8 Beginner-Friendly & Simple Makeup Hacks You HAVE to Try!

8 Beginner-Friendly & Simple Makeup Hacks You HAVE to Try!

We all wanna shine like a celebrity and makeup is our chance to highlight our awesomeness. But makeup hacks are something, that makes it way easier to get the same amazing results. It feels especially great to find simple makeup tutorials or beauty hacks if you’re a makeup beginner.

And we totally feel ya, because everyone’s been a makeup newbie sometime! So, here are a few beginner-friendly makeup hacks or call them beauty tips, if you will, coz we want you to glow and shine like the gorgeous diva that you are!

1. A Super-Easy Eyeliner Hack—Using Makeup Remover


2. Easy Nail Art—3 French Manicure Hacks


3. Step-by-Step Eye Makeup—Reverse Eyeliner hack


4. DIY Beauty Hack—Lip Stain Using Liquid Lipstick


5. Beginner Makeup Hack—for Anti cakey Makeup 


6. Summer Beauty Hack—Transfer-Proof Makeup


7. Simple Party Makeup Hack—Powder to Cream Bronzer 


8. Easy Makeup Look—Orange Color Corrector without Buying Orange Color Corrector


Now that you have all these quick yet simple makeup hacks, we’re guessing you are gonna take less time to reach those parties! :D

Let us know which beauty hack you loved the most, and leave your own hacks in the comments for us to learn from you. XOXO, darlings!