10 Lipstick Shades to Go with Your Florals This Spring

10 Lipstick Shades to Go with Your Florals This Spring

Spring 2023 and we can’t keep calm coz OMG so many colors & so many lipstick shades to choose from! The best lip shades are those that enhance not just your face but also your outfit! With the right lips shade, the whole look falls into place. But with spring approaching, everything changes! The lip shades that might have worked for all your winter outfits may or may not work for your cute florals and breezy dresses in the spring, or fall flat as spring lip shades!

So we have done some homework for you and have a list of best lipstick shades to choose from for your spring outfits! Be it florals, satiny white formals, office blacks, or wedding golds, these 8 best lips shades would sort your lipsticks as per your spring 2023 wardrobe in seconds!

#1 Light Coral Lipstick for Your Satin-y Whites

#2 Cool Pinks & Mauve Lipsticks for Your LBDs

#3 Matte Brown Lips to Go with All Your Warm Neutrals

#4 Glossy Peaches for Your Party Browns, Blues, & Even Blacks

#5 French Pink for All Those Pretty Florals

#6 Muted Red Lipstick for the Rest of Your Darks!

#7 Baby Peach Gloss for Your Statement Eyeshadows

#8 Brick Reds & Wine Lip Shades for Your Wedding-y Golds

#9 Subtle Orange Lips for Your Ethnics & Browns

#10 Crimsons for Your Colorful Ethnics

Since we have sorted your lipstick shades and your outfits, we don’t think you now have much else left to do, than fix those dates! Come on, swipe ‘em right, get out of that couch, and wear that perfect red lipstick!

Spring is the perfect time to get hitched and lipsticked! Have a Happy Spring 2023, XOXO, darlings!