8 South Indian Bridal Makeup Inspirations to Look for

8 South Indian Bridal Makeup Inspirations to Look for

It’s no secret that we’re fascinated with the beauty of bridal makeup, and with South Indian brides going to the next level with their looks, picking the best from the rest is becoming increasingly difficult.

The south Indian bridal makeup is particularly notable because, despite the use of so many maximal elements like the stunning silk sarees, extravagant gold jewelry, and fresh flowers, the makeup brings an overall balance to it. 

With this in mind, we searched for a few south Indian bridal makeup looks that are trending and found some major inspiration for you. As you scroll down, be ready to fall in love with every bridal look and find stunning South Indian makeup inspiration.

#1 The Quintessential South Indian Bride

An elegant kanjivaram saree, a beautiful blouse, some traditional gold jewelry, and a smile that could kill!

With subtle eyeshadow, sassy red lipstick, and the traditional matha Patti, you can make the entire south Indian bridal look pop. They say red lipstick never goes wrong, and it’s true. It creates a stunning look, and this South Indian bridal look speaks a million words.

#2 The Minimal Makeup Look

Learn how to carry a natural makeup look from a South Indian bride. Take a look at this bride, who opted for a simple south indian makeup look instead of conventional makeup. Her entire look turned out to be very elegant! Classic and timeless.

Image Source

This south Indian bridal look is highlighted by beautiful golden jewelry!

#3 Pink Lips and Defined Eyes

Pink lips are a versatile look that rock with every makeup look — yes, even a south Indian bridal look! Add some definition to this look with some heavy and defined eye makeup.

Image Source

A colored liner, some eyeshadow, and a thick mascara should do the trick!

#4 The Blushing Bride

What’s a better occasion to blush rather than when you’re walking down the aisle?

Image Source

Opt for a minimal and soft pink bridal makeup look on your wedding day and appear absolutely gorgeous, like the bride in the picture. With a minimum amount of blush, the makeup artist has accentuated her cheekbones which steal the show.

#5 It’s All in the Eyes

This south Indian makeup is all about highlighting your best features — the eyes. A dash of kohl, along with some heavy long lashes, will do the magic! 

Image Source

To make sure that the focus of this look remains on your eyes, keep your facial makeup on the natural side.

#6 Glitter Eye with Bold Lips

This look is for the divas who prefer going the extra mile with their look! Make a bold statement with all your maximal wedding choices. 

Image Source

With glittery eyes, a red lip, fluffy lashes, and a bindi, this Indian bridal makeup look is flawless. In this look, everything from your jewelry to your bridal makeup will make an impression.

#7 The Winged Liner Look

This season, be the bold and beautiful bride with winged eyeliner, 3D false lashes, and subtle muted eyeshadow with just a hint of brown to enhance the crease.

Image Source

Prep your skin with a moisturizing primer and matte finish foundation, before applying the bright lipstick that finishes the look.

#8 With a Pop of Bright Color

Although the bright saree on this outfit immediately caught our attention, we'd say the highlight of the look is definitely the popping shade of lipstick.

Image Source

Still not sure which one to choose? Just go for the red bridal look! What better way to match the bridal red Kanjivaram Saree than red lips? A match made in heaven! However, you should also keep the rest of your face simple in order to avoid an overdone look. With red lips and soft bronze eyes, a fresh, clean face will do the trick.

Make your south Indian bridal makeup even more perfect by adding a tiny bit of copper to the eyes!

Wrapping up

So those were some of our favorite south Indian bridal makeup looks! We were totally blown away by these stunning semblances. 

If you stayed to the end, then you probably enjoyed all these looks as well.

Are there any favorites that you would like to share? Let us know in the comment section!