Here’s the Sure Shot Way to Pick the Perfect Foundation Online

Here’s the Sure Shot Way to Pick the Perfect Foundation Online

If you often find yourself treating foundation as a side character in your makeup routine, you need to rethink. Foundation is actually the star of the show. It can make or break the whole look. So once you get the foundation right, everything will follow.

That seems harder when trying to choose a foundation shade online, right?

But although it’s online, you can still find the perfect shade, if you do it the right way.

All you need is to understand your skin, and you can get the perfect foundation shade for your skin even online. We have an easy formula—Tone, Type, Undertone. Here’s what you need to do:

How To Choose Foundation Shade? - Understand Your Skin TONE

It sounds hard. But try this—compare it with the model on the product you’re buying. Or just Google a few celebrities and compare their skin tone with yours. Also, make sure you examine your skin tone with a freshly-washed face and in natural light. You will certainly know what your skin tone is—light, medium, or deep.

Understand Your Skin TYPE

Just knowing the skin tone isn’t enough.

Imagine wearing a creamy foundation on your oily face on a hot, humid June afternoon. Same way, a powdery matte one wouldn’t agree with dry skin. You got it right. It is a must to know if your skin type is oily, dry, or combination in order to choose the right base.

Understand Your Skin UNDERTONE

I know what you must be thinking—I just understood my tone, now what’s this ‘Undertone’. But wait before you crib. It is even easier to determining your skin undertone. All you need to do is check a couple of things—the colour of your veins, eyes, and hair.

  1. If your veins are blue/purple, you have a cool undertone. If they’re green, it’s warm. Anywhere in between is, of course, neutral.
  2. If you’ve blue, gray, or green eyes with light brown, brown, or black hair, you have a cold undertone. If you have black, brown, or hazel eyes with brown or black hair, you have a warm undertone

And going by undertones, it's wise to pick pinker-looking shades for cool undertones, and paler-looking ones for warm ones. Of course, the ones that fall in the middle of the spectrum are for neutral undertone. See, we told ya! It’s simpler than you thought, right! 

Oh, and here are 2 bonus tips for a confident buying decision. Because who likes having to return their awesome makeup shopping?

Understand Your Requirement

This would depend on the occasion you’re using it for and your usual style of makeup. You can go for a matte for a more casual, minimal, or formal look. Or use an illuminated one for that effortless glow. I usually go for this easy-blend concealer + highlighter stick that makes it a go-to base without having to work with the typical liquid foundation.

Understand the Type of Foundation You Need

Depending on your skin texture, tone, and type, you can go for the most suitable foundation type— powder, cream-based, serum, mousse (Ultime Pro Matte Mousse Foundation), and even solid (Ultime Pro BlendFinity Stick). I prefer this premium serum foundation that’s so light it feels like a second skin - Ultime Pro Second Skin Foundation!

So, basically, you have to remember the 3-step formula—tone, type, undertone. And of course the two bonus tips. You can never go wrong if you get these three right.

And of course, most importantly, read the reviews since you’re buying the foundation online.

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