From Lip Balms to Scrubs—the 5 Must-Follow Winter Lip Care Tips

From Lip Balms to Scrubs—the 5 Must-Follow Winter Lip Care Tips

Lip care is always important, but it becomes lot more important during the winter season. There is no such thing as too much lip balm when it comes to the dry season, especially if you live somewhere the season is a lot colder & drier. So, gather your lip balms and lip scrubs, and those homemade lip care products & DIY remedies for chapped lips coz it will come in handy for the upcoming sweater season!

Scroll ahead for some of the best and easiest winter lip care tips that aren’t just easy to follow but also very effective.

Lip Care Tip #1 Lip Balm Is Your Holy Grail for Winters

Just using a lip balm isn’t enough, especially for winter lip care. Make sure you have a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from the sun. Moreover, if you have pigmented lips, try and find only the best lip balm for dark lips.

You even get SPF-rich tinted lip balms these days. If you don’t wanna go and buy balm, you can always use glycerin or ghee as a natural lip balm.

Lip Care Tip #2 Lip Scrub for Kiss-Ready Lips

Lip scrub is the second most important of all lip care products, but it comes first in the sequence. Make sure you exfoliate your lips once every week using a mild lip scrub, followed by an effective lip balm.

Regular exfoliation will keep your lips smooth and light in color while removing dead skin & flakes.

Lip Care Tip #3 Swear to Use Alcohol-Free Lipsticks

Every makeup lover obviously loves lipsticks too. But who says you need to compromise your lip care by using those chemical-heavy long-lasting liquid lipsticks?

Most long-stay lipsticks come with alcohol; they’re long-lasting but tend to dry out your lips. So look for a lip-loving, alcohol-free long-lasting liquid lipstick.

Lip Care Tip #4 Keep yourself hydrated

Yes, it sounds like a huge cliché—drink water, stay hydrated… But believe this when we say it—if your body is hydrated, your skin, your hair, and of course, your lips will stay hydrated.

So keep your body hydrated, and in turn, your lips moisturized. Believe it or not, it is an important part of lip care, even during winter.

Lip Care Tip #5 Address Lip Pigmentation Naturally

You will find a lot of lip care products in the market for lip depigmentation, but we recommend regular use of lip scrub, lip balms, and home remedies for pigmentated lips.

DIY Lip Depigmentation

You can simply apply malai from the milk in your kitchen on your lips to lighten their color. This must be one of the easiest DIY lip care tips. All you need to do is grab some milk cream and apply it to your lips! You can keep it or wipe it after a few minutes.

Even if you don’t have pigmentation on your lips, this is the perfect lip care tip to keep your lips soft & smooth in the long run.

We have spilled all our lip care tips homework for you here and hope it will push you further into a good lip care routine, because who wants a kiss from flaky, dry lips? :P

Jokes aside, make sure to add these lip care habits in your daily routine, because we often take a lot of care for our skin and hair, but forget about the lips, and they’re the first and softest part of our skin to get affected, especially by weather changes.

Don’t forget to share your favorite easy lip care tips with us in the comments below. XOXO, darlings!