Find the Perfect Shade of Lipstick for Every Skin Tone

Find the Perfect Shade of Lipstick for Every Skin Tone

Even though makeup trends come and go, there are some things that never go out of style, and lipstick is certainly one of them. Lipstick colors and finishes might change, but gliding that perfect color over your lips to enhance your appearance remains timeless.

Choosing the right lip shade for your skin tone, whether you're reaching for a nude lipstick or a daring red, is the key to creating an appealing look.

However, to find the right shade, you must first understand your skin tone. With this lipstick skin tone guide from beauty experts, you'll find it easier to choose the perfect lipstick for yourself.

How to Determine Your Skin Undertone

Every person's skin has an undertone, regardless of their skin color. It is the pigment of your skin that radiates from under your true skin tone. Undertones can be cool, neutral, or warm.

Your wrist veins can indicate your skin's undertone. Blue veins indicate a cool undertone. Green veins indicate a warm undertone. The skin's undertone is likely neutral if you can't see either blue or green.

When you know your skin's undertone, you know precisely what to buy, saving you a lot of money.

Cool Undertone

Cool undertones are seen in the form of a pink, red, bluish-purple, or ruddy undertone to the skin. People who have cool undertones are prone to burning easily in the sun and tan less often. Fair-skinned people usually have a cool undertone.

Blue and purple-toned lipsticks are the best choices for women with cool undertones (as opposed to actual blue and purple lipsticks, although they are equally stunning). Go for shades such as pink, rose, mauve, plum, etc.

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Warm Undertone

In addition to brown and black skin tones, warm undertones can appear yellow, peachy, golden, and olive. Fair skin folks also have a warm undertone sometimes. Warm undertone skin tends to tans easily and rarely gets a sunburn.

Lipsticks in warm shades are the best for those with warm undertones. Colors to consider are brick reds, bold oranges, and terracotta browns.  If you have light skin, choose a paler shade, if you have darker skin, choose a richer color.

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Neutral Undertone

If you can't find your undertone easily, it may be due to a neutral undertone.

Congrats! Because with a neutral undertone, you can choose from a variety of different lipstick shades and other cosmetics.

Your neutral undertones allow you to choose a color from practically any shade family. You should use pink hues if your skin is fair, mauve shades if your skin is medium, and berry shades if your skin is deep.

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Undertone and skin tone are two distinctly different things. Your skin tone can vary based on the season (fair during the cooler months, darker during the warmer months) and refers to the depth of your skin (fair, medium, dark, deep). The undertone, on the other hand, is reflective of the base of your skin. It is therefore a myth that fair skin cannot be warm or dark skin cannot have a cool undertone.

Finding Your Perfect Red Lipstick

Red lipsticks come in so many varieties that it's easy to feel overwhelmed at the makeup counter.

Here are some tips to help you choose a flattering red:

1. For Fair Skin Tone

A vibrant blue-red with an undertone of pink will draw attention to your lips if you have fair skin. The best reds for you are coral and cherry. They add the right amount of color without looking overpowering. 

Our Pick: The Weightless Matt Finish Lipstick - Coral Magic 27 lipstick.

2. For Wheatish Skin Tone

Those of you with medium skin tones, congrats. Your skin tone will look great in any shade of red. But certain shades add an instant pop to your pout and are more flattering than others. Your go-to color can be orange-red or blood red.

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3. For Dusky Skin Tone

On dark-skinned women, red looks just as hot, seductive, and enticing. Colors with coral red undertones were designed to enhance darker skin tones, especially those with a shimmery finish for added dimension. Also, always remember to look for darker red lipsticks with a brown or orange tint.

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Finding Your Perfect Nude Shade

It can be a challenge to find a good nude lipstick shade for different skin tones since the shade can either brighten up your natural color or make you look sickly.

Follow this mini-guide and make sure you look bomb every time!

1. For Fair Skin Tone

Nude lipsticks with pink undertones are ideal for fair skin. If you have naturally pink lips, these lipsticks will enhance your pucker and blend in seamlessly. Avoid nude lipsticks with brown undertones that tend to darken your lips.

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2. For Medium Skin Tone

Those with olive or medium skin tones can use a variety of nude lip colors. Lipsticks with orange or yellow undertones work best on medium skin tones. Alternatively, you can choose a lipstick with caramel or beige undertones or a paler shade with a sheer formula. This will flatter your skin tone.

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3. For Dark Skin Tone

Trying to find the best nude lipstick for dark skin? Dark brunettes look their best in chocolate brown. Generally, the darker your complexion, the darker your lipstick should be. Think rich chocolate tones, dark brown shades, and natural shades with red undertones that work like a charm every time.

Our Pick: Any brown lipsticks will provide the desired nude shade for dark skinned women.

The Final Word

If your lipstick matches your skin tone, you're well on your way to looking absolutely stunning. But don’t forget – choosing the right lipstick shade for your skin tone is all about matching your undertone.

You should be well on your way to getting answers to all your “how to choose lipstick color” questions with this one!

Did this guide help you choose your favorite shade? Let us know in the comments section. XOXO darlings!