5 Makeup Looks to Sort Your Weekend Plans

5 Makeup Looks to Sort Your Weekend Plans

Every weekend starts with some happiness, followed by a lot of confusion—"what makeup look do I go with and what do I wear?" While we cannot solve your what to wear problem, we can surely help you with the makeup looks!

From a smokin' hot smokey eye makeup look, to simple makeup looks and ravishing party makeup looks, we have curated 5 weekend makeup looks to get your weekend sorted. And if you match the makeup look with dresses, even your "what do I wear" problem is solved! :)

#1 This Foxy Eyes and Red Lips Look for Those
‘oooh who’s that!’ Looks


#2 This Blushed Glow Glossy Look for Your
Girls Night Out


#3 This Easy Step-by-Step Smokey Eye Makeup
Look for the Office Party


#4 These Two Amazing Matte and Dewy Base
Options to Choose from


#5 This Amazing Wedding Guest Look for Your
Bestie’s Wedding Party



We think you have enough makeup looks to choose from for your next party no matter what the occasion. Have you chosen your favorite makeup look though? Let us know in the comments and have fun! XOXO, darlings!