The Only Long-Lasting Matte Lipstick You Need In Summers

The Only Long-Lasting Matte Lipstick You Need In Summers

You can't go wrong with matte lipsticks—whether you like wearing neutral shades or prefer to go with a fiery red. Nonetheless, if you're anything like us, you might have a difficult time finding one that lasts through sips, bites, or even a kiss.

A long-lasting lipstick doesn't have to settle into fine lines or cause lips to flake and crack. Fortunately, today's best options can offer both, plumping and hydrating your lips while providing a flattering veil of color that won't migrate onto your teeth (or onto your wine glass).

With Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lips + Primer—one of the best long-lasting lipsticks out there, you'll be ready for everything from work to the weekend. Don’t believe us? Keep reading, and you’ll find out for yourself!

Why Choose Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lips + Primer?

Beauty begins with clarity! The full coverage of this high-definition lipstick creates an Instagram filter-like HD look that is visible on camera without looking overdone.

With the silky smooth application and non-sticky feel, the Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lipstick gives the much-needed glam to any of your makeup looks—whether you’re going for the full-diva makeup, or the subtle nude lipstick look.

Unlike regular matte lipsticks, this one’s is an amazing matte and still much creamier, offering budge-proof long-lasting comfort. You're sure to find your perfect lip color for every mood with HD Intense Matte Lipstick, whether you're after a matte red lipstick for a dinner date or a nude shade lipstick for office wear.

With its primer-infused formula, you get high absorption and creamy application, along with constant lip care. A one-stroke application and a long-lasting stay make this bullet lipstick the best matte lipstick and the perfect safe-haven!

How to Properly Apply Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lips + Primer?

Choosing the right matte lipstick isn’t always enough. To achieve the desired look, you’ve got to know how to apply the HD Intense Matte Lips properly. Here are five simple steps to make sure you have a perfect lipstick application every time.

First, Prep Your Lips

A vast majority of people take good care of their skin but neglect their lips. However, it's important to properly prepare your lips before applying lipstick to avoid looking uneven, flakey, or patchy. 

Make use of a damp toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. Remember to be gentle with your lips, since they are thin and delicate. Alternatively, you can use lip scrubs that are readily available in the market. 

Moisturize and hydrate your lips with a lip balm after exfoliating them. This ensures that your lips do not have any dry spots that may flake off, and creates a perfect canvas for a lipstick that lasts throughout the day.

Now, Prime the Base

To prep your base, apply a small amount of concealer or foundation to your lips. Make sure the product you choose matches the tone of your skin. In addition to acting as a primer, this will fill in any cracks in your lips, allowing your lipstick to sit on a smooth and even surface and not sink into fine lines. 

This step is optional, but we recommend it if you have hyperpigmentation or uneven lip color. 

Never Skip the Liner

Using lip liner helps your lipstick stay put, prevents bleeding, and accentuates your natural lip line. 

Make your lips taut by smiling slightly to reveal their natural shape, then lightly outline them. You can also fill your lips with a lip liner if you wish to give them extra depth. For smaller lips, use a lipstick that's a shade darker than your liner.

Now Is the Time to Apply Lipstick

After following the above steps, you are ready to apply your HD Intense Matte lipstick like a pro! Just pick the shade that suits you best from the wide range of options available.

Start by applying lipstick in the center of your lips (just below the Cupid’s bow) and work your way outwards, till you cover the entire lip. This makes you much more likely to stay within the lines.

Make sure not to swipe your lipstick over your lips too many times as this could cause the product to build up and make your lips look patchy and cakey. 

There! You now have an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to applying your HD matte lipstick.

Create an Ombre Look with Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lips + Primer

Find out how to recreate an Ombre lip that you can actually wear yourself by reading the steps below.

Step One: Apply Concealer

The first thing you should do is apply concealer all over your lips, to mute your natural lip color. You will benefit from this a few steps later when perfecting your Ombre effect. For best results, use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.

Step Two: Apply Lipstick in the Center of Lips

The next thing to do is to apply your favorite shade of the matte lipstick to the center of your lips. Despite the fact that this might seem silly at first, it's actually an essential step when you're building an Ombre color.

In order to achieve the desired effect, the most intense part of the color should be kept on the inner lip area.

Step Three: Blend Out Lipstick

Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, lightly blend your lipstick out once it's been applied to the center of your lips. After you apply lipstick to the center of your lips, you should blend it all the way out to the edges, lightly filling in the whole area. Your light concealer helps lift the color as you buff it out, ensuring a more radiant appearance at the edges.

There you have it! Now you can sit back and admire your work.

The Bottom Line

Finding a long-lasting bullet lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips and keeps them looking soft all day long is now easier than ever. Get your hands on the Faces Canada intense matte lips primer lipstick, and be ready to rock any look you want- all day long!

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