6 Ways to Enhance Your Makeup with Strobe Cream

6 Ways to Enhance Your Makeup with Strobe Cream

Strobe cream is the new IN thing for makeup lovers, especially since winter is here, and who doesn’t like that natural, yet special winter glow? If you’re someone who likes highlighter, especially cream highlighter, but doesn’t want it to be that typical highlighter-y shine, strobe cream is just what you need. The best thing about strobe cream is that it comes in different shades so you can even use it as an all-in-one skin tint when you wanna go light on your base. Strobe creams are the perfect thing for makeup lovers who like cream highlighters.

Although it’s already a pretty multipurpose makeup product, we have 6 more unique and exciting ways to use strobe cream, and not just as a highlighter—the one use of it that we all know. So, go ahead and try these makeup hacks using your favorite strobe cream shades this winter!

Hack #1: Layer it Underneath Your Blush—Get That Healthy Flush

If you wanna get those nourished-looking flushed cheeks for winter, applying strobe cream underneath or even over your blush is a good way to achieve the look. This is one of our favorite makeup tips.

Just make sure you don’t overdo the blush since strobe creams already come tinted.

Hack #2: Mix it with Foundation—for That Natural Dewy Base

Want a natural, no-makeup kinda dewy base but don’t know how? We will tell you the easiest way to go about it—just mix your strobe cream with your regular foundation & apply it minimally.

Keep it basic, and make sure to use a hydrating foundation that matches your skin tone.

Hack #3: Apply As a Highlighter—the Trending Pink Highlighter

If you like to apply highlighters, but don’t want to go the contour > highlight way, applying a strobe cream as a highlighter is the best way to go. Use a nice rose gold shade of strobe cream and you won’t even need a blush.

Have you seen those nice pink highlighters? Just mix your strobe cream with your pink blush & there you go!

Hack #4 Add to Your Moisturizer—Glowy Tinted Moisturizer

If you’re aiming for that nice & glowy tinted moisturizer look, you can simply mix your favorite shade of strobe cream with your moisturizer and apply.

You’d be surprised how well it works; the best part is how easy it is to use!

Hack #5 Use As a Body Highlighter—Perfect Body Makeup Substitute

Love how celebrities shine with their body highlighters and those sharp-shine collar bones? You can get it too even without using body makeup. All you have to do is invest in a good strobe cream and apply it as your body makeup

Use it on your collar bones, shoulders, legs, and even anywhere you’d apply a body bronzer usually.

Hack #6 Add it to Your Liquid Lipstick—to Add That Glowy Sheen

Simply add a strobe cream to your favorite liquid lipstick and you have a light metallic, shiny lipstick.

If you feel a little more artistic, you can even use this magical mix to apply as a  DIY metallic eyeshadow by mixing it with your favorite eyeshadow color or maybe even a blush!

So, now that you know all these strobe cream tricks & tips, get ready to slay the upcoming Christmas and New Year Eve parties with your new found glow! Time to strobe your way into glam. XOXO, darlings!