Chocolate-Inspired Makeup Ideas for World Chocolate Day

Chocolate-Inspired Makeup Ideas for World Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is tomorrow and we can’t keep calm for 2 reasons: 1. We love chocolate, 2. We love Makeup. As you’d have guessed by now, we have some beautiful chocolate-inspired makeup ideas for all you gorgeous makeup lovers. You can choose from these ideas or club two or more of them like brown lipstick with brown eyeliner, or nude brown lipstick with brown smokey eye makeup. We are huge fans of brown eye makeup and chocolate color lipstick.

Scroll ahead to choose from these 6 chocolate day makeup ideas to create your world chocolate day look!

Brown Smokey Eye Makeup for Dark Chocolate Lovers

Light Brown Lipstick to Match Your Shimmer Eyeshadow Look

Wing It with an All-brown Makeup Including Brown Eyeliner

Matte Brown Eye Makeup & of Course, Matte Brown Lipstick

Brown Nude Eye Makeup with Black Wing & Nude Brown Lipstick


Are you ready to choose your chocolate day look or are you too chocolate-struck to choose from these amazing options? We’ll help you: Choose 1 from brown eyeliner and brown smokey eye makeup. Next: Choose 1 from brown lipstick and nude brown lipstick. We’re sure this will sort you out for World Chocolate Day. Have a happy weekend and Happy Chocolate Day. XOXO, darlings!