13 Thoughts Beauty Lovers Get During Holi

13 Thoughts Beauty Lovers Get During Holi

Holi 2023 is here and amid a lot of confusion, we’re FINALLY celebrating Holi with all our enthusiasm. It’s a lovely, exciting time for makeup lovers & a little bit of an anxiety-inducing one for skincare enthusiasts because we all know what happens on Holi.

So in the middle of choosing the best Holi makeup look and fighting for your skincare on Holi, we have tried to capture what must be happening in a beauty lover’s mind during this exciting time of Holi, of course including Holi makeup and outfits, their CTM routine going down the drain in the rain dance and of course, the tanning issues!

#1 OMG, I Hope Holi Doesn’t Kill My Months of Skincare!!!

#2 Gonna Hydrate Now So I Can Glow on Holi tomorrow

#3 I'll be Strict - Only Organic Color on My Skin

#4 Lemme Gather My CTM in Advance for Holi

#5 Oh, But before That Lemme Slather some Petroleum Jelly

#6 Which Blush Will Go Better with Holi Gulaal, or Do I Need One?

#7 And Which White Dress Am I Willing to Sacrifice This Year?

#8 Wait, Does Baby Oil Go Before or After Mascara?

#9 Oh, Also Is This Eyeliner Waterproof?

#10 Never Mind, My Makeup Fixer Is a Savior I’m Sure

#11 I Hope My Sunscreen Shows Its Real Worth This Time

#12 Oh, Almost Forgot to Keep the Makeup Remover Out in Case I’m too Holi-fied to Step in

#13 Eh, I’m Sure My Skin Can Handle One Day of Holi

So, it looks like we’re all caught up on the makeup lovers’ minds during Holi 2023, right from Holi skincare routine to Holi makeup! Which one is your favorite and most relatable of the above? We love #5, 7, and 12 the most. Tell us yours in the comments below.

Happy Holi, and XOXO, darlings!