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Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black

24-hour waterproof Intense Kajal
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This highly pigmented kajal is enriched with the goodness of vitamin E, minerals and anti-oxidants which deliver high color pay-off in a single swipe. This fade proof kajal comes in a retractable packaging which glides easily on the waterline and eyelids. It is water proof and smudge proof.

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Name & Address of Manufacturer: Tian-Jinnnan Economic Dept Area, Tian-Jin 300350, Republic of China

Country of Origin: China

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      Customer Reviews

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      Sangita Gupta


      mohit sehdev
      superb kajal

      i just love it

      Awesome kajal combo



      Good product

      Ayesha Singh
      Awesome kajal combo

      This kajal is one ofmy most favorite kajals absolutely love its texture and color..go for it guys.





      Suman Swami

      This one is best product i have ever used for my eyes

      What is Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black

      You can't go wrong with this waterproof kajal eyeliner and kajal combo! If you’re tired of your eyeliner smudging every time you blink, then you need to try Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black! It’s the ultimate 2-in-1 waterproof eyeliner and kajal combo that won’t budge when you use it! It comes with a variety of colors too, so you’ll never get bored with the same thing ever again! And the best part? You can use this as an eye shadow too!

      Why We Created Magneteyes Kajal

      Many people love using kajal but hate that it smudges so easily. We decided to solve that problem by putting a magnetic cap on our water-resistant black eyeliner; one swipe goes on smooth, looks beautiful all day long, won't smear, and is safe for sensitive eyes.

      You can even get a perfectly shaped winged eye with Magneteyes Eyeliner if you want to look more polished (and flirty!). Whether you're just out for an evening with friends or you're hitting up an important business meeting, we have you covered. Now even busy women on the go can look effortlessly pretty!

      All About Design

      Design is an important part of makeup, particularly when it comes to applying kohl. Poorly applied kajal eyeliner can make you look like a raccoon or a clown.

      However, with Magneteyes water-resistant kohl liner, achieving that perfect look is easy - simply hold the eyeliner over your eyelid and stroke your fingers down to fill up your lid without worrying about smudging! You’ll get rich colors every time you apply it. It goes on so smoothly that you’ll feel like a pro putting it on even if you’re using it for the first time! Here's how

      Three Different Uses of the Product

      If you're looking for a kajal waterproof product that has multiple uses, check out Magneteyes Kajal. This eyeliner also doubles as an eye shadow to give your eyes color with a rich, dark finish. Plus, it even comes with a smudge-free formula for easy blending that lasts throughout long days at work or nights on the town.

      Magneteyes is also waterproof, so it's perfect for anyone who likes to apply their makeup quickly before running out of time in the morning. If you prefer to add definition to your eyes, but don't want sharp lines all around them, try applying Magneteyes at night so its smooth application allows your natural contours and shadows to still show through when you wake up.

      History of kajal

      Indian women of yore as well as modern Indian women have often adorned their eyes with kohl and kajal makeup. This has been widely believed by many historians as a sign of adorning eyes with black color, which is considered very auspicious and holy in India. The traditional way of making kajal was by grinding ingredients like iron (kajal) and lead (Chandan) together along with gum Arabic or silver ash into a fine powder that was mixed with either milk or water.

      What it does for your eyes

      We’ve all been told that smoking isn’t good for us, but sometimes it can be hard to give up such an addictive habit. Luckily, this Magneteyes Eye Kajal 2 in 1 Black from Magneteyes comes with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that will help you kick the habit. Here are some reasons why you should use Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black to quit smoking today!

      Number 1. Affordable

      If you look around, you will find plenty of different options for kohl or eyeliner kajal. Some of them are rather expensive.

      However, that doesn’t mean that they are better than Magneteye's black eye kajal makeup. After all, even a person who doesn't have much money can afford it! There is no such thing as cheap quality and expensive quality - when it comes to makeup products, what matters is whether or not they work properly and we can assure you that these eyeliners do work great!

      Number 2. Easy application

      The process of applying makeup kajal eyes kohl is simple, fun, and easy with Magneteyes eyeliner. Simply dab a small amount of water on your eyelids with a cotton swab or applicator, then apply it and draw on your desired line.

      What's more? Magnetic eye makeup kajal Eyeliner has an automatic sharpener attached to its packaging for ease of use! And not only does it have an automatic sharpener but also has two eyeliners (black + brown) in one – simply twist up one shade when you need it!

      Number 3. Intense color payoff

      In just one stroke, you can get an intense color payoff. With its intense color payoff, it is advisable not to drag your brush on your eyes more than once.

      If you have such a beautifully soft and creamy texture of kajal, then you can trust it will stay on until you take it off with makeup remover. Just one dip of brush in kajal can go on to both eyes giving thick black and smooth look. Hence if you are looking for the best eyeliner then don't waste time and buy Magnet Eyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black at an E-commerce store before they run out of stock!

      Number 4. Non-smudging formula

      The magnet eyes kajal comes with a non-smudging formula. The makeup will stay put on your waterline and keep your look neat, even when you are out for a long day.

      Can be used as an eyeliner: The kohl kajal eye pencil comes with an intense black color that blends smoothly on your lids and makes it apt for use as an eyeliner too. Number 10. Multipurpose use: You can use it on your lips or cheeks too! This is why; you can get multi-purpose use from just one kohl pencil!

      Number 5. Long-lasting kajal with eyeliner

      The key to gorgeous and long-lasting eyes is a perfect combination of dark eye kajal with eyeliner. This product has incorporated both in one. No need of drawing a double line on your eyes which may reduce its charm. You can create a gorgeous look with one line only.

      What's more, you can also use it as mascara. It makes your lashes longer and thicker. The consistency of the ink is creamy making it easy to apply without creating any mess on your hand or face. In addition, don’t worry about smudging as it doesn’t smudge easily just like other kajal available on market.

      Number 6. Great for sensitive eyes

      Applying a lash growth serum doesn’t just increase your lashes for an hour or two—it could take days or weeks for you to see results. And some women who have used lash growth serums reported experiencing irritation and even allergic reactions, particularly if they’re sensitive-eyed.

      The good news is that Magneteyes eye kajal style contains no parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, silicone oil, alcohol, and pigment; it's made with organic beeswax and natural ingredients like vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), vitamin E, and Carrot Oil which is all known to help prevent damage caused by free radicals. Hence it is a great option for those who need gentle care for their eyes while using products that promise long lashes.

      Number 7. Eye makeup remover compatible

      Our natural eye kajal doesn't dry out or irritate your eyes at all; in fact, it helps soften your lashes and has a moisturizing effect on your eyes. It's water-based and is compatible with makeup removers. Moreover, it does not stain clothes and can be removed by using warm water!

      Number 8. Can be used as a daily kohl pencil or as a liner

      We all love a good kohl liner, but what if you could get two for one? With Magneteyes Kajal 2-in-1, you can. This magnetic eye kajal brand product can be used as a soft kohl pencil on your upper lash line and then use as a liner on your lower lash line. You'll look like you're wearing two products when you only need one.

      Number 9. Waterproof formula safe for contact lens wearers

      Some kajal eye looks makeup removers can damage contact lenses. Not only do they cause blurry vision and discomfort, but also lead to permanent discoloration of your contact lenses or even a nasty infection that could take you out of commission for a few days. For people who wear contacts, a safe waterproof formula is essential.

      The Magnet Eyes Kajal 2-in-1 Black Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover contains no alcohol, so it’s safe for contact lens wearers. If you want to keep your eyes looking their best and maintain clear vision at all times, then go for products that are safe for contact lens wearers. You won’t regret it!

      Number 10. Contains natural ingredients which are good for your eyes

      Ophthalmologists say that something is good for your eyes and good for overall skin health. The ingredients in our Kajal are proven effective against fine lines, pigmentation, and dark circles. Apply eye care kajal daily under your eyes and get rid of all these problems with a single product.

      Within two weeks, you will notice that your skin glows and looks amazing while there is no longer any swelling or puffiness under your eyes, no more dark circles and fine lines disappear. Your eyes look younger, and vibrant, and feel great!

      Why apply Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black

      The Magneteyes gel eyeliner kajal 2 in 1 contains all the goodness of its colored versions plus it has special ingredients like Vitamin E and Vitamin B that nourish your eyes along with strengthening and thickening your lashes! It can be used as an eye shadow too, so you get double the benefits from one product! Just read on to know what Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black does for your eyes!

      1) Prevents panda eyes

      That's right, wearing eye kajal gel kohl doesn't just make you look gorgeous; it also helps prevent panda eyes by absorbing any moisture. For those of us who are a little too liberal with our tear ducts, anti-panda eye kohl is a godsend! Now all you have to do is apply, and you're good to go!

      2) Improves vision

      This herbal gel eye kajal stimulates the optic nerve and increases blood flow to delicate eye tissue. It helps retain moisture, giving you a healthier-looking appearance by reducing wrinkles and under-eye bags.

      When you're staring at a computer all day or dealing with poor lighting conditions, you can use it to highlight key areas and make it easier to read the small text—in short, it can help improve vision problems like myopia (nearsightedness).

      There is also anecdotal evidence that using kohl regularly can reduce eyestrain from staring at screens too long. Combined with its soothing properties, there are plenty of reasons why women have been relying on kohl for centuries—and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing so too!

      3) Covers dark circles

      It is available in a very nice black color which is perfect for covering dark circles. You would need a little to cover around half of both your eyes and it is advised that you use a good concealer beneath it if you are using it regularly or even if you are wearing makeup on daily basis. The good thing about using such kajal is that they not only cover up blemishes but also heal them.

      It may take time, depending on how severe your dark circles are, but over time there will be some improvement without any doubt. As it claims to work like magnets to attract iron particles present in our blood, my mother has seen that her dark circles have lightened and faded away after having applied magnet eyes kajal at night every day religiously for months now.

      4) Long-lasting, smudge-proof kajal, and pencil

      Both are very useful, you can use them separately or together. Use it to draw a line on your eyelid, or apply it all over your lid. Both ways look good and have their own merits. The dark kohl and dark pencil seem like a perfect kajal match. You will be able to use both at once when required so that’s quite convenient.

      It won’t smudge at all when applied properly and stays longer than you expect it to without bothering you. The fact that they can be used separately means they don’t interfere with each other during usage either which is great! Overall, I would recommend magnet eyes kajal 2in1 black because it lives up to its expectations and more!

      5) Glides on smoothly

      Easily glides on when applied with a wand applicator. The tip is very thin and sharp which makes it easy to put a thin line on your lashline. This thin tip also allows you to put a thicker line if you wish. Stays all day: When used as a liner, it stayed on my lid all day long, until I washed it off with makeup remover. If used as a kohl, it lasted an entire night out and didn't smudge or fade away at all!

      6) Safe to use on sensitive skin

      Many kajal eyeliners are oil-based and can irritate the skin. And while they make application super easy, they tend to smudge or smear, which isn't good if you're constantly rubbing or touching your eyes. Because it’s made with no oil, magnets in magnet eyes kajal are safe to use even on sensitive skin. This means you don’t have to worry about allergies either!

      7) Cleans up easily

      This one is a biggie. Those cheaper pencils and sticks are hard to erase, requiring multiple passes over your lids before they’re truly clean. Not so with our premium, waterproof formula. When you’re ready to say goodnight, just add a little water or use makeup remover wipes, and it comes right off—no rubbing required!

      8) Use as an eyeliner

      If you have hooded kajal eyelids, thin lashes or sparse eyebrows, a super dark kohl eyeliner can help to accentuate them. Choose a pencil that’s jet black with a firm, sharp tip.

      It will be easier to apply and look more natural if it contains vitamin E and aloe vera, which also makes it soothing to your eyes. Get as close to your lash line as possible and use short strokes at an angle so they don't look like normal eyeliners. You can also soften the line by drawing over it with some mascara or another coat of kohl after it has dried.

      9) Smoothens eye area without irritation

      The soft formula of Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black gives a smooth application without irritation and ensures a long-lasting stay of color, with regular use. It instantly hides dark circles under the eyes and visibly reduces eye puffiness, making it perfect to be used as an under-eye concealer too.

      Gives that stunning, bright-eyed look: The unique formulation of Magenteye’s kohl pencil combined with its special blending tip makes it easy to apply. The creamy texture smoothly glides over lids as well as under eyes delivering a flawless application every time, leaving you looking gorgeous from sunrise to sunset!

      10) Recommended by dermatologists

      Dermatologists recommended kajal is used as a cosmetic to enhance natural beauty and make you look radiant. The black kohl pencil goes on smoothly and stays on all day long. The aroma of roses, jasmine & orange soothes and refreshes your senses, awakening your face with a sparkling touch of white pearls. For best results apply before putting mascara or eyeliner; wipe away after use with an oil-free makeup remover.

      How to apply Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black

      Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black kajal eyeliner is one of the most innovative products on the market. The brand has been known for its high-quality products and this is no exception. The product contains magnet powder, which makes it easy to apply and it also sticks to your eyes without much effort! Use these 10 tips and tricks on how to apply Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black eyeliner to make your look stand out!

      1) How to open the magnet eyes kajal pack

      The magnet eyes kajal box is secured with a plastic seal. Pry it open by taking a sharp object like a fingernail or tweezer and inserting it between two of the plastic corners and pulling them apart. You will notice that multiple magnets are lining these edges which are there to secure your kajal inside.

      Make sure you put all of these back into place after you have opened your box. (You might also try tapping on these while your box is sealed.

      2) How many times you can use it

      The duration of a kohl pencil depends on its formula. In general, if you have a creamy or liquid kajal product, it will be harder to sharpen due to a tendency to break apart rather than go back together. On the other hand, powdered products can be sharpened several times with no need for sanding between passes.

      That said, it's still important that you don't use your kohl pencil for more than six months—doing so could spread bacteria and increase your risk of developing an eye infection (though being careful about sanitation should limit any problems).

      3) Where you can use this product

      • Apply it to upper kajal eyelids and waterline for a more intense look
      • Blend it with another eye shadow for natural makeup
      • Use your fingers or a brush to create different looks. This product can be applied to eyes that are already made up as well.
      • Can be used as an eyeshadow base.
      • Create a full-on smoky eye look by applying black kohl around your lower lash line, along with a few coats of mascara.
      • Apply it lightly just under your lashes to achieve a subtle definition.

      4) Eye makeup is an art. Let’s start with brows

      Eyebrows kajal frame your face and can enhance or detract from your look. Here’s how: If you need help plucking stray hairs, use a brow pencil (available at most drugstores) to draw a thin line across each eyebrow. Wait a few minutes for that area to dry.

      Then, brush your eyebrows with an eye shadow brush, using upward strokes so they appear thicker (to mimic fuller brows). Finally, fill in any holes using thin lines of eye shadow in neutral tones that match your hair color. A trick of makeup artists is keeping dark-brown and black mascara on hand for grooming eyelashes. If lashes tend to flop or are sparse, dark mascara makes them look fuller and longer.

      5) So, how do we set our eyes?

      Don't rush into applying kohl, take your time and follow these steps: First, use your index finger (or middle finger) and run it from just under your eye towards your ear. Move your finger towards your hairline as much as possible to form a smooth curve.

      Now, starting from your lash line, gently pull outwards with even pressure until you reach that natural curve made by your index finger. When applying keep in mind that too thick a line can close off your eyes and give them a smaller appearance.

      6) When do we need mascara?

      This is a question everyone has asked at least once in their lives and depending on who you ask, you’ll get different answers. While there are many occasions where mascara won’t be appropriate (for example, going for a jog), it’s not exactly something you need every day either.

      It makes sense that kajal mascara is ideal when you want to appear more awake, but if your sleep schedule has become so irregular that you depend on it just to get out of bed, then maybe your priorities should be reordered. Since there aren’t any eye exercises that can truly help lengthen or thicken lashes—and since mascara can’t change those features permanently—it isn’t doing much but taking up space.

      7) Eyeliner – what color should I pick?

      If you want a dark, dramatic look, choose black. But if you're looking for something more subtle and natural-looking, you'll want brown or grey shades. Brown is nice because it's not too harsh on your eyes and will make them appear larger than they are.

      A good option if you have light eyes is deep blue; it makes them stand out. And if you have green or hazel eyes, stick with any of these colors: black, gold (for an earthy vibe), or navy blue (for a sultry touch). Eyeliner kajal also comes in purple, but only wear that on your bottom lid; avoid putting it on your top lid as it tends to give some people headaches.

      8) Are there any special occasions where I would wear them?

      You could wear black kohl on any occasion, but you may find that they are particularly suitable for evening and formal occasions, such as weddings or other special events. Many celebrities wear kohl pencils on an everyday basis, often pairing them with smokey eyeshadow looks.

      If you have darker skin tones, look for a black pencil made specifically for darker skin tones. Other than that there are no specific rules about when and where you can wear it! For a more natural makeup look try using just one side of your eye (the inner part). You could also go all out with a smokey eye, using both sides of your eyes.

      9) Highlight – What does it do and when should I use it?

      We’ve all been there—it’s 3 AM and you have a big meeting first thing. You go into your purse for your brand new black mascara, but it just doesn’t do what you want it to. This is when it’s time to bust out Magneteyes Kajal and make sure your lashes are primed for a major showing.

      10) Why are false lashes important for Indian looks?

      False eyelashes are important as they have the magical power of making eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

      The lashes enhance your eye makeup kajal by making your eyes appear wider and lighter. They can easily transform your look from day to night, subtle to dramatic, natural, or over-the-top. You can use them on their own for a quick beauty boost or combine them with regular mascara for an ultra-glam effect!

      You don’t even need super long or thick lashes—they’re all about impact, not length! False eyelashes also give you that extra hour of sleep by speeding up application (and removing it) time for everyday or special events.

      How to do cateye with Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black

      If you want to do cateye with Faces Canada magnet eyes kajal  2 in 1 Black, make sure that you have a stronghold on your eyelid. Then take some of your kohl and put it below your eyes.

      After that draw out a line that should come close to your ear. Take a brush and spread it around making sure there are no gaps or anything. And then color your other eye accordingly (like the top lid can be black while the bottom lid is brown).

      It gives an impression that both of them are different colors but they are just one of those colors mixed up. You can also mix those colors if you want something different. Keep practicing and keep experimenting until you find what best suits you!

      How to match Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black shade with eye shadow

      Faces Canada Kajal original  2 in 1 Black has a long-lasting, high coverage and is intensely pigmented. The color will go for as long as you need it, without fading or smudging.

      Apply a thin layer of powder eye shadow over your eyelid before applying Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black to ensure smooth application and extra staying power.

      You must follow these steps: Apply an even coat of eyeshadow on your entire lid with a brush or a clean finger. Wait for about 20 seconds so that it can set into your lid so that no creases appear on your eye when you start to line with black kohl pencils. Dip the pencil into a dense foam first then wipe the tip with tissue paper until it's sharp enough.

      How to use Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black as eyeshadow

      Apply Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black on your lids and blend it using a brush. This will give you a nice smokey eye look. You can also try applying just it on your lower lash line for some added drama. To top it all, use bright-colored eyeshadow as eyeliner.

      If you’re looking for something darker, you can apply black kohl or eyeliner of choice before proceeding with the other steps from above. Go wild with fun, colorful shades! If want to add extra drama to your nighttime look; add orange or purple liner on top of everything else for some high-impact depth.

      Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Blacktip for beginners

      Step-1: Remove all traces of kajal makeup and oil with a makeup remover or toner. Tissues or cotton balls are useful, too. It’s important to clean your face properly before you start so that your eyes don’t get irritated by lingering residue.

      Tip: You can also try homemade makeup wipes made from old cotton t-shirts instead of buying pre-made ones. They are cheaper and more eco-friendly!

      Take extra care when removing waterproof makeup such as mascara, it is always easier if you use a separate eye makeup remover for waterproof mascara

      How to do a smokey eye with Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black

      Wearing dark kohl can be as bold or as delicate as you want it to be. To play up your eyes without going all out, start by blending a little bit of kohl into your upper lash line and smudging it out with an eyeliner brush. Just make sure that you're using a liner-based formula so that it stays put on those delicate eye areas. After that, just add some mascara, and voila! You're ready for anything!

      Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Blacktips and tricks

      What is Magneteyes Kajal? It is a kohl eyeliner. The packaging is compact and sturdy making it travel-friendly. As its name suggests, It has two products in one – an eyeliner and kajal. Let’s look at how you can use both of them

      Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black hacks

      Nowadays, there are thousands of products claiming to reduce dark circles and other eye imperfections. However, not all of them work as advertised. Today I will show you 10 hacks on how to use Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black effectively, without wasting it.

      So let's begin! :) First of all, always remembers: a little goes a long way! For example, if you need your eyebrows or eyeliner cleaned up at night, take off more than usual. Then simply wipe off what's leftover onto your palm and add it back into your makeup bag so you have some spare for another time. To avoid spills and accidents with slippery hands, store it upside down in its original container or any other small container with a tight-fitting lid.

      How to remove Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black properly

      Make sure that you have removed all traces of kajal make-up from your face before you go to bed. Applying make-up at night can be a big cause of clogged pores and breakouts.

      Make sure that you have washed your face with a good cleanser and toner, so there are no traces of old makeup left on your skin. Also, make sure that your pillowcase is clean and has been freshly laundered.

      Old pillows contain bacteria that can clog up pores and cause breakouts. Always use a good moisturizer before going to bed, as it locks in moisture while also providing nourishment for healthy-looking skin.: Step one: Get some lukewarm water into a cup or bowl and put some drops of Oil and Dissolve the Liquid into it.


      Does it last all day?

      Not really. It is easily smudged off, no matter how long it has been on. Don't expect it to stay on for much more than 5 hours without a touch-up.

      I usually have to reapply once a day after just a few hours of wearing it. If you have oily eyelids and live in a very hot and humid climate like me, then prepare for your black eye pencils to disappear within minutes of putting them on! They will last longer if you keep your eyes closed most of the time and avoid rubbing them with your fingers or anything else that might smear your makeup. Don't rub your eyes too often anyway—it's not good for their health!

      Is the pigmentation safe for sensitive skin?

      Apply a thin layer across the kajal upper lash line. To enhance its vibrancy, run it along your waterline or inner corner of your eye. You can also mix it with other formulas such as an eye cream, foundation, or BB Cream. Apply directly on clean skin after toning but before applying any moisturizers, sunscreens, and/or makeup products.

      Make sure you don’t have any allergies to kohl. If you do, please avoid using Magneteyes Kajal 2 in 1 Black as it contains ingredients that are similar to kohl. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and lips. Keep out of reach of children.

      Is it easily blendable?

      The kajal eyeliner is highly blendable, giving an even dark black finish. It easily blends with your natural eye color. Just use a little pressure when applying on the upper lash line. You can also apply it on the waterline but be sure not to get it into your eyes!

      The color lasts throughout your day, so you don't have to worry about applying it again during your workday. It doesn't smudge or fade away either. When you want to remove it, just swipe at it gently with makeup remover and wipe it off with tissue paper.

      Is it waterproof?

      Yes, it is kajal waterproof. It stays for 10 hrs even in a watery place like a swimming pool or sea shore.No need to worry about getting your eyes wet.

      But don’t keep them inside water for more than 15 mins. Else it may harm your eyes too. You can also make an eyeliner of Magnet Eyes Eyeliner if you want it colored or black. (Magnet eyes kajal is not applied on the upper eyelid.)

      This product comes in two parts one is a pencil and another one is liquid. I am going to show you how I use both these products together to get a beautiful smoky eye look.

      The magnet eyes kajal comes with a dual-ended design that has both creamy eye pencil and an easy-to-use smudge tip applicator which allows you to create either dramatic bold lines or soft smoky ones! You can draw winged eyeliner by using only its smudge tip applicator without any help from other makeup tools.

      Read more