This World Photography Day, Learn How to Get Perfect Makeup for Photos

This World Photography Day, Learn How to Get Perfect Makeup for Photos

It’s World Photography Day—time to learn how to get perfect makeup for photos!

We all have our own favorite makeup looks as per our dressing styles, personalities, and of course—our skin tones and types. But when you’re wearing makeup for photoshoots or for an event like a party or wedding, where there are going to be a lot of photos of you, it becomes important to also consider how to do makeup for photos. You must have seen even celebrities forget about this sometimes, and that’s how we get those unfortunate photos with a funny makeup flashback, or white cast all over their face.

Although your makeup may be perfect for an occasion or outfit, when it comes to makeup look for photos, there are some very specific things you have to take care of. For example, even though you love highlighters and they may look amazing for a Saturday night party at the club, they may just give you a makeup flashback in the photos at a wedding!

We’ve made it easy for you with these 8 easy-to-follow rules for makeup for photos. After all, what is your makeup even worth if you don’t get a flood of likes & comments on Instagram? 😛

Rule #1: Prep Your Skin So It Gives Out a Naturally Healthy Look in Photos—Cleanser > Toner > Moisturizer > Primer

Rule #2: Protect Your Skin, but—Use an SPF without a White Cast

Rule #3: Define Your Lips—Use a Lip Liner Darker than Your Lipstick

Rule #4: Make Sure the SPF Doesn’t Leave a White Cast

Rule #5: Use a Hydrating, Lightweight Matte Foundation—and Set it With Translucent Powder

Rule #6: Make Sure the Concealer Shade Matches—to Avoid Makeup Flashback, Especially at Night Time

Rule #7: Use Products with a Neutral Tone—Products with too Warm a Tone Can Make Your Skin Tone Look Orangish in Photos

Rule #8: Pay Attention to the Brows & Lashes—They Maybe a Small Part but Make a Huge Difference in Photos

Rule #8: Keep the Highlighter in Check—or Maybe Just Use a Strobe Cream So It Doesn’t Reflect Off Oddly on Camera

Slaying it with makeup in general, and slaying makeup for photos are two totally different things. And we don’t wish upon you the makeup flashback faux pas that even our favorite celebrities have been through.

So, we’d love for you to save this one and follow it for the perfect makeup for photoshoots, always. And don’t forget to share your tips for makeup for photoshoots if we have missed any out. XOXO, darlings!