10 Satisfying Makeup Situations Makeup Lovers Would Give Anything for

10 Satisfying Makeup Situations Makeup Lovers Would Give Anything for

Ever noticed those satisfying makeup images that show perfect makeup, makeup images that our phones never have because who is that perfect! But then one can't even stop looking at those satisfying makeup images & videos on Instagram, right?

Point is, there are a few dream-like satisfying makeup situations that any makeup lover would love to be in—like a perfect winged eyeliner, or a flawless base makeup. I've brought you 10 dream makeup situations that I'm sure the makeup lover in you would give anything for.

#1 A Matching, Satisfying Winged Eyeliner on Both Eyes!

Take all my money and give me a perfect Adele winged eyeliner, please!!!

#2 Or a Winged Eyeliner Replicator Tool…

…so that once I have a perfect wing on one eye, I can copy-paste it on the other eye.

#3 That One Perfect Red Lipstick

And trust me, everyone’s perfect red lipstick is different. No one red lipstick is two people’s favorite.

#4 Contouring Tricks that Let Me Eat All I Want and Still Make My Face Look Slim AF

Where is that magic contouring hack?

#5 One Base Product for Literally Every Skin Type

So that I don't have to remember 3 steps to base makeup. And mind me, I want one that’s all in one. Wear that one product, a lipstick, a liner,  and you’re done.

#6 A Magical Blush Brush that Always Makes Me Apply Blush on the Right Spot

Trust me, apple of the cheek, under the cheekbone, OMG spare me these jargons!!!

#7 A Nail Paint that Dries So Quickly that

I don't have to blow dry it, and that it won’t even budge by my urge to eat popcorn just one second after applying it.

#8 An Eyeshadow that Looks As Pretty In My Specs

as they look on people without specs… Please, some eye makeup that works for us hot spec-wearers…

#9 A Concealer that Tells Me Where to Apply It

Because some of us are Joeys of locating correct concealer spots.

#10 A Foundation that Comes with a Shade Detector

So I don’t have to play match the color. Imagine, the shade detector thing beeps once it finds your matching shade! Cool, right?


So, which one's is your biggest dream makeup situation? Mine is the equal winged eyeliner on both eyes, and the super quick-drying nail paint! Share your favorite satisfying makeup product in the comments. XOXO, darlings!