How to Adjust Your Foundation According to Season

How to Adjust Your Foundation According to Season

Honestly, finding the right shade foundation for your skin type, tone, and concerns can take a lot of effort and time, but when you do, you feel as if you've won the lottery.

Unfortunately, it can be quite tricky to make sure your foundation works all year round. Summer tanning and a lack of vitamin D in the winter can cause your true skin tone to differ by season, so your go-to shade in August is likely to be different from the one you need in February.

As bad as this is, you don't have to change your foundation for a new one every time the season changes. This article shares tips on picking the right foundation shade and adjusting your foundation shade from season to season, so that you can rock your favorite formula all year round. 

How to Choose the Perfect Foundation Shade

Before we get into the details of how to adjust your foundation from season to season, let’s discuss how you can choose the right foundation for your skin.

Figure Out Your Skin Type

There is a foundation formulation to suit every skin type. By knowing what you need, you can narrow down your options. Our recommendation is to avoid powder formulas if you have dry skin, because they can highlight "textured" skin. Instead, try a lightweight serum foundation.

Oily skin often makes dewy finish foundations appear too shiny, so those with oily skin should stick to matte foundations.

Understand Your Skin Tone

Comparing the skin tone of your skin and the model of the product is the most effective way to choose foundation shade.

You can also Google some celebrities and compare their skin tone to yours. Make sure to examine your skin tone in natural light after washing your face. You will definitely know what your skin tone islight, medium, or deep.

Learn About Your Undertone

When it comes to skin tones, there is much more to determining your undertones than just being light, medium, or deep. You should look for words like 'warm', 'cool', or 'neutral' in the foundation shade names you consider buying.

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A blue/purple vein indicates a cool undertone. Green indicates a warm undertone. Anything in the middle is neutral. For warm undertones, choose pinker-looking shades, and for cool undertones, choose pale-looking ones. As a rule of thumb, the ones that fall in the middle of the spectrum are for people with neutral undertones.

There you have ita 3-step simple guide to finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone. 

Tips to Adjust Your Foundation for the Warmer Months 

Now that you know how to find the right foundation shade for your skin, let’s learn how you can make it the right foundation for your summer makeup.

Bronze It Up

If you want to make your foundation perfect for summer, apply a bronzer with a deep hue that complements your skin tone. Although it sounds easy enough, it's important not to be overzealous when using a bronzer.

Our recommendation is to use a bronzer separate from your foundation, rather than mixing it in with your foundation and applying it all over your face. This will allow you to strategically place it around the right areas of your face. And this way, it will appear more natural.

Blend With a Darker Shade of Foundation

Got another foundation that's just a little too dark? Blend some of it with the too-light foundation and you'll have your own custom shade. By mixing the light and dark shades of foundation on the back of your hand, you can create a custom foundation shade that matches both your face and neck.

You can also use this other foundation hack wherein you mix your foundation, that now seems one shade too light, with a brown powder eyeshadow. Super smart, right! Have a look at how you can do this:

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Layer It With a Loose Face Powder

Here's an easy foundation hack that you can try. Use some darker loose powder to adjust your too-light foundation.

The pigmentation of the loose powder allows you to create a darker shade foundation that matches your summer skin tone better. As an alternative, you can wear the foundation and then add a dark powder on top.

Tips to Adjust Your Foundation for the Colder Months

Now, let’s take a look at ways to fix your foundation to match your skin tone when the days start getting colder.

Dilute It With Moisturizer

When the weather gets harsher during the winter months, skin often requires more moisture and will sometimes lighten up. As a result, make sure your foundation matches your winter shade and hydrate your skin as much as possible.

A simple solution is to mix a moisturizer from your skin-care collection into your favorite foundation formula. This will help to soften the coverage and add more hydration. Adding a moisturizer could also help lighten the shade if your foundation is too dark. This would allow your skin to match your foundation perfectly throughout the winter days. 

Change the Application Method

The one downside to mixing moisturizer with foundation is that we are just adding more products to our faces, which we would prefer not to do. 

If this is the case, another effective technique for reducing the pigment in your foundation is to use a damp beauty sponge to thin it out rather than adding more products.

Before using the sponge, dampen it slightly, but do not submerge it under running water. The idea is to have it a little damp, not soggy. Once the sponge is damp, take very little foundation and apply it to your face. Be careful not to go overboard. You don't want the foundation to settle into the crease and settle to a darker shade after a few hours.

Blend With Some Primer

Moisturizing lotions can dilute your foundation too much, so we suggest using a hydrating primer as a substitute. This sheers out your foundation and makes it lighter for your winter monthand also helps it set and last longer.

The Bottom Line

If you’re one of those people who have difficulty finding the right shade foundation for your skin tone, and then adjusting it to suit your skin’s mood all year roundthen this blog is for you!

Have you found the perfect foundation shade to fulfill all your base-ic needs? Let us know in the comments section below!