Foot Care Regime for Pretty Feet This Monsoon

Foot Care Regime for Pretty Feet This Monsoon

We have some of the best ways to get soft feet in monsoons; we did this foot care homework because we knew you wouldn’t.😛

Most of us look at monsoon skincare and do everything to keep our face glowing during the rainy season. But what about foot care during monsoons? I think feet are the most vulnerable to take a back seat when it comes to skin care, although feet are the most vulnerable in rains! Imagine what all the muck, the dampness, and the dirt can do to your used-to-be-pretty feet… We know you’re worried enout about your foot hygiene and are looking for the best way to get soft feet during the rainy season. Don’t worry, coz we’ve got you covered with 8 sure-fire ways to get soft feet at home itself!

#1 Wash Your Feet Twice a Day—Follow Up with Moisturizer

It doesn’t harm to keep your feet clean. If you’re not going out, you can simply wash your feet with plain clean water twice a day, dry them, and moisturize them well to have clean & good-looking feet even during monsoons.

#2 The MOST Important One to Get Soft Feet—Keep Your Feet Clean & Dry

Damp & moist feet invite all sorts of bacteria and infections. So, if you love getting drenched in the rain, make sure you properly cleanse your feet & wipe them dry as soon as you're back home.

#2 Antiseptic Cleanse for Foot Hygiene—Every Time You Come Back Home

This soft feet remedy will come in handy, not just in monsoon, but even if you just travel a lot. Always put an antiseptic in the water when you bathe or wash your feet to get rid of any dirt and bacteria. Also, put your footwear to dry & air them out as much as possible before wearing them the next time. This brings us to the next point...

#3 Switch to Monsoon Footwear—Save Your Favorite Footwear AND Your Feet

Wash them regularly with clean water + disinfectant & whenever possible show them some sunlight to kill the remaining bacteria. If possible, keep 2 pairs of monsoon footwear so you can wear a fresh one while one is drying.

#4 Regular Pedicures—You Can Do It at Home as a Soft Feet Remedy

Simply soak your feet in warm water + liquid handwash + disinfectant (lemon juice works wonders!). Don't forget to get rid of dead skin with a foot scraper & apply a hydrating moisturizer and/or foot cream after.

#5 Anti-Fungal Talcum Powder—Especially If Your Feet Are Prone to Fungal Infections

Also, make sure you air your feet every few hours while in the office and wearing shoes. It wouldn't hurt to have a pair of spare slip-ons for the office, so you can air out the ones you wore from work to the office & vice versa.

#6 Keep Your Toenails Clean—They Can Carry More Germs than You Can Imagine!

Keep the nails short so they can't accumulate dirt, and are easier to clean too. Massage your toenails with a good quality nail serum once every week to keep your toenails strong and protected.

#7 Exfoliate Regularly—You Can Do It with Natural Ingredients from Your Kitchen Too

You can either use a body scrub on your feet—a mild one—or use lemon and sugar to scrub your feet. This will also help you get soft feet because exfoliation basically helps you get rid of dead skin.

#8 Essential Oils for Smelly Feet—Get Relaxed, Fragrant, Soft Feet

It is a very normal thing for your feet to smell funny during monsoon sometimes. But who likes smelly feet? You can get rid of this damp-feet smell by regularly dipping your feet in warm water with any essential oil of your choice. This won't just refresh & clean your feet but also help you get rid of the footwear smell AND make your nails & cuticles healthier.

Go ahead and use these foot care tips for pretty, clean, and soft feet this monsoon season. Because feet are also an important part of skin care, and more than that—selfcare. Tell us which soft feet remedy out of these you already use. Also let us know in the comments if we have missed a soft feet home remedy in the above list,; we’d be happy to include them. Happy Monsoon, and XOXO, darlings!