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Add Drama to Your Eyes with Colored Kajals

Use colored kajal to give your everyday look some much-needed oomph. Though it accentuates the eyes prettily, the black kajal can sometimes get a little monotonous. There's no better way to enhance your beauty bag than with colorful kajals. And after reading this post, you'll know exactly why!

Shimmer Up Your Makeup with Stick Illuminator

Do you know about that glowy makeup look that's been all the rage lately? The key to pulling off that look is one simple product: the stick highlighterThere are many different highlighters availablepowder, cream, and liquid. But make sure you only choose the best stick illuminator to brighten up your skin, if you want to receive compliments like crazy.

Priyanka Chopra’s Makeup Looks over the Years You Must Try

From her red carpet appearances to airport looks, Priyanka Chopra’s makeup choices have never failed to make a statement, and how! You too can grab attention like our Desi Girl. We dug through her Instagram to find our favorite Priyanka Chopra makeup looks—and decoded some of our favorite ones. Try these and stand out in the crowd!

8 Makeup Mistakes We All Make & How to Avoid Them

Makeup and makeup mistakes, walk hand in hand. Don’t deny! Remember that Saturday morning when you woke up looking like a zombie? Yeah, smudged eyeliner—makeup mistake #3. So, here are the top makeup mistakes all of use have made at some point in our lives, and of course, the ways to avoid them! You didn’t think I’d leave you with makeup problems without solutions, did you!

Baby Shower Makeup—Look Gorgeous with Your Baby Bump

A step-by-step guide to amp up your baby shower makeup look in no time! When it comes to your baby shower outfit, going for something flared & comfortable is a no-brainer. But how do you manage your baby shower makeup ideas? Below is an easy-to-follow guide to creating the perfect baby shower look.

Pro Tips to Use Your Face Palette to Enhance Your Features

Discover how to use your blush, highlighter, contour palette to satisfy all your contouring needs in one go! Choosing the best highlighter, blush, contour palette requires some serious effort. Let’s see not just how you can choose the best highlighter blush contour palette, but also how the it should be your go-to perfect face makeup palette.

9 Stunning Daytime Makeup Looks to Slay, Even During the Day!
The secret to daytime makeup looks? A little goes a long way! If your daytime celebration makeup is applied with a heavy hand—or features defined lines and bold colors—you may end up looking garish and overdone in the daylight. Get...
Tips for Creating an On-Point Look with Traditional Makeup

Traditional makeup tips you can follow and recreateto make you look like the desi queen you are! When it comes to makeup, wearing traditional outfits requires an entirely different approach. If you're clueless, don't worry. With these Indian traditional beauty tips, you'll look and feel your best on any occasion, regardless of whether you're a beauty novice or an expert.

Celebrating Lipstick Day—A Day Dedicated to Lipstick Lovers!

Lipsticks are an all-time favorite makeup product, and National Lipstick Day 2022—which falls on 29th July—is an occasion to celebrate its popularity. Our team at Faces Canada is a bit of an expert in all matters lipstick. And because we don't want you to feel left out of the “Happy Lipstick Day” celebration, we’ve compiled this guide to help you know everything about National Lipstick Day.

10 Amazing Indian Makeup Hacks to Enhance Your Ethnic Look

The following Indian makeup hacks will help you enhance your beautiful face, regardless of your skin tone! Rather than trying to conform to society's standards by changing your shade through various methods, let’s embrace what you have and focus on enhancing it with the right Indian makeup tipsWhen applied correctly, these Indian style makeup tips can truly win!

Maternity Shoot Makeup Tips for Insta-Worthy Photos

Preparing for your maternity photoshoot? Good maternity makeup is an essential part of the photoshoot, along with a great photographer and stunning locations. Here are some tips to help you with your maternity photoshoot makeup! Here’s a list of our top maternity shoot makeup tips to help you look stunning.

10 Game-Changing Makeup Tricks for Narrow Faces

There is almost nothing a bit of makeup for long, thin face can't cure. Makeup lovers spend hours trying to figure out the right way to wear blush or contour their faces. If you have a long, narrow face and wonder "how to make face fuller", then you've come to the right place. Using these makeup tips for oblong faces, you can make your face look more plump. Read on!

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with Glam Brown Makeup Ideas

Each year on July 7, World Chocolate Day pays homage to the world's greatest culinary creation (sorry, pizza). Chocolate lovers all over the world celebrate this day every year to indulge in their favorite treat guilt-free. However, if you’re a makeup lover, you can go a step further to celebrate World Chocolate Day this year. Here are some brown makeup ideas for you.

Smart Ways to Protect and Care Your Skin on Sports Day

We're calling on all athletes and sports enthusiasts to reconsider their sports skincare routines! Sports keep you healthy, active, and up to a challenge. Playing outside, however, means you have to deal with the sun, pollution, dirt, and sweat. But fret not! Here's a guide on Sports Day skincare tips and tricks to help you combat the issues that arise from playing outdoors.

12 Easy Skincare Hacks to Overcome Monsoon Skin Problems

If you thought skin care during the summer was hard, think again! Because monsoon skin brings an entirely different set of problemswhich can lead to acne, dullness, and dryness on the skin. So what can you do to keep your skin healthy during the rainy season? Get ready for the monsoon with these rainy season skin care hacks!

Glam & Safe DIY Colored Mascaras for Eye Makeup Lovers

From vibrant pastels to rebellious reds, colored mascara has made a big splash in the beauty worldIn addition to adding an extra pop of color to any makeup look, colored mascara gives your eyes a brighter, more awake appearance. But what if we told you it isn't necessary to buy one? Here's how you can make DIY-colored mascara!

2022’s Trending Skincare Ingredients You Need to Catch up on

As the largest & most complex organ in the body, the skin requires several types of nutrients to remain healthy. That's why we need to be cautious when choosing products for our skincare routine. In 2022, we expect CBD, ceramide, and hyaluronic acid to be among the trending ingredients in skin careTo help you in your search, we have compiled a list of the top trending skincare ingredients of 2022.

8 Beginner-Friendly & Simple Makeup Hacks You HAVE to Try!

We all wanna shine like a celebrity and makeup is our chance to highlight our awesomeness. But makeup hacks are something that makes it way easier to get the same amazing results, especially if you’re a makeup beginner. We totally feel ya! So, here are a few quick beginner-friendly makeup hacks or call them beauty tips.

6 Reasons Why Sharing Makeup Is a Big No-No

Sharing is caring in most cases, but it's not okay when it comes to sharing makeup. When you get ready with your friends, there's always that one person who asks if they can borrow a highly coveted beauty product someone else pulls out. Makeup sharing can even lead to very serious conditions, even though it may seem harmless at the time.


8 Investment Worthy Makeup Brushes

You can certainly apply makeup with your fingers, but have you ever noticed how much difference using a makeup brush can make? The right makeup brushes can make all the difference. Read this article to learn about must-have makeup brushes in your brush set.

Tips for Using Lipstick for Thin Lips

Time to make your lips appear fuller and luscious by using some genius lipstick for small lips hacks! Every woman dreams of having plump, lush lips. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with naturally plump lips. Thankfully, making the illusion of fuller lips is easy with the right techniques. Here's how to apply lipstick for small lips to make them look lush.