Secret Santa Gifts for Colleagues that Makeup Lovers would Love!

Secret Santa Gifts for Colleagues that Makeup Lovers would Love!

Another Christmas, another secret Santa at work, and yet another year of confusion—what to gift your colleagues that’s not edible, and that they wouldn’t fake smile at? It is always hard to find that perfect secret Santa gift for colleagues, especially when it comes to the opposite gender.

Fret not, for this time, we have resolved your problem! We have brought you ideas that could make the perfect Secret Santa gifts for colleagues, especially for the makeup lovers.

Read on to find out some of the best secret Santa gifts for women colleagues that will make you a favorite among your colleagues.

1. This amazing Splash it! 5 in 1 Combo

You can never go wrong with nail polishes! No matter how minimalist or how happening the person is, they all love a good nail paint. And if one nail paint can make someone happy, imagine how much happier 5 would make them! You don’t even have to choose the shades, we’ve done that for you!

2. This Makeup-Lover’s HeavenGlow on the Go

Any girl would tell you how amazing it is to have makeup that’s easy to apply, wear, and always carry in their bag. This blush and face palette combo is one of those. No matter what the occasion, she’d always appreciate her secret Santa for this thoughtful gift.

3. This Dramatic Eyes Combo

Every makeup lover knows how easy good eye makeup makes it. This eye makeup combo has the 2-in-1 Magneteyes Kajal and the Dramatic Volumizing Mascara—everything they need to create those magical black lines and dramatic eyelashes. Gift them this, and they’ll pray for you to be their secret Santa every Christmas.

4. This Attack of Matteness

If you see them wearing classy lipsticks, this weightless matte lipstick combo would be the best Christmas gift for them. All you have to do is add it to your cart and check out, because guess what, we’ve even chosen the shades for you! What can be better than them having that beaming smile every day at work, because of their secret Santa gift! :)

5. This Loveable Play of Matte and Gloss

Stuck between mattes and glossy lipsticks? We’ve made even that easy for you! Get them this perfect combo of plush matte and ultra-glossy cream lipstick and they’ll admire your choice every time they wear it.

We told ya! Isn’t this great? You started with a confusing list of “what to gift her on Christmas?” and now literally have a list of some of the best Christmas gifts! Thank us later. It’s almost Christmas, order your gifts before HR sends out the “final reminder”. :) Tell us in the comments how it went!

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