Monsoon Handcare Tips for Pretty Hands This Rainy Season

Monsoon Handcare Tips for Pretty Hands This Rainy Season

Monsoon handcare is a very unfairly underestimated part of skincare, not just monsoon skincare but even in general. During summers, we worry about tanning, during winters we’re worried about dry skin & chapped lips, and as soon as monsoon comes, we start worrying about our clothes, footwear, and what not. At most, we’d worry about foot care during monsoons. But one thing that needs more attention in monsoon skincare is handcare. And no, hand cream isn’t enough.

That’s exactly why, we have carefully written down these 9 ways to take handcare more seriously during monsoon. Go ahead and read this up, they’re 9 simple things to include handcare in your skincare routine so your hands stay soft & healthy, AND most importantly—free from germs and other unwanted things during the rainy season.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Wash your hands regularly with a mild handwash. But washing regularly doesn’t mean “over washing”, which brings us to the next point.

Protect Hands from Water

While working with water, e.g., cooking, washing, cleaning, etc., wear waterproof cleaning gloves to save your hands from prolonged exposure to moisture, which can lead to dry skin & brittle nails.

Moisturize You Hands Regularly

Hydrate your hands using hand cream or moisturizer. It can be a savior especially when you’re working around water like in the kitchen.

Take Extra Care of Your Cuticles

Avoid using metal tools on cuticles, as these can infect the cuticles. As we said earlier, applying cuticle oil or a nourishing nail cream helps a lot, especially during rains when cuticles are more prone to cracks & cuts.

Trim and Shape Your Nails Regularly

Always keep your nails clean so that there are fewer chances of accumulating germs and dirt during rain, which can lead to infections & damage.

Exfoliate Your Hands with a Mild Scrub

You can get it done during one of your manicure appointments, buy a nail scrub, or simply do it at home - honey, sugar, and any essential oil that suits you. Scrubbing removes dead cells & promotes smooth, healthy nails.

Apply Nail Primer before Applying Nail Polish

Keep your nails hydrated with  Vit C nail serum, and don’t forget to use a base & top coat for protection & shine. Make sure to use a nail primer before you apply nail paint, to get a smooth application & protect nails from yellowing from nail polish use.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important no matter how cliched it sounds. Because when your body is hydrated, it will automatically mean your hair, skin, and nails will stay healthy & hydrated too.

Get a Professional Manicure Once in a While

It’s not necessary to get a professional manicure and pedicure always, but we’d suggest you get one every month during the rainy season to get proper clean-up & nail care.

With all these monsoon handcare tips, we’re sure you will have healthy hands for monsoon 2023. All the above mentioned nail care tips are quite easy to follow. So go ahead and add your fuss free handcare routine to your monsoon skincare routine. XOXO, darlings!