Must-Know Dos and Don'ts for Lip and Cheek Tints

Must-Know Dos and Don'ts for Lip and Cheek Tints

Lip and cheek tints have recently become everyone’s favorite, and not just that, using them as multipurpose skin tints has also become a latest makeup trend. So much so, that makeup lovers have been using lip and cheek tints as not just blush and lipstick but also as eyeshadow!

But there are some dos & don’ts of lip and cheek tints that you need to take care of to make the most of your lip and cheek tints.


#1 Prep Your Lips Before Applying

Use a mild, natural lip scrub & follow up with lip balm to keep your lips prepped up.

#2 Use Moisturizer to Help Blend on Cheeks

Since multipurpose stains tend to dry comparatively quickly on cheeks, you get less time to blend them or they might end up leaving uneven color on your cheeks. Apply a moisturizer before the tint/cheek stain so that it gives you more time to blend and also gives it a dewy finish. Even better if you use a beauty blender to blend it on your cheeks.

#3 Experiment with Shades

If it’s your first time with lip & cheek stain or multipurpose tints, neutral shades would be your best bet. That way, if you’re even facing trouble blending the stain, a nude/peach shade would be less tricky than a dark pink or red shade. But if you’re a risk taker, even a plum, red, or magenta stain would be great, just blend well..

#4 Swipe Lip Gloss or Lip Balm Over Your Lips

Decide this depending on your shade and overall makeup look you’re going for. While one stain might look good as it is in matte, another one might need that swipe of lip gloss. Go for a clear gloss to intensify your pink or red stain; or even a little bit of lip balm would work wonders.

#5 Place It in the Right Spot

It depends on your face shape and also what you wanna achieve with your application. You can lift your face or give it a fuller look just with your cheek stain placement.




#1 Don’t Use without a Lip Balm If Your Lips Are Chapped

#2 If Your Stain Dries up Quickly, Don’t Apply Tints on Your Cheeks with Your Fingertips

Use a beauty blender to blend it instead. Also a damp blender or moisturizer before applying your stain would help to blend.

#3 Don’t Put Too Much Tint

Since stains are more buildable, too much might look too dark. It gets very difficult to remove. So make sure you start with little and use more ONLY if you need. In case you’ve applied too much, try these solutions:



#4 Don’t Use a Color That Goes Against Your Undertone

Make sure you choose a stain shade that goes with your skin undertone. If you have a cool undertone, use cooler shades and if you have a warm undertone, use cooler shades.

Now that we have told you about all the lip & cheek tint dos and don’ts, get going with your favorite lip & cheek tints and get that perfect tinted glow on your pretty face. These multipurpose skin tints are amazing to use even as eyeshadow other than on lips and cheeks. So go on and have your fun! XOXO, darlings!