15 Bridal Makeup Inspirations to Look Out for Your Big Day

15 Bridal Makeup Inspirations to Look Out for Your Big Day

Wedding makeup is the last step to your dream wedding appearance and the one that brings it all together. Some brides prefer to go all out with their Indian bridal makeup, while others choose to keep it simple and classic.

Your wedding makeup can vary from a natural look to Bollywood-style glam; there’s no one correct rule for all. But how do you decide which look you want? Wouldn't it be great if there was a list of different types of trending wedding makeup looks for you to choose from?

Well, we’re here with the answers to all your questions. Here’s our list of 16 fabulous Indian wedding makeup inspirations for every type of bridal style. Check them out!

#1 Simplistic Elegance

This simple yet elegant look is perfect for brides who’d like to keep their makeup simple for their wedding day. Just go with a thin line of eyeliner, mascara, pinkish-nude lips, and neutral dewy makeup.

Pair this look with striking Kundan jewels to look stunning & graceful at the same time. 

#2 The Winged Liner Look

For the Indian bride, a look with winged liner will never go out of style. This retro favorite has evolved throughout the decades and is soft and sophisticated in its current form.

2022’s wing is more modern; instead of something overly dramatic, it's a subtle 20-degree angle.

#3 A Subtle Glow with Daring Red

While matte pinks and neutral shades of tan have dominated bridal lip colors, red remains a staple in many brides' beauty looks. The picture illustrates why.

Create a stunning night-time wedding makeup look by combining this timeless lip color with a subtle sheen on your face & dramatic lashes on your eyes. 

#4 All Glam Look

A dark smokey eye with heavy gold and bronze undertones can instantly brighten up your whole face.

Additionally, the glamorous look will flow seamlessly from your daytime ceremony to your evening reception or after-party.

#5 Colored Liners

From electric blue to Barbie pink and tangy orange, colored liners are all the rage on the runways. And guess what, they also made their way into bridal beauty looks! It may not be ideal for the wedding day, but it's a great choice for your pre-wedding looks.

Add some glam to your Haldi or Mehendi ceremony by experimenting with a dash of color.

#6 Glamorous Vibes with Sharp Contours

Bridal makeup looks for glamorous brides demand some drama with heavy contours and defined eye tones.

Make your eyes the star of the show with silver glitter eyeshadow applied to your lids, while your cheeks and nose are contoured in a glitzy way.

#7 Bronze Bridal Eye Makeup with Pink Lips

Pink lips and bronze eyes go together like a dream. Plus, they look fantastic on Indian skin tones!

This bridal makeup inspiration will make you look like a million bucks while staying true to your basic Dulhan makeup style! 

#8 Dewy Romance

A popular choice for the Indian bridal outfit today are colors like pink, pastels, and ivory. Soft, dewy undertones elevate such a look, adding to its romantic undertones.

For this look, less makeup is more. Let your skin's natural glow shine through!

#9 Smokey Gold Bridal Eye Makeup

There's no such thing as going out of style when it comes to applying your bridal outfit color to your lids.

This look calls for deep color eye makeup with gold glitter details paired with a light-pink lip color.

#10 Modern Glam to Traditional Look

Adding makeup can bring a modern touch to even the most traditional wedding outfits. You do not want to appear too dated, after all.

To get this look, highlight any one of your facial features. Smoky eyes (that look great with your after-wedding reception gown, too!) and defined brows will do the trick.

#11 The Traditional Indian Look

Traditional bridal looks often include bindis on the forehead. It is one of the 16 adornments usually worn by brides, called Solah Shringar.

If your bridal outfit has a red and gold color scheme, match your bindis with a deep red lipstick for a traditional look.

#12 The Natural Glow Look

Nowadays, people are all about the no-makeup look. Take a break from conventional makeup and try this subtle look for your special day. You can stand out from the crowd with bold eyes, nude lips, and neutral blush with a light-colored attire.

You can add a pop of color to an otherwise monotonous look by wearing gold and silver jewelry with dark stones - like ruby red.

#13 Glittery Eyes

It is best to keep your Indian bridal makeup natural and minimal if you intend to wear a heavy lehenga and heavy jewelry.

Get that subtle glittering look with pink or peach-light golden lids and neutral lips on a flawless base. 

#14 All Pink

Pink lips and pink lids are a makeup combo that never goes out of style!

You can absolutely mix and match—like changing the eyeshadow to a more subtle sheen. Choose this look for your big day if your bridal wear is pinkor if you simply love pink/peach makeup look too much!

#15 Radiant Goddess

Use a little highlighter in the corner of your eyes to create a stunning look and channel your inner diva on your wedding day!

The highlighter is your best friend when it comes to making your wedding makeup stand out with minimalistic products!

The Wrap-Up.

Weddings are all about experimenting. Step out of your comfort zone on your special day and try one of these trending makeup looks! 

To make sure you look your best, match (or mismatch) your makeup with your outfit.

Did any of these suggestions make you want to get married right away? Do let us know in the comments below. ;) XOXO, darlings!