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Magnet Eyes Eyeliner

Intense long-lasting eyeliner
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This eyeliner has an intense black finish which gives you bold, gorgeous eyes. Its waterproof formulation glides on smoothly, dries quickly and lasts all day. Application is smooth and easy for perfect precision while adding definition to your eyes.


Run the tip of the eyeliner along the outer edge of the upper eyelid: stay clear of the waterline. Only to be used as eyeliner for upper eyelid. Complete your hypnotic eye look with MagnetEye Kajal for water line application and Mascara to get those fanned eyelashes, your legal ticket to hypnotise and magnetize!

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Name & Address of Manufacturer: Maxima Solutions , Plot no 56, Sector -IIDC ,IIE, SIDCUL, pantnagar - 263153 Uttrakhand

Country of Origin: India

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 191 reviews

      for the first time i ordered eye liner and.... superr nice I am loving it.. 😁

      Jhcv. Mk


      Y N
      Worth it good quality

      Good quality products at good offer price. I’m happy.

      Rani Verma

      Very precise brush and carry minimal amount of product for use... Should buy this product.


      It’s really good n smudge proof

      What is Magnet Eyes Eyeliner?

      Whenever your eyeliner is spot on, the world unexpectedly improves as a spot! Allow the eyes to communicate everything with the Faces Canada MagnetEyes Eyeliner. Enlivened by the name, we at Faces Canada accept that the eyes are an individual's one of the most appealing highlights and it merits all the charm and the backtalk.

      The Faces Canada waterproof MagnetEyes Eyeliner gives a rich extraordinary dark completion for the show it observes. The MagnetEyes is uncommonly intended to be light on your eyes without settling on the furious dark completion. The Faces Canada eyeliner is not difficult to apply as it easily slides on the eye with accuracy. Also, don't stress over the frightening smirched eyeliner stories since Faces Canada MagnetEyes has a rich, smudge-proof equation that adds dark and dense definition to your eyes.

      Why apply Magnet Eyes Eyeliner?

      This reach from Faces is so viable and reasonable in contrast with different items from its contending brands.

      We can continuously trust cosmetics items from Faces without the slightest hesitation.

      The bundling is so charming, little, and strong. The size is proper to such an extent that you could in fact slide it into Jean's pocket. The eyeliner comes in red bundling with a wonderful implement which may be an issue now and again. Applying the liner gives you an ebony tone yet it dries uncovering somewhat of a reflexive completion.

      There are significant areas of strength for no or any fixings in its recipe which might cause irritations.

      What does Magnet Eyes Eyeliner do for your makeup?

      Attractive eyeliner and eyelashes are two progressively in-vogue options in contrast to conventional bogus lashes. They contain little magnets to help the items "stick" to your upper eyelids without the utilization of paste.

      Somewhat new contrasted with stick-on adaptations of lashes and conventional liquid or pencil liners, attractive eye beauty care products  & makeup products are as yet considered protected by the organizations that market such items.

      In any case, while the facts confirm that attractive lashes and eyeliner appear to present not many secondary effects, this doesn't mean they are totally without risk, particularly assuming you use them inaccurately.

      This is the very thing that you really want to be familiar with attractive eyeliner and lashes, as well as how to securely utilize them. Converse with a specialist prior to utilizing these items assuming you have any previous eye conditions.

      Attractive eyeliner is intended to supplement attractive eyelashes by assisting them with the remaining setup. These liners arrive in a liquid structure that is viewed as commonly safe in general.

      The key is to ensure, likewise with conventional liner, that you supplant the item at regular intervals to forestall microscopic bacteria and fungus development in the container.

      Attractive eyeliners are intended to assist attractive lashes with remaining set up while likewise emphasizing their look. These contain FDA-supported fixings called iron oxides, which are typical in beauty care products. Iron oxides are color-containing minerals that are little enough not to cause any huge well-being chances.

      How to apply Magnet Eyes Eyeliner?

      Eyeliner can assist with making your eyes stick out or look greater, and it might actually change their shape. Regardless of whether you've never worn eyeliner, everything necessary is a little practice to take your cosmetics to a higher level!

      • The liquid liner makes smooth, dipping lines and an exact look. You can find liquid liner in either a marker pen or in a vial with a brush. To utilize it, you essentially define your boundaries and fill in any holes with the second use of a liner. You can make a wide scope of lines from the liquid liner, from slight, normal lines to emotional looks. Liquid liner marker pens are extremely simple to utilize. On the off chance that you utilize a vial and brush, it might take training to figure out how to utilize the liquid liner.
      • Attempt gel liner if you have any desire to define emotional boundaries. The gel liner arrives in a pot alongside a little brush. Its thicker recipe looks perfect for sensations and seems to be feline eyes and wings. The brush makes it simple to utilize. You can utilize different brushes with your liner. You might find that a calculated brush turns out best for applying the liner. Make certain to clean the brush frequently to assist with forestalling eye diseases.
      • Shake the liner. To guarantee that the liquid liner is very much blended, you should shake the container. Ensure that the cover is gotten first and afterward shake the liquid liner for a couple of moments. Whenever you are prepared, unscrew the cap and haul the brush out of the bottle. In the event that the brush appears to have an excess of liner on it, swipe it across the edge of the liner bottle.
      • Begin in the center. Place the brush against your upper lash line with the goal that it is just about as close as conceivable to your eyelashes. Then, start applying eyeliner to your upper lash line. Move out towards the external edge of your lash line. Assuming that you are stressed over getting an even line, you can fix your upper lash line with a pencil liner first and afterward go over this line with a liquid liner.
      • Fill in the holes. After you have wrapped up coating the external corner, line the inward edge of your upper lash line and associate this line up with the mainline you made. Utilize little strokes to associate your lines and finish it up depending on the situation so you have one strong, even line on your upper lash line. Assuming you commit an error, plunge a q-tip in some liquid oil and utilize the tip of the q-tip to fix it. You can wipe away an abundance liner or even out a slanted edge.
      • Follow the lower lash line for a winged look. Wings are discretionary with liquid liner, however, adding wings can heighten your look. If you have any desire to make a winged look, then follow the bend of your external lash line upwards from the external corner of your eyelid. Then, at that point, fill in the wing on a case-by-case basis. Take a stab at making simply a little wing if you would rather not look excessively sensational, or go for a more extended wing for an extreme emotional look. You can utilize the edge of a business card to assist you with making a straight line for the wing. Simply place the business card against the external edge of your eyelid at a point and follow along the edge with the liquid liner. You can likewise utilize tape to make wings. Put some tape on your lower lash line so it is at a point. The tape ought to be right facing the external edge of your lower lash line and stretching out up towards your eyebrow. Tape the two sides before you apply the liner to guarantee an even application. You can shift the tape a lot or as little as you need, yet remember that more slant will look more sensational. Assuming that you need a less emotional look, diminish how much slant is in your tape.
      • Hone or dull your liner pencil if fundamental. The sharpness of your eyeliner pencil will influence the way that the eyeliner looks. You can make an exact, slender line by honing your pencil or a more adjusted, thick line by dulling the pencil. To hone the pencil, utilize an eyeliner pencil sharpener to make the pencil as sharp as you believe it should be. To dull the pencil, tenderly rub the tip of the pencil on a tissue until it is to the ideal degree of bluntness.
      • Set up your liner pencil. To guarantee that your pencil liner continues without a hitch, it assists with getting it to the right temperature. On the off chance that your liner feels hard, you should warm it up. On the off chance that it feels delicate, you should chill it off. A cooler pencil will give a gentler, lighter application. A warm pencil, which will be delicate, will give a hazier, more pigmented look. To heat up your liner, turn on your hairdryer to its most elevated setting and point it at your eyeliner for a couple of moments. This will relax the liner enough to give it a gel-like consistency. Then, test the liner on your wrist before you apply it to your eye. To chill off your liner, take a stab at putting it in the cooler for around 10 minutes before you apply it. This will assist with keeping the pencil eyeliner from disintegrating. Hold the external corner of your eyelid. Put your fingers on the external edge of your upper lash line and pull outwards delicately with the goal that the eyelid is tight. This will assist with guaranteeing that you make a straight even line along your upper lash line. You may likewise need to close your eyelid as you pull it rigid. Cause a commotion with the goal that your eyelid doesn't obstruct your lash line by any stretch of the imagination. It might likewise be useful to lay your elbow on a table or ledge to keep your hand consistent.
      • Begin at the internal corner and work across. Start coating the inward corner of your eyelid and move towards the external edge of your eyelid. Ensure that you go gradually and utilize short strokes to make an even line. If you have any desire to make your eyes look greater and more open, then you might consider applying a lighter tone just to the inward corner of your upper lash line. For instance, you could utilize a cream-hued liner on the internal corners and an earthy-colored shaded liner on the external corners. Utilize a calculated brush for mixing in the event that you are joining more than one tone.
      • Think about close covering for a more regular look. In the event that you need a truly regular look, you should seriously mull over close covering your eyes. To tight line your eyes, just apply the eyeliner to the spaces between your lashes on your upper lid. This will emphasize your eyes without making a sensational line. You can tight line your upper and additionally lower lash line. For a significantly more regular look, attempt tight fixing your eyes with a nonpartisan shade, like light brown.
      • Line your lower lash line. Assuming you choose to line your lower top, put a finger on the external edge of your lower cover and pull it tight. Then, start applying the liner utilizing short strokes, similar to the top. Line the whole base lash line for a sensational look. Coating the whole lower lash line alongside your upper lash line will make your eyes look significantly more emotional, however, it will likewise make them look more modest. The line is simply the external portion of the lower lash line for a more unobtrusive look. You can likewise involve a lighter shade of eyeliner for the lower lash to make the impact a piece less emotional. For instance, you could utilize a light earthy-colored conceal on your lower lash line.

      Magnet Eyes Eyeliner application tips for beginners

      Hoping to add definition to your eyes however not exactly prepared to make do? Follow our fast and simple eyeliner tips and find the inward cosmetics craftsman in you!

      Practice With a Gel Pencil Eyeliner

      For what reason do we suggest this sort of eyeliner for novices? Since gel pencil eyeliners coast on effortlessly. Take, for instance, our Faces Canada Magnet Eyes Eyeliner pencil. Attempt this basic strategy to get everything rolling:

      Delicately lift your eyelid to uncover your upper lash line.

      Utilizing a pencil with a new point, apply the eyeliner by delicately squeezing and squirming the liner onto the foundation of the upper lash line, utilizing short strokes to and fro.

      Define the boundary until you arrive at the external corner of your lash line.

      Relax in the event that the line isn't completely straight. Truth be told, we prescribe utilizing your number one eyeshadow brush to smirch it out for a more regular eye cosmetics look.

      Whenever you've moved on from a gel pencil, you can take your eye shift focus over to a higher level with a liquid eyeliner. Here is all you really want to do:

      Beginning at the inward corner of your upper lash line, bring the brush hair tip as near your lash roots as could really be expected. Then, at that point, gently float it across the foundation of your upper lash line the entire way to the external corner. To make a thicker line, add somewhat more strain.

      Carry equilibrium to the show you just made on top by adding a touch of the liner to your lower lash line. This time, begin from the external corner and work your direction in, halting when you arrive at the focal point of your lower lash line. Coating your eyes as far as possible around them may make them seem more modest.

      Alright, Ready for the winging, yet?

      Winged eyeliner adds length and shape to your eye and is ideally suited for adding an unobtrusive dash of glitz to your whole look. For the best outcomes, you'll need to utilize a liquid liner and this method:

      Begin with a consistent hand — you could have to moor your elbow on a table or work area. Start application at the inward corner of your eye and tenderly skim across, remaining nearby your lash roots.

      Try not to rush. All things considered, stop a couple of times as you go to really look at your line in the mirror. You believe that the line should look perfect with eyes open and shut.

      Press daintily to make a dainty line or press harder for a thicker line. Whenever you arrive at the external corner of your lash line, bring the line out and up somewhat to make the ideal winged impact.

      Timesaving Tip

      The momentous thin wand really gets to the base of every single lash for lovely extending results. Simultaneously, it sets down dark color between your lashes for a dense eyeliner impact. It's genuinely your performing multiple tasks, a must-have for occupied mornings!

      How to apply Magnet Eyes Eyeliner according to your eye shape?

      Have you at any point definitively followed a winged eyeliner video just to find the outcome Or then again faultlessly replicated a cosmetics instructional exercise for a smoky eye however it simply isn't exactly, indeed, fire? We guarantee, that the issue isn't that you can't wear that cosmetics look — as a matter of fact, the strategy just may not be great for the state of your eyes. Yet, the extraordinary news is that by distinguishing your eye shape and the looks that best emphasize it, you'll at absolutely no point ever need to scrutinize your cosmetics abilities in the future.

      Instructions to find your eye shape:

      1. Track down a mirror.

      Place a mirror at eye level to get the best view, then make a stride back. To decide on eye shape, consistently look forward with the eyes open.

      2. Search for an apparent wrinkle.

      Investigate the highest point of your eyelid. Assuming there is no wrinkle by any means, by and large, this eye shape is considered monolid. Then again, If there is a wrinkle yet it covers all or the greater part of the top, this is a hooded eye.

      3. Define an imperceptible boundary straight across your eye.

      On the off chance that you don't have hooded or monolid eyes, attempt this stunt. Claim to define a straight boundary across the eyes with the student in the center. Then take a gander at the external corners to see whether they are pulling up over the line, or down underneath the line.

      On the off chance that the corners go over the line, you have improved eyes. Assuming they're beneath the line, your eyes are downturned.

      4. Still not certain? You could have round or almond-molded eyes.

      In the event that the external corners don't actually pull one way or the other, and you can see the whites of your eyes above or beneath your iris, this is around the eye. In the event that you don't, your eyes are almond.

      Cosmetics tips for each eye shape:

      1. Cosmetics for monolid eyes: All you want to upgrade a monolid eye shape is a smidgen of eyeshadow. Supplement and broaden this eye shape by utilizing a similar shadow on your upper top and lower lashline and mixing the shadow outward and associating them.
      2. Cosmetics for hooded eyes: A hooded eye shape can normally cause the eyes to seem more modest, so you'll need to make an eye look that gives the deception of opening up the top, like a cut wrinkle. Add profundity and aspect by mixing a more profound shade to the external 66% of the top. Nonetheless, Avoid applying the more deeply conceal farther than the middle point on the top, in order to forestall shutting in the eyes.
      3. Cosmetics for improved eyes: To upgrade improved eyes without contracting them, have a go at utilizing a tight line procedure with your pencil eyeliner," suggest cosmetics craftsmen. Line as near the lashes as could really be expected and smirch into the lashes to make a full lash line.
      4. Cosmetics for downturned eyes: Your magnificence item closest companion? Highlighter. Make more lift for this eye shape by keeping away from weighty shadows under the eye and truly hyping the feature on your forehead bone. Or on the other hand, attempt an exemplary feline eye to draw the eye up. This eye shape can shake out a winged liner like no one's business! An exemplary regular conditioned cover and wing liner are generally an extraordinary choice to improve this shape.
      5. Cosmetics for round eyes: Your eyes are basically a fresh start — make use and trial with eye cosmetics! To emphasize your eye shape and exploit your eyelid space, attempt a splendid variety washed across the entire top.
      6. Cosmetics for almond eyes: It's tied in with making aspect with that wrinkle. Highlight your almond shape and open the eye by adding a more profound shade to your external wrinkle and lash line and pulling it outward in a V shape.

      How to make your eyes appear smaller?

      There's not even a shadow of a doubt — go to practically any excellence site and you'll track down a perpetual wellspring of tips on the most proficient method to make your eyes look greater. Enormous eyes are quite often a marvel pattern, and there are a lot of ways of faking them with eye cosmetics. What might be said about help for each and every individual who needs to make their eyes look more modest all things considered? More modest eyes may not be the delightful look you most frequently find out about, however, it very well may be a genuinely hot and complimenting look. That is the reason we're filling in the data hole and furnishing you with six ways to make your eyes look more modest with cosmetics, utilizing every one of the basics like eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and misleading lashes.

      Tip #1: Choose Matte Eye Shadows

      The thinking behind wearing matte eye shadows is basic. Shimmery eye shadows mirror light, actually making eyes look bigger and more extensive, while matte eyeshadows don't. Truth be told, matte eye shadows can make eyes appear as though they're retreating. While choosing your matte eye shadows, stay with dull shades, which can likewise assist with making your eyes look more modest.

      Tip #2: Make a Switch, Try Liquid Eyeliners

      On the off chance that you've proactively dominated liquid eyeliner, bless your lucky stars. Whether you like to make a feline eye or characterize your eyes with a slimline, liquid eyeliner can serve to shut off the eyes outwardly. Making a completely exact, practically brutal, line along your upper lash line can make eyes look more modest, though a delicate, smeared eyeliner can do the inverse. Have your pick from our liquid eyeliner choices beneath.

      Tip #3: Line Better, Your Waterline

      Wearing eyeliner along your lower lashes is a reliable method for making your eyes look more modest, however, in the event that you believe they should show up significantly more modest, there's a slight change you can make. Instead of squeezing the eyeliner into your lashes, apply it somewhat above, along your waterline. Fill in the hole with a distinct dark line and it can have a contracting impact. Concerning what sort of eyeliner to utilize, you'll need to allow your liquid eyeliner to pass on this one.

      Tip #4: Extend Your Eyeliner

      We've covered the coating above and underneath your eyes, yet there's another spot you can utilize eyeliner to make your eyes look more modest. Convey your eyeliner (you can pick any recipe you like, whether that is liquid, pencil, or gel) as far as possible around your eyes to cause them to appear to be an additional little. Everything necessary is associating the two lines you previously made and uniting them at the inward corner of each eye.

      Tip #5: Don't Use Highlighter

      Really gorgeous, assuming you believe your eyes should seem more modest, save the radiant items for your cheeks. With respect to your eyes, don't follow the customary strategy of utilizing light or gleam-pressed conceal around the internal corner of your eye. This look ends up opening the eyes, making them look greater.

      Tip #6: Sports Thick Falsies

      Try not to avoid large, strong misleading eyelashes. The greater the better, truth be told. Whenever your lashes look as thick as anyone might imagine, it makes your eyes look more modest conversely.

      How to make your eyes appear bigger?

      Part of the fun of cosmetics is utilizing them to emphasize specific regions of the face. A swipe of form can make etched cheekbones. A little overlining of the lips can make a completely stout sulk right away. Furthermore, assuming you're hoping to cause your eyes to seem greater and more open, there are unquestionably ways of utilizing cosmetics to do that also.

      1. Begin with skincare

      Before you even start your cosmetics schedule, you can make more brilliant eyes utilizing the right skincare items. Search for an eye cream or under-eye fixes that assist to depuff, hydrating, and right dark circles. The under-eye patches use probiotic separates, hyaluronic corrosive, niacinamide, and green espresso caffeine to hydrate, depuff, and awaken the whole eye region all before you've even applied a drop of cosmetics.

      2. Conceal dark circles with under-eye concealer

      Dark circles can make the deception of a shadow around your eye region, causing it to seem more modest generally. To assist with causing the whole eye region to seem more splendid and enlightened, utilize a lighting-up concealer on the under-eyes to level out the complexion.

      Master tip: Try applying the concealer looking like a reversed triangle under your eyes to make a "triangle of light" under the eyes.

      3. Mix your eyeshadow up to your forehead

      My most utilized procedure to cause eyes to seem greater is taking eyeshadow exceptionally near the temple. This gives the deception that your top space is greater and opens the eyes more, particularly assuming you have hooded eyes.

      4. Use lighting up eyeshadow conceals

      Talking about eyeshadow, the shades you use can have a major effect on how brilliant and open your eyes look. With regards to eyeshadow tones, utilizing light to medium tone shadows will assist your eyes with looking more open. She prefers utilizing pastels, light shine shades, and light earthy colored eyeshadows on the portable top to make the deception of greater eyes.

      5. Light up your waterline

      Tightlining the eyes with a dim brown or dark liner is perfect for an increase in the show, however, it can likewise cause your eyes to seem more modest.

      6. Make smoky eye look in an intelligent way

      Contingent upon the state of the eyeshadow application, smoky eyes can make your eyes look more modest. It isn't so much that in the event that you have little eyes you can't wear a smokey look, yet I would suggest you keep the most pigmented piece of your eyeshadow lower on your top and mix it very well from the center up so it seems to be an inclination and less like an enormous immersed fix of variety.

      Make-up specialists normally try not to make a dark smokey eye on little eyes, however assuming that is your favorite, they say that they would prescribe you to consolidate dull tans or even dim to bring down the power of the dark shadow. Additionally, utilize a dim earthy colored pencil on the waterline rather than dark to try not to make the eyes look more modest.

      7. Enlighten the inward corners of the eyes

      Add a smidgen of shine or light matte shade to the temple bone and inward corners to restore light to the eyes. Adding a smidgen of an enlightening shade is key for making the eyes pop-whether you're shaking a nonpartisan eye look or a smokey eye.

      8. Twist and characterize your lashes

      This very straightforward advance can truly have a significant effect. Straight lashes can cause some qualms in the eye region. Twisting them up with a lash styler will in a flash open up the eye region.

      9. Keep away from thick eyeliner lines

      Making super thick, Amy Winehouse-style eyeliner lines may not wind up helping you assuming that you're hoping to make an enlightening cosmetics look. All things being equal, permit those light, enlightening eyeshadow shades to sparkle by making really slender eyeliner lines utilizing either a honed pencil eye pencil or a fine-tipped liquid liner.

      10. Shape your temples

      A smidgen of eyebrow forming can have a major effect. By making a curved shape, you're basically lifting the roof of the eye region, permitting it to look greater and more open. You can additionally open up the region by means of the temples by attempting covered eyebrows or by utilizing a forehead gel that will assist your forehead hairs with remaining elevated over the course of the day.

      How to properly remove Magnet Eyes Eyeliner?

      For most cosmetics sweethearts, eyeliner is an ordinary staple. Whether you need to go strong and emotional or add a little definition for a characteristic look, eyeliners welcome all the variety and tomfoolery. What's presumably not all that tomfoolery, however, is taking it off before you hit the hay.

      You know the significance of removing all your cosmetics by the day's end. (In the event that you don't, simply know an entire bundle of skin concerns like eye bothering and undesirable breakouts can happen while laying down with your cosmetics on.) So while it could be enticing to avoid it, it is worth doing — for the good of your skin.

      1. Use the best thing- Micellar Water!

      Specialists say that the most ideal way to eliminate eyeliner is to disintegrate it with either micellar water or oil. For non-waterproof liners, they say utilizing micellar water ought to get the job done. This is particularly perfect for those with touchy eyes as it's an exceptionally delicate remover.

      2. Search For A Makeup Remover with an Oil Base

      For one of the best waterproof eyeliners, like MagnetEyes Eyeliner from Faces Canada, oil is the best approach for expulsion. The oil will separate it the quickest and it will limit how much scouring or rehashed applications you should do.

      Drench a cotton bud or cotton cushion in remover and delicately lay it on the eye for 20-30 seconds. This will give oil sufficient opportunity to break up the item, permitting you to wipe it away in only a couple of swipes. Then use micellar water to eliminate any sleek buildup.

      3. Spare your skin, do not Scrub Too Hard

      By and large, you ought to never clean your skin excessively. Be that as it may, scouring the eye region particularly is something you need to stay away from. Scouring the eye too hard will harm the skin and prompt eyelashes to drop out.

      4. Do not apply all of the products at once

      This might sound clear however probably the most ideal way to make eyeliner simple to eliminate is to not place a lot of it on. To make your eyeliner pop, decide on profoundly pigmented and intense varieties. Think about the big picture before attacking the details. Your eyes will be much obliged.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is it safe for pregnant women?

      An eyeliner is mostly wax and so, your skin cannot absorb it. Therefore, it is pretty much safe to use eyeliner during pregnancy. 

      Is it smudge-proof?

      Yes, Faces Canada Magnet Eyes Liner is absolutely smudge-proof and it lasts all day. 

      Will it stay on all day?

      In the event that you're resistant to eye cosmetics, loading your pack with the right eyeliner can have an enormous effect. With regards to finding the best lengthy wear eyeliners, search for waterproof recipes that are additionally promoted as resistant to smear or blur safe. Normally, waterproof liquid liners give the longest enduring variety, however, you can find long-wear pencils and gel liners, as well. Like you'll get it in Faces Canada Magnet Eyes Liner.

      Will it irritate my eyes if worn for too long?

      In the event that you wear a lot of cosmetics, or on the other hand in the event that you don't take your cosmetics off around evening time, it could prompt skin inflammation issues, in light of the fact that the cosmetics could obstruct your pores. You ought to likewise ensure you wash your cosmetics brushes and discard old cosmetics, as this could prompt skin aggravation or skin break out too. Yet, other than that, this won't aggravate your eyes for longer use.

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