Lipstick Shades for All Your Looks in Summer 2023

Lipstick Shades for All Your Looks in Summer 2023

The lipstick shade you choose can make or break your whole look. Imagine wearing the perfect outfit, getting the makeup right, and in the end, wearing a lipstick shade that doesn’t complement your look… Nothing can be sadder than that, other than breaking your brand-new eyeshadow palette. Well, we’re your well-wishers and would never let that happen to you. So to make your summer 2023 makeup looks flawless, we have made sure you always have perfect lip shades for every occasion & mood.

Scroll ahead to explore the 8 most trending lip shades of summer 2023 so you’re not just wearing the right shades, but also nailing the ongoing trends without looking out of the scene.

Summer Lip Shade #1 Ruby Red Lipstick for Date Nights

Summer Lip Shade #2 Burgundy Lipstick for Cocktail Parties!

Summer Lip Shade #3 Nude Lipstick for Animal Prints

Summer Lip Shade #4 Wine/Plum Lipstick to Go with Shimmery Eyes

Summer Lip Shade #5 Fuchsia Lipstick for Day-time Parties

Summer Lip Shade #6 Chocolate Lipstick for Office Parties

Summer Lip Shade #7 Coral Lipstick for Brunch with the Girls

Summer Lip Shade #8 Mauve Lipstick to Go with Smokey Eyes

If you were: slightly confused or thoroughly bewildered regarding which lipstick shade to wear with your favorite outfits in summer 2023, we hope you aren’t anymore, and we’ve helped you well in answering your question – how to choose lipstick shade according to your outfits.

Choose your favorite summer lip shades and share them with us in the comments. We’d love to know. XOXO, darlings!