14 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Wedding Makeup

14 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Wedding Makeup

The best part about getting married in the summer is all the bright, fun colors available for your summer wedding décor and floral arrangements. So why not take it a step further by incorporating some of these fun elements in your beauty look?

You don't have to opt for boring summer bridal beauty makeup for your wedding day, but you will want to plan accordingly to prevent your look from melting away in the sun. Here are the best tips and tricks for making your summer wedding makeup last, as explained by professional hairstylists and makeup artists.

Get married this summer without stress. We've got all the tips you'll need to stay glowing all night. Check out these 14 expert-recommended tips and tricks to nail this summer's bridal beauty look.

#1 Do the Prep Work

The preparation you do weeks and months before your big day is the key to making your summer bridal makeup last.

Eat a healthy diet rich in greens, good fats like avocado, nuts, and salmon, along with a lot of greens. You'll have gorgeous skin and silky, bouncy hair, not just on your wedding day, but every single day!

It takes time to get good skin unless you're genetically blessed. To hold back your skin’s moisture and reduce redness and irritation caused by the summer, use a clay mask once or twice a week, followed by a calming sheet mask.

#2 Use a Mattifying Primer

Using a mattifying primer after your face moisturizer and before your foundation is imperative if you want to combat the shine on your face.

Mattifying primers serve as a barrier between your skin and your foundation, preventing sweat and oils from getting through. They can also help your makeup stay in place, resulting in longer-lasting results.

#3 Go for an SPF Based Foundation

The benefits of SPF-infused foundations are pretty simple—they help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Choose lightweight formulas if you want to avoid the cakey look, and mix in some moisturizer for a smoother application.

Nonetheless, this is not a substitute for sunscreen. You should also wear sunscreen under your makeup.

#4 Lightweight Concealers Are Your Best Bet

Even the best foundation can be ruined by a poor concealer. Lightweight concealers are the best choice for this summer's heat. Be sure to set your base makeup with a translucent powder to make it last longer with a smooth yet matte finish.

Don't forget to use a color corrector to camouflage any discoloration before applying your makeup.

#5 Apply Only What You Need

Summer days are sweaty, so when it comes to lasting power, less makeup is definitely more. The last thing you want is to cake up your skin with products you don’t really need. It's important to blend products well so it doesn't appear that they are layeredlayered makeup might start melting at a later time.

#6 Use Waterproof Makeup Products 

Summer can melt anything, makeup is not immune too. So, make sure you only wear smudge-proof & waterproof makeup products including your mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner.

The last thing you want on your wedding day is smudged mascara or foundation that’s gone awry because it wasn’t sweat-proof! Especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, the humidity, the heat, and the emotions can leave your makeup looking less than glamorous if you don't use waterproof makeup items.

Being prepared is better than having to look for last minute solutions. :)

#7 Stay Hydrated

One of the most overlooked and important beauty tips is (drum rolls)—staying hydrated. Water makes up 70 to 75 percent of your skin, so if you are not properly hydrated, neither is your skin.

In hot weather, your skin tends to dry out. So, it's also a good idea to invest in a good quality hydrating water/mist to keep it hydrated.

#8 Use Neutral Colors for the Eyes

Summer weddings should be bright and breezy, so avoid dark and heavy colors. Instead, select lighter and more neutral tones.

Plus, dabbing a little shimmer on your lids for a dramatic glimmer can easily transition your look from day to night.

#9 Hair before Makeup

Due to the heat, blow dryers can wreak havoc on the skin during the summertime. A bride should have her hair done way before the makeup so she can look fresh, beautiful, and without any sweat on her face.

#10 Lip Tips

Bright and refreshing colors are typical of summers and weddings. So, you can choose a bright lip color such as red or pink that will enhance your look for the summer wedding. 

Using a bright lipstick shade for your makeup will help brighten your look since the makeup will be minimal.

#11 Don’t Skip Setting Spray

It is essential to use a setting spray on your big day! You will want to set your makeup with a makeup fixer so it stays in place during your wedding day celebration.

Making your makeup last all day and night are as simple as spraying it with a makeup setting spray, like the Ultime Pro Makeup Fixer. This keeps your summer wedding makeup look in place and also eliminates any powdery or cakey appearances.

#12 Always have an Emergency Touch-Up Kit

Bring a touch-up kit everywhere you go. A compact mirror, lipstick, blotting paper, and Q-tips are all you'll need. It will help you look fresh and beautiful all day long. Your makeup also won't need to be redone throughout the day.

#13 Don’t Touch Your Face Too Much

After you apply your makeup, be mindful not to touch your face unless absolutely necessary. Instead of wiping away tearsor sweatwith a tissue or handkerchief, dab them away instead. Using this method will help you avoid accidentally wiping off your makeup. 

So, to conclude…

There are many fun things about summer weddingsbut they don't include melting foundation, smeared eyeliner, or super-sticky lip gloss. Use the tips provided above, and summer-proof your wedding makeup look from the very start!

Have any questions on how to make makeup stay in hot weather? Drop them in the comment section below. We’d be happy to help.