Celebrating World Quality Day—9 Best Quality Makeup Products to Own

Celebrating World Quality Day—9 Best Quality Makeup Products to Own

Love makeup? Although what’s the use of wearing makeup if it’s not the best quality makeup products? Imagine looking super pretty at a party, only to end up with acne the next morning because that pretty looking blush you wore didn’t suit your skin! Not a good morning, right? That’s why we say, heavy makeup or minimal makeup, what matters the most is that you use quality makeup.

The best makeup look is when you wake up in the morning with the perfect healthy skin too. And that can only happen when you use skin-friendly makeup. But does that mean it should be mediocre at performance? Like an organic lipstick that will nourish your lips but would give a good payoff… Never! That’s why we have curated the 8 must-have best quality makeup products for you. Check it out!

1. Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick—Long-Stay, Non Drying

The most perfect combination of long lasting yet 10-hour hydrating liquid lipstick you will EVER find! And you know why it’s non-drying? It’s because it has no alcohol and it is enriched with almond oil.

2. HD Intense Matte + Primer—the Creamiest Bullet Lipstick EVERRR

It’s super creamy with built-in primer. You will feel the difference as soon as you apply it, the smooth glide, the comfortable feeling and of course the amazing color payoff that you’d rarely find in a single lipstick. AND it lasts your 9to5 without smudging & budging!

3. 3In1 Foundation—Foundation + Moisturizer + SPF 30

It is a 3in1 vegan formulation with built-in moisturizer and SPF 30. Very comfy and it’s oil free, with superb coverage AND natural matte finish. The oil-free matte stays moisturized for as long as 24 hours!

4. Ultime Pro Primerizer—Primer with Moisturizer

Yes, you guessed it right, it is primer + moisturizer! And it’s the best quality primer that will not only make your skin look flawless but also nourish it with the love of shea butter and Vitamin E! What else could you ask for in a primer? Oh, and it smoothens skin like a pro & makes it lit-from-within with micro shimmer. So, make sure you never start your makeup without this little baby!

5. Fresh Eyes Kajal—the Kajal That Cares

We’ve all used long-lasting, smudge-free, and waterproof kajals. But what about the discomfort that they bring to your eyes, especially for sensitive eyes? Fresh Eyes Kajal keeps eyes fresh for 24 hours with natural rose extracts, which no other kajal can claim. It is suitable even for lenses and sensitive eyes, making is a perfect part of your high quality makeup kit!

6. Ultime Pro Makeup Fixer—Only Fixing, No Alcohol

A unique formulation of makeup fixer that is alcohol-free! Just make sure to begin, and end your makeup with this makeup fixer, and of course use it in between—like after your base, before your highlighter, etc.

7. Triple Impact Makeup Remover—Shake, Swipe, Cleanse & Tone

The unique bi-phase formula with oil and water that cleanses, tones, and hydrates—just what your skin needs after a whole day of makeup! A skin-friendly makeup remover that not just removes clingy, waterproof makeup, but also moisturizes your skin!

8. Magneteyes Color Kajal—High Payoff with Smooth Glide

This wonder baby comes in 4 vibrant colors that are smudge-proof and waterproof for 12 hours. Not just that, it is enriched with almond oil and is a perfect part of your quality makeup routine with its chemical-free ingredients.

9. Ultime Pro Splash Nail Enamel—Chip-Free Nail Magic!

What would you want in a nail polish—long-lasting, shiny colors? This long-lasting nail polish has all that and it is chip-resistant. It gives a high color payoff and has no chemicals. AND so many shades you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Chemical-free, skin-friendly makeup that’s also high-performance, is what any makeup lover would love to own! We’ve done our part; all you need to do is choose your favorite shades and combinations of our best quality makeup products this World Quality Day! Keep shining, stay healthy. XOXO, darlings!