Genius Hacks to Prevent Your Concealer from Creasing

Genius Hacks to Prevent Your Concealer from Creasing

Creasing concealer is a problem for many makeup users! While many of us can go without makeup for a day or two, the flawlessness that a perfect concealer brings is incomparable. Most people consider concealers to be a daily essential because they brighten up the face, even out skin tone, cover pigmentation problems, and reduce redness.

Nevertheless, after a few hours, you might notice that your concealer looks cakey, starts creasing, and highlights precisely what you're trying to concealespecially under the eyes. Even so, since we cannot always walk out au naturel with dark circles and spots, we must face the necessary evil.

So, what's the solution? Luckily, we mere mortals can use a few genius tricks to mimic the flawlessly concealed, fresh face of celebrities. Want in on the secret to stop concealer creasing? Read on!

#1 Hydration Is the Key—For Concealer That Is Wrinkle Free

When you start with well-moisturized skin, the concealer will go on smoothly, spread evenly, and won't crack, crepe, or look cakey.

Remember that your makeup only looks as good as your skin, so always take care of that first. You can reduce the appearance of fine lines, dry skin, and puffiness on your skin with skin serums, creams, and massages.

While some products can show an immediate improvement, having a consistent skincare routine, eating a nutritious diet, and drinking water can help improve your skin in the long term.

#2 Apply a Good Eye Cream to Achieve Your Concealer Dream

Concealer applied to dehydrated and dry under eyes is a strict no-no. If you want to prep your under-eye area without any dryness or damage, you need to apply a nourishing eye cream.

Eye creams have a different consistency from moisturizers and work differently because the skin around the eyes is extremely thin and delicatemaking them essential to stop under eye creasing.

#3 Prime Your Skin before You Conceal

Priming your skin will keep your makeup from straying at any time of the year. In the summer, however, it is essential to use a concealer to prevent the skin from drying out and giving you a splotchy look.

Consider using a hydrating primer that has a built-in moisturizer to minimize fine lines and give skin an extra dose of moisture.

#4 Or Use Face Oil to Create Smooth Skin

Take a drop or two of face oil on the tip of your pointer and middle finger and tap lightly from your outer to inner under-eye corner.

You should pick a facial oil that soothes your skin and hydrates it, while reducing all signs of aging. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone.

#5 Choosing the Right Formula Is Essential

Choosing the right texture for your concealer is crucial to achieving a flawless finish. Finding a formula that works best for your skin type is important, regardless of whether you prefer creamy or liquid concealers.

Additionally, look for a light-textured concealer rather than one that is heavier and has a thicker coverage. In addition to being more flexible, lightweight concealers are less likely to settle into creases. 

#6 Place Your Concealer Strategically in the Next Step

In order to ensure the concealer lasts and looks good, you need to apply it correctly. How you apply concealer depends on the level of coverage you’re seeking. 

For example, in order to lift and brighten the eyes, apply to the inner and outer corners. If you plan on camouflaging bags, apply only to shadows using a thin brush to add dimension. To treat dark circles and spots, apply a small amount of color corrector over the area in which you want to eliminate dark spots and follow it with your concealer. And to treat fine lines, start with a small amount and build the product as necessary.

#7 Buildup the Layers Slowly

You can minimize the effect of creasing concealer around your eyes by using the less-is-more approach. This means, rather than using a thick coat of concealer from the beginning, build it up in layers as needed.

Obtain a realistic finish by applying thin layers and only adding as much as necessary. This way, you're not putting on too much product at once, which would lead to caking and creasing, especially if you are using a heavy-duty formula.

#8 Blotting before Setting

As with lipstick, blotting your concealer can help create an even finish to prevent creasing. After applying concealer and blending, gently wipe the under-eye area with your go-to blotting paper. The result is a more flawless finish as excess product or oils won't settle into fine lines and under eye makeup creases.

#9 Powder Setting Concealer for Long Lasting Makeup

Setting your concealer with a translucent powder is incredibly effective. By sealing and locking the product, it leaves little room for creasing. 

The translucent powder creates a barrier that traps the concealer onto your skin, so the concealer won't streak or move even after long periods of time. Apply it over your concealer to maintain its fresh and smooth appearance.

#10 Bake to Avoid Concealer Cakes

If setting your concealer with loose powder doesn't work, try baking. You won't need the heavy-handed application you're used tojust a light dusting is enough.

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For a flawless concealer that does not crease, blend it smoothly on your skin before applying setting powder with a cosmetic sponge or powder brush. Next, let the powder sit for five to ten minutes. This technique absorbs any oils and locks in your concealer. Lastly, gently dust off the excess powder using a brush.

#11 Choose the Right Tools for Seamless Application

It is important to use the right tools when applying concealer on your face. A moist beauty blender is the best tool for blending in concealer for a smooth application. Using a brush might cause creases by dragging the product across your skin, so go for a moist blender instead.

In a Nutshell

Everybody experiences concealer creasing from time to time, and it's totally normal. However, there are ways you can prevent it from happening.

Follow the tips given above and prevent under eye creasing and any mid-day makeup mishaps with your concealer.