letting the lips appear smaller."

      Light-colored lipsticks, such as corals, nudes, and pinks, are recommended by Katelyn McCullough, a cosmetic consultant for Elwynn + Cass because they make lips appear larger and younger. Nars Lipstick (Faces Canada) comes in 34 different shades. "It's best to avoid something too bright and loud," she advises, "since it draws attention to any tiny creases or blemishes and can make women appear older."

      Not Using Lip Liner

      Many specialists suggested using lip liner to make lips appear younger. Are you new to lining? Try the Faces Canada Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencil, which is well regarded. According to Bukovza, "lip liner performs various purposes in generating a lovely, finished look for lips." "It prevents lip colors from feathering and seeping into the little folds all around the mouth." When lipstick seeps into all those grooves, it can bring attention to areas that most women would prefer not to see.

      To make lips appear plumper, use a lip pencil that is a tone deeper than your makeup. The secret to perfecting lip liner is to integrate it with your lips with your finger or a brush after you've applied it. Lining in your lips with a pencil before brushing on lipstick might help it last longer (think of it as a lip primer!).

      Selecting the Incorrect Finish

      The finish of the lipstick, like that of the eyeshadow and foundation, should be taken into account. Though Matte lipsticks are becoming increasingly trendy, they can be highly drying and age the lips. "On the other side, a creamy lipstick may be highly nutritious to lips and help them feel younger," explains Bukovza. Clinique Dramatically Different Lipstick Shaping Lip Color is a great option.

      Lips can also be drawn to by high-shine finishes, though not in a good manner. Lip gloss and shinier lipsticks, according to McCullough, are often designed for younger women and can appear unpleasant on older lips.

      Selecting the Incorrect Shade for Your Skin Tone

      Understanding your skin's tone is the most effective approach to choosing what colors to look for in the cosmetics aisle. One approach to sorting this out, according to Rick Dicecca, Creative Director of Makeup Design for Artistry by Amway, is by the gems you best study (as in, which metal best compliments your complexion, not which one you like better). That's what he says, presuming you're looking for silver or white metal stones, which is a good idea. If gold jewelry complements you best, you have a warm connotation, and if you can pull off both, you have a neutral undercurrent.

      Your veins might also reveal whether you have a warm or cool aura. Cool undercurrents are usually indicated by blue or purple veins, whereas warm sentiments are shown by greenish veins.

      So, how does this translate to lipstick? If your skin has a chilly tone to it and you need to wear red lipstick, go for one with blue undertones rather than orange, and vice versa if your complexion has a warm tone. "Staying inside your own hint will maintain your appearance fresh, exceptional, and clean," Dicecca advises. Test a lipstick on your skin to see if it has a warm or cool sensation (a wrist or lower arm, for instance). Lipsticks with blue hints will have a richer, more lavish range, while lipsticks with orange undertones will be brighter and more dynamic.

      Ignoring the need for hydration and exfoliation

      Lips, like skin, require moisture in order to maintain their youthful radiance. When you apply lipstick to dry lips, it can slide into cracks, giving the impression of aging while also causing asymmetrical lipstick application. To combat dry lips, Bukovza recommends using lip salves and cleans. Try Faces Canada's Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator. A simple lip analgesic, like Faces Canada's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, can provide the day-to-day moisture needed to maintain plumper-looking lips, while a good lip scrub can invigorate the bloodstream for a plumper-looking pout.

      Take the experts' advice on lipstick; you'll look more youthful as a result and be more confident in your decisions when selecting a new color.

      Common Matte lipstick mistakes and How to Fix them

      Even in these times of protective facial covers, we can't get enough of the revolutionary energy of a great lipstick. Since more Matte lipstick options have become available, the competition has quickly become a go-to for regular ladies who love beauty (particularly since they will quite often move not exactly their glossy silk partners). And, while Matte lipstick sets look great on everyone, how you apply them to your lips is also important. If you're finding that your Matte lipstick doesn't last as long as it should or doesn't always look as flattering as it should, you could be committing one of these five common Matte lipstick blunders.


      You don’t use the primer

      We've said it before and we'll say it again: all cosmetics looks begin with the foundation. Groundwork isn't just for foundation and eyeshadow; it can also help keep lipstick in place throughout the day and create a smooth surface for lipstick application. If you don't have a lip foundation, you can use a lip liner, such as the Faces Canada Color Riche Lip Liner, to cover your entire lip as a base. Brings about the best outcome!

      Tip from the editorial manager: If you put lipstick on in the morning, chuck the cylinder in your purse before going out for the afternoon. It's always a good idea to be prepared for a last-minute detail. Try a stunning shade from the Faces Canada Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain collection for minor finishing touches.


      Do you think lip liner is not required?

      When it comes to lip liner, if you don't believe it's a significant edge, you've already lost the game. Framing your lips before applying lipstick might help keep your color from spilling outside of the lines. Furthermore, if you plan on shaking a bare lip, a lip liner that is a shade darker than your regular lip tone might give authenticity to the pad y frown of your dreams. Unless you're trying for a '90s nostalgia style, make sure your liner isn't too dark; you don't want to look like a coloring book that hasn't been completed.

      Looking for a unique lip liner and lip glitter combination with a matte finish? For a long-lasting smooth look, use the Faces Canada Color Riche Matte Lip Liner with your favorite Faces Canada Pro-Matte Gloss. 

      Mistake #3

      Choosing a color that makes your lips look smaller

      There are some lipsticks that can actually make your lips look smaller and thinner than usual. These are mostly the dark ones that make this happen. So try choosing a comparatively lighter color that will give your lips the appearance of a full pout.

      Mistake #4

      Starting at the corners

      Once you start applying lipstick from the corners, there are more chances of you veering off your lines and making the makeup messy. So just start from the center and keep working your way to the corners for perfect application.

      Mistake #5

      Check your teeth

      Lipsticks look wonderful, but not on your teeth. So don’t ruin your perfect selfies with a stained set of teeth. All you have to do to avoid is stick a finger in your mouth, and gently pull it outwards with your lips slightly closed around it.

      A Brief Overview of Matte lipstick

      What is the best matte lipstick in India?

      If there's one lip product you should have in your makeup bag, it's matte red lipstick. Furthermore, there is no doubt that everyone has a shadow. With so many concealers to choose from - especially if you're new to wearing matte red lipstick - you should be prepared to experiment with different tones. Before you go out and buy a matte red lipstick, there are a few things you should know:

      1. Matte lipstick is a type of lipstick that is matte.
      2. Matte lipstick has a dark finish due to the higher wax concentration than oil lipstick. So, it's far from dismal - matte is an excellent choice for a cosmetic accessory because of its incredibly saturated tone.
      3. Most Matte lipsticks not only require fewer passes to achieve a dull finish, but they also last longer than lush or silk lipsticks. This is to a degree because of their ultra-dry formulae, which cause the color to stick on lips rather than move or move.

      Reds in various shades

      Almost every cosmetics company, from Dior to Revlon, has at least one matte red lipstick hue in its collection. Certain manufacturers, such as Faces Canada even have dedicated "reds" collections with a few matte red tones. You might be surprised by the variety of matte red lipsticks available when exploring the vast realm of matte red lipsticks. Sorting hues of red by undertone might help you make more informed judgments. Colors of blue make some shades cooler, while shades of orange make others hotter. In the center, there are also flushing reds with hints of cherry, fuchsia, or crimson.

      What to Look for in a High-Quality Matte Red Lipstick

      Most matte red lipsticks were formerly only available as exemplary slug equations. Matte red colors are still popular, but they're now staples in liquid lipstick and mousse collections. Recipe preference is abstract, and it usually boils down to a general understanding of purpose.

      1. Slug: Because these equations dry out faster than others, they usually have the longest wear times. Unless you completely remove your lipstick and reapply, you may end up with parched lips or edges that are difficult to cover.
      2. Fluid: Liquid lipsticks feed your lips better than slug formulas, so they're less likely to crack. Because the wearing times aren't too long, you should reapply them on a regular basis.
      3. Mousse: In terms of dryness, these rich formulas are in between fluid and projectile lipsticks. While the mousse is supposed to be light, several of the flavors are heavy or crusty.

      Time spent wear

      The term "wear time" refers to how long a lipstick lasts before it needs to be reapplied. Most Matte lipsticks last up to eight hours, while other formulations last up to 16 hours or longer. Reds tend to persist longer than other colors because they are more saturated.

      Ingredients that hydrate

      Several matte red lipsticks are infused with moisturizing ingredients to keep lips soft and smooth. Hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and lanolin are some of the most well-known fixes. Many esteem and extravagance matte red lipsticks, ranging from crimson peony to avocado, comprise floral and homegrown isolates. While these ingredients soothe the lips and keep them from drying out, they do shorten the wear period.

      How much do you think you'll ever want to spend on matte red lipstick?

      Prestigious and premium ones run from $18 to $28, whereas pharmacy matte red lipsticks cost $4 to $14. Extravagance cosmetics manufacturers' matte red lipsticks are the most expensive, ranging from $30 to $65.


      Is it necessary to use a lip liner when using matte red lipstick?

      Many people pair matte red lipstick with lip liner to help the lipstick last longer. Lip liner also creates a "line" around the lips, which prevents stains and movement. Certain lip liners can intensify the color of the lipstick.

      On camera, how does the matte red lipstick look?

      The matte red lipstick does not reflect light, therefore there is a lot of sparkle in the picture. Because of the tone, it highlights your lips when you speak and, depending on the hue, can make your teeth appear whiter.

      From a purchasing standpoint, what is the best matte red lipstick?

      Top red Matte lipsticks-

      Faces Canada, a universally flattering concealer, is one of the best-selling lipsticks on the planet?

      What you'll love: The color has blue undertones that look great on all skin tones. A blur-safe equation does not fall off when you eat or drink, and it rarely needs to be reapplied throughout the day. The equation is constructed without the use of harsh synthetics.

      What you should know: It's a drying recipe that can dry up your lips at the end of the day.

      Where to get it: Faces Canada's official site, Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and others.

      For the money, the best matte red lipstick is

      • 815 Faces Canada Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse

      What do you want to be aware of?

       Faces Canada's clever formula isn't concerned about wear duration, as it lasts for at least 8 hours.

      What you'll fall in love with:

       Despite the fact that it has a matte formula, it is creamier and less dry than other options. A vibrant red can be achieved in as few as a few interactions. Other fluid matte options are more prone to hazing and shifting than this one.

      What you should think about: 

      After a few hours, the color may blur or migrate, necessitating reapplication.

      Where can I buy it? 

      Amazon sells it. It's worth a look.

      • 951 Faces Canada Refillable Lipstick

      What exactly do you want to be aware of:

      One of the most well-known concealers in the collection is this rich matte red lipstick.

      What you will treasure?

      This lipstick is a deep, rich red that can be worn both day and night. Red peony concentrate is implanted to support smooth lips. The slug lipstick's outstanding state allows for easy application over the curve of the lip and the corners of the mouth.

      What you should think about: 

      Some people have claimed that the variety wears off sooner than expected

      Read more