Dos and Don'ts of Fall and Winter Makeup in 2022

Dos and Don'ts of Fall and Winter Makeup in 2022

Wondering about the dos and don’ts for makeup during fall and winter? Of course, makeup depends a lot on the season, the mood, and the occasion. So, there are many aspects that you can keep in mind. According to Harpers Bazaar, metallic and smokey eyes will be one of the biggest winter makeup tricks in 2022, along with disco makeup. However, these are just meant to create a special look for all those get-togethers and parties ahead!

It comes to nothing if you do not have a proper beauty regime in place. But fret not, for we’ve brought you some handy beauty tips for winter and fall! Colder climes and lower humidity levels contribute to the scourge of dehydration along with drier indoor air. So, make sure to exchange your regular gel-based moisturizer for something creamier and more filling as a starting ode to the season.

Here are some more basic makeup tips and tricks to make the autumn-winter season prettier: 

7 Dos of Winter Makeup: 

Waterproofing Mascara—a Must

When the season changes, especially if it’s the cold season, taking care of the dos and don’ts of makeup during winter and fall could save you a lot of stress. The waterproofing mascara is refreshing at this time. Authors Aubrey Almanza and Priscila Martinez suggest in a Readers Digest article, that waterproof mascara is a godsend this season.

They quote Charlie Riddle, global beauty director and head of artistry at Stila Cosmetics, who opines that waterproof formulas are indispensable when your eyes give in to winter winds and start welling up. 

Make Nail Health a Priority

When talking about winter-fall beauty care, cuticles care is one of the most important. If your skin dries up, think about your cuticles. Yes, we’re talking about the cracked cuticles in winter, ouch. They take a major load during this period and you may end up with ruined manicures if you don’t pay attention.

So, when the mercury starts dropping, load up on those essential oils, because that’s the most vital for winter nail care. Plus, essential oils last longer than your regular moisturizer.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized and Hydrated

Everyone keeps saying this, but take our word, drinking sufficient water throughout the day, and ensuring proper skin hydration and moisturization IS important. Now that’s a wellness nugget that is easy to follow! Reminder: go, get yourself a glass of water. :)

Always Use Lip Balm

Use a hydrating lip balm before putting on your lipstick. It is a saviour during this season, building that essential wall between chilly temperatures and your lips.

The skin on your lips does not have sebaceous glands and natural moisturizing oils, elevating the importance of lip balm greatly. 

Moisturizing Foundation Matters

You can revamp your liquid-based foundation in dry seasons by mixing in a few drops of facial oil or moisturizer before application. It will help you obtain that natural glow and also save you some bucks! ;)

Exfoliation is a Non-Negotiable

Exfoliate your face every day to combat skin dryness. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips too. This is one of those easy and basic makeup tips and tricks that you simply cannot ignore! 

Don’ts of Winter Makeup:

Do Not Apply Rainbow Color or Neon Eye Make-up.

basically, just keep your skin hindrance-free for winters. Just a bit, a few months to hold on until you can bat those pretty, colored eyes again! :)

Do Not Forget to Apply a Good Sunscreen Even During Winters

The UV rays are present all year round. Also while the temperature might have dropped, the reflective rays of the sun especially at high altitudes tend to damage skin even more.


So layer up with a thin application of sunscreen before stepping out of the house.

Avoid Using Too Many Power-Based Products

That's because they tend to make the skin more dry. While already dealing with dry skin, you wouldn't want your foundation to add to it, would you?

These are a few (very simple) pointers that will help you stay glowing and beautiful throughout the winter season. Here’s to shining and slaying the winters!