7 DIY Skincare Hacks for a No Fuss Glowing Skin Routine!

7 DIY Skincare Hacks for a No Fuss Glowing Skin Routine!

Wanna get into skincare and healthy skincare routine? But don't want that routine to mess up your work, eat, date schedule? :P We feel ya! We know, it can be quite hard to make time for those heavy duty, so called best skincare products that have to follow a specific schedule and process.

That's just why, we've curated 7 DIY skincare hacks that you can choose from and make your skincare routine, no matter if you have dry skin, under eye ageing, oily, or acne prone skin.

#1 This Home Remedy for Dark circles You Can Swear by


#2 This Solution for Acne Prone Skin in Summers


#3 This Easy DIY Under Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes in Morning


#4 This DIY Summer Mask to Soothe Dry Skin & Oily Skin Alike


#5 This Easy Solution to Minimize Open Pores in Summers


#6 This Skincare Hack If You're Wondering How to Make Your Dry Skin Glow


#7 This Simple DIY Sheet Mask for a Natural Glow without Expensive Skincare Products


We know you're excited right now to try all these skincare hacks but in a few days, you might start getting lazy again. But babe, you have to remember one thing - we've especially curated these DIY skincare routines for you with minimal ingredients that you can easily find in your house, most importantly, with minimal effort!

So what are you waiting for? Try the ones that suit your skin type, tone, and sensitivity level, and tell us in the comments if they worked for you!

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*Disclaimer:* The information contained in this DIY skincare is for general information purposes only. Please take caution as some ingredients may cause irritation or harm to individual skin types. It is best to consult with a dermatologist for medical assistance before using. It is also advisable to do a patch test before using any of the DIYs.