Makeup Looks for 7 Days of Valentine's Week 2023

Makeup Looks for 7 Days of Valentine's Week 2023

It’s incredible how much hard work goes into deciding Valentine’s Week makeup looks. Given how much effort goes into just being able to crack the Valentine’s Day makeup look, 7 days of Valentine are ought to be super stressful, right?

But we’re patting ourselves on the back for having sorted the Valentine’s Week makeup looks for you, literally by the day! So, you don’t have to worry about which makeup look you would wear on chocolate day valentine's week, rose day valentine's week, and so on.

Scroll ahead to see the 7 makeup looks we’ve listed down to make sure you don’t just slay on Valentine’s day 2023 but for all the 7 days of Valentine’s Week!

Look #1: 7th Feb—Rose Day

Of course, beginning with a subtle pink monochrome look for Rose Day of Valentine Week—pink eyeshadow, pink lipstick, pink blush. Why not use a multipurpose tint!

Look #2: 8th Feb—Propose Day

Well, we never know who’d propose us, or if it will happen this Valentine’s week or not. But what we know is that we wanna wear a nice little winged eyeliner, a bit of highlighter, and of course a wine lipstick to match the mood. Cheers!

Look #3: 9th Feb—Chocolate Day

This awesome cocoa brown lipstick with kohl-clad eyes, peachy blush, and of course, loads of strobe cream for that dreamy dewy base. Don’t forget to highlight all your high points in the end again!

Look #4: 10th Feb—Teddy Day

Why not wear a cute nude lipstick, compliment it with a dark, sharp winged eyeliner, and finish it with a nice flush on your cheeks with a hint of highlighter! 

Look #5 11th Feb—Promise Day

What can be a better makeup look for promise day than a confident, bright peach-ish look with a hint of coral? Make sure to wear a bright blush, matching eyeshadow, and lots of highlighter.

Look #6: 12th Feb—Hug Day

No matter what they say, no matter how cliched it may sound, hugs are the best thing ever. So this hug day, complement your subtle dewy lips & flushed cheeks with a red-pink ombre lip. The hotness of this look will perfectly match the warmth of that hug!

Look #7: 13th Feb—Kiss Day

And or the day just before Valentine’s Day 2023—kiss day! The most obvious and brilliant choice would be the classic red lip look with a sharp, killer wing! Oh, and don't forget to wear a transfer-proof lipstick. ;)

Now that we’ve sorted your Valentine’s Week, which makeup look would you choose for each of the 7 days of Valentine? Tell us in the comments below. Our favorite is the teddy day look and the rose day valentine week look.

Happy Valentine’s 2023! XOXO, darlings!