5 Perfect Lipstick Shades That Will Go With Any Outfit You Wear!

5 Perfect Lipstick Shades That Will Go With Any Outfit You Wear!

Do you often struggle with matching lip shades with your outfits? It’s such a big problem, right? You get the outfit right, then match the shoes & accessories, the next big challenge is to match your lipstick with that outfit! But there's only so much one person can do… So, we have done some matching lipstick homework for you.

Scroll ahead to explore the 5 perfect lip shades for all your outfits—perfect lipstick for black dress, for that nice red party dress, and even that pastel bodycon you’ve never been able to figure out which lipstick would go with!

#1 Cool-Toned Outfits—Bright Pink Lips

Use that bright pink lipstick that’s your favorite one from your collection, and wear it with all your cool-toned outfits. By cool-toned, we mean all your bright greens, purples, cool-toned grays, cool-toned pinks, teals, emeralds, aquas, and cobalts.

What’s even better? Add a colored kajal or eyeliner to your look and voila—perfection, thy name is you!

#2 Bright Outfits—Red Lips

Want the perfect matching lipstick with orange dress? Yes, all your bright yellows, oranges, pretty shiny golds, coral reds, and even those pretty LBDs. Nothing can make you shine brighter in these outfit colors, than that perfect red lipstick.

Just choose the best red lipstick for your skin tone and undertone and you’re sorted.

#3 Muted Outfits—Dark Lip shades

It is one of the most difficult to choose lipstick shades for outfits with earthy tones—like deep grays, deep greens, rust browns, blue-greens, and dull mustards.

But once you try a dark wine, cocoa brown, espresso, or maroon with your muted outfits, you will never be confused with your matching lip shades again.

#4 Warm-Toned Outfits—Warm lip shades

Do warm whites, warm-toned yellows, deep oranges, scarlets, peaches, hot pinks, ambers, siennas, and golds give you a hard time when choosing the matching lipstick shade? We will tell you the easiest way to deal with this confusion—just choose warm lip shades to go with your warm-toned outfits.

Like a nice coral with your warm-yellow kurti, and a peach lip with your off-white shirt.

#5 Pastel Outfits—Nude lips

If you never know what lip shade will go with your cute pastel outfits, there’s only one rule: NUDE lips. Get your best nude lipstick shades to do justice to all your pastels—the paler color palette.

It can be both warm or cool, like pastel green, pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel blue, etc. No matter which pastel outfit you choose, the perfect nude lipstick will go with all of them.

We’ve listed out the only 5 best lipstick shades you need to own no matter what outfit you choose to wear! Now, we hope you know which of your outfits will look best with your favorite lipstick shades.

Here's a final surprise, a quick video on how to match your lipstick with your outfit, so you can have a visual reference saved for whenever you're confused!

 Did we miss out on any matching lip shades for your favorite outfits? Let us know in the comments, and also drop your ideas for matching lipstick shades with outfit colors in the comments below. XOXO, darlings, keep glowing, keep slaying.