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13 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Brittle Nails

A weak nail is a total buzzkill. While it may be tempting to hide your thin & peeling nails under a gel manicure, there are a few lifestyle tweaks that you can use to get rid of brittle nailsThere are many reasons why nails become brittle. Here's how to fix brittle nails no matter what the reason may be.

11 Incredible Beauty Tips for Older Women

We're here to help you make your mature skin look timelessly gorgeous with some beauty tips for older womenYour skin changes drastically as you age. Instead of the acne and blackheads of your youth, now your problems include wrinkles, dark circles, & sagging skin. So here are some of the best mature skin makeup tips from prep to application to colors.

Best Eyeshadow Tips for Indian Skin Tones

Choosing an eyeshadow for Indian skin tone can be intimidating. The choice of colors is endless & while certain shades complement Indian skin tone, others may look unflattering. Here are the best ways to use eyeshadow for Indian skin tone, as well as eyeshadow tips and tricks!

10 Ways to Hide Fine Lines and Wrinkles with Makeup

Aging and skin signs of aging are natural processes. However, you can easily hide wrinkles with makeup if you're desperate for a break from them. If you’re looking for answers on how to hide fine lines and wrinkles with makeup, you’re at the right place. When trying to conceal wrinkles with makeup, you just need to follow these few simple tips and tricks.

A Fab Makeup Routine to Brighten Up Your Dull Skin

Boost your complexion with these beauty tips for dull skin that focus on adding radiance to the face. Dull skin is a real problem and extremely annoying to deal with. But it only takes the right products & techniques to deal with. Here are makeup tips for dull skin that will give you a radiant look immediately.

Use Ice in Your Beauty Routine for that Perfect Skin—All You Need to Know

Since water is known for its many skin benefits—from keeping our skin plump and supple to giving it an inside-out glow—it shouldn't surprise you to learn that there are many ice benefits for face as well. Get ready to learn "why to apply ice before makeup" and "what are the benefits of applying ice on face" here!

9 Beauty Swaps for Monsoon Season

With these monsoon makeup tips, your makeup can weather any stormliterally!no matter how big or small. Rain, heat, and humidity are the three enemies of flawless makeup. Thankfully, a few monsoon makeup swaps here and there, & you’ll be ready to face the rain without your makeup melting.

8 Ultimate Makeup Tips for Mature Skin Beauties

Getting older may have its challenges, but looking good should not be one of them. Keep your skin looking supple with these makeup tips for aging skinAge causes our skin to change. So, you just need to tweak your makeup routine in order to make your mature skin glow. Here are some makeup tips for mature skin.

13 Vintage Makeup Trends You Can Still Slay in 2022

As much as we love the latest makeup trends, we can’t help but recreate some vintage makeup trends. It's no different this year; prepare to feel the nostalgia because we've spotted 13 iconic classic makeup trends returning on the runways and soon in our daily routines.

Using Essential Oils in Skincare—Everything You Need to Know

Essential oils in skincare help you add that much-needed natural glow to your skin with these magic ingredients. With essential oils being so prevalent with their bold claims in both beauty and wellness industries, we decided it was time to create a comprehensive guide on different types of essential oils and their benefits. Let's get started, shall we?

Makeup Newbie? Here’s a Simple Yet Glam Look for Raksha Bandhan

Don’t have any makeup ideas for Raksha Bandhan? Don't worry, we've got you covered with this easy Raksha Bandhan makeup look! The occasion is usually an intimate family gathering celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters. However, it still requires a show-stopping Raksha Bandhan makeup look. Here's a quick and easy makeup look for you.

10 Makeup Tips to Hide Stubborn Suntan & Stay Glowing

Got tanned even after lathering layers of sunscreen while relaxing at the poolside? Worry not, because these makeup tricks to hide face tan will resolve all your tanning problems in minutes! Fortunately, your skin has natural healing properties, so the tan will eventually fade. But if you have an important date coming up, here are some makeup tips to hide sun tan quickly.

9 Makeup Looks to Go with Your ‘Girl Next Door’ Outfits

Makeup looks that make you look—& feellike the girl next door! In movies, TV shows, and books, there's always that girl who looks cute without trying"The girl next door" is usually Sunkissed, laid-back, and friendly. Although it's impossible to mimic the intrinsic qualities of girl next door, with a few easy makeup looks, you can easily recreate the girl next door makeup look.

Get Glammed up for Rakhi 2022 with These Creative Makeup Ideas

Celebrate the loving sibling bond while looking your best with these Rakhi makeup ideasWe are just a few weeks away from Raksha Bandhan! Our guess is you've already got your outfit. But what about the makeup? We have an edit of Rakhi 2022 makeup ideas that would suit your aesthetic, whether you prefer a traditional, regal look or a dramatic, diva look. Let’s get started, shall we?

Perfect Friendship Day Gifts for Your Beauty-Obsessed Bestie!

Trying to find the perfect friendship day gift ideas for your beauty-loving BFF? We've got you covered! You can't go wrong with buying some super cool beauty gift sets for your beauty-holic BFF! Here's a curated guide on makeup and skin care gifts with just the right friendship day gifts suggestion for your makeup lover friend!

Some Amazing Ways to Fix Smudged Eyeliner!

Learn how to fix eyeliner mistakes in a jiffy! Nothing is more frustrating than spending time perfecting a cat-eye only to have it go haywire within hours. If you struggle with a smudged eyeliner on a regular basis, then you're in luck! In this article, we discuss ways to prevent smudged eyeliner and then how to fix eyeliner mistakes if you still end up making them. Get ready for the ride.

7 Incredible Makeup Tips for Accentuating Different Body Parts

Get flawless skin, leaner-looking limbs, and a red carpet glow with these body makeup tipsYou might have wondered how celebs look so flawless on the red carpet. There's a simple answer: body makeup. Here's a detailed guide on makeup tips and tricks for body contouring. Read on to find out the best body beauty tips.

11 Sentiments Every Makeup Lover Will Relate to
We’re all meme fans. But when it comes to makeup lovers, there is a completely separate makeup meme community and we all know how relatable those memes can be! Right from eye makeup to lipstick memes, you will find a joke on every makeup sentiment. We have compiled some of our own makeup memes for you!
The 9 Best Ethnic Makeup Looks for Any Outfit

Deciding the perfect ethnic makeup look for all your Indian outfits can be quite a challenge. Luckily, you have us! We've all been there, and we know how it feels. Every ethnic outfit requires a different look, and we understand how challenging it can be to find the right one at the right time! So here's a list of makeup for Indian wear that will suit all your outfits.

6 Ways to Use Liquid Lipsticks Other Than on Your Lips

Have you been using your liquid lipstick just as a lipstick? However, if you're overwhelmed with the sheer number of partially-used liquid lipsticks in your makeup drawer, we have just the right liquid lipstick hacks for you. Besides using it on your lips, you can do many other things. Check them out!

10 Nail Paint Designs That Will Make You Go Mad for Matte

Nail paint designs are something any girl would go matte…oops, mad for. No matter if I’m a makeup lover or not, nail art ideas and pretty looking matte nails can make anybody fall in love. That’s why, we’ve brought you 10 nail paint designs that you aren’t just lovely to look at but also super easy!