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Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner

High Payoff Glitter Eyeliner
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Reasons To Buy

  • Our Glitter Eyeliners have dense and intense pigments that give excellent colour payoff
  • It's made with special ingredients that are skin friendly and safe to use
  • It has a unique composition of various wetting agents combined with maximum concentration film forming polymers for a defined and bold look
  • It comes in 4 versatile shades
  • Our Glitter Eyeliner gives you the perfect amount of glamour


Eyeliner is available in 4 luxurious and unique shades to set your mood.

With handpicked and carefully chosen ingredients, the FACES CANADA Glitter Eyeliner is skin friendly and super safe to use. The Glitter Eyeliner has a unique composition of various wetting agents combined with maximum concentration film forming polymers that gives you a long lasting bold look and stays intact. The Glitter Eyeliner is the perfect addition to your vanity to add a little bit of glamour, shimmer and sass.

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH, Schwanweg 1, 90562 Heroldsberg, Germany

Country of Origin: Germany

Net Qty.: 1.7ml

Ingredient List

Ultramarines 77007 Carmine 75470 Titanium Dioxide 77891 Mica 77019 Iron Oxides 77491/77492/77499 Ferric Ferrocyanide 77510 6 Water 9 Styrene/Acrylates/Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer Butylene Glycol Calcium Sodium Borosilicate Silica Laureth-2 Benzoate Bis-PEG/PPG-16/16 PEG/PPG-16/16 Dimethicone Sorbitol Sodium Laureth-12 Sulfate Ethylhexylglycerin PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 35 reviews

      It is very good. Makes you feel luxurious and it glows up but my only complaint is that the quantity is too little for ₹700 but other than that everything else is best.

      Very nice


      Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner

      Its too good and affordable ..give it a try !






      Excellent. Glittery eye liner is amazing.

      Alisha Ray
      Amazing product

      Very smooth and long lasting



      Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner by Faces Canada

      Are you bored with similar kinds of makeup? Do you want to provide a new look to your face? So you can apply glitter. Glitter is in full swing these days. Using this you can provide an attractive look to your face and eyes. Glitter makeup is also used these days to look trendy.

      You can also use this makeup to go to a wedding or some other function. Separately from the face, you can use glitter to make eyes, hair & lips attractive. It also makes your nails good-looking and attractive. But in this article, we are going to talk about Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner

      A little experimentation with glitter is not a bad idea and it also provides you with a classy makeup look, so why should we stop ourselves from applying glitter makeup. Well, if you also like to experiment with makeup, then glitter eyeliner is ideal. Just a little stroke of glitter liner is enough to provide you with a wonderful look, not only this, but its shiny glitter will also refresh up your mood. From shimmery textures to long-lasting formulations, glitter eyeliners balance your makeup look. 

      Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner

      With shimmer back in trend, your eye makeup must also be on point. Add attraction and a perfect surprise element to your eyes with the Faces Canada glitter eyeliner. The Faces Canada glitter eyeliner provides your eyes a dreamy and stunning look & never fails to grab everyone’s interest. The glitter eyeliner has intense color and intense pigments that provide you with a dramatic & bold look. 

      The Faces Canada glitter eyeliner is accessible in 4 luxurious and exclusive shades to set your mood. With handpicked and carefully selected ingredients, the glitter eyeliner is skin-friendly & super safe to use. The glitter eyeliner has an exclusive composition of different wetting agents combined with maximum concentration film-forming polymers that provide you a long-lasting bold look and stay intact. Glitter eyeliner is a great addition to your vanity to add a bit of glam, and shimmer.

       It has an exclusive composition of different wetting agents combined with the utmost concentration of film-forming polymers for a distinct and bold look. Available in 4 versatile shades. The eyeliner provides you with the perfect amount of glamor.


      •       A great glitter eyeliner that can add flair to any look and outfit, all eyes will be on you after wearing it
      •       Contains dense and intense pigments that deliver the excellent color payoff
      •       It is made of exclusive ingredients that are skin-friendly and completely safe to use
      •       This eyeliner comes in 4 versatile shades and gives you just the right amount of glamor


      If you think that glitter eyeshadow will make your eyes look strange & you don't want to apply all the glitter eyeshadow firstly, then you can just use glitter eyeliner to add a touch of shine. You can apply glitter eyeliner in different ways.

      If you wish to apply a little glitter eyeliner on the corners by applying black liner or you can also make rich glitter eyeliner a part of your makeup.

      How can Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner transform your makeup?

      Glittery eyeliner has constantly been in style. Glittery eyeliner makes your eyes appear very good-looking. Glittery lines are the most wonderful option for a social gathering. Glittery eyeliner comes in a range of colors. You can use some color of your preference. But violet, blue, green & golden colors in glitter provide a gorgeous look to the eyes. Girls usually prefer dark shades in glitter eyeliner. Blue glitter eyeliner is extremely liked by girls these days. You can also use glittery eyeliner of cobalt color for good-looking eyes. 

      When it comes to going to a social gathering, just picking the most excellent outfit is not adequate. It is evenly significant to keep your mind on how you do makeup with how you hold your look. Throughout makeup, your glance can be brightened or spoiled, so you have to be more cautious about makeup. Although you should be doing makeup in several ways, if you desire an extremely unique look, then you can use glitter makeup.

      Nowadays Glitter makeup will be in a tendency. It provides you with an innovative look. If you have tested with makeup with special colors & want to see yourself in a new look, then you must go for glitter makeup. It creates an extremely exclusive & fresh look.

      Parenthetically, you can carry glitter makeup from your eyes to different parts of the face in an extremely gorgeous way. So let's see how you can do glitter eye makeup for a gathering-

      Glitter eyeshadow

      This is a simple technique for using glitter eye makeup. If you have never used glitter eye makeup & you wish to carry glitter makeup wonderfully, then you apply glitter eyeshadow. This is an extremely good choice for a night gathering.

      These days, glitter eyeshadow is accessible in various colors in the marketplace. You can use glitter eyeshadow according to your appearance & outfit. You can also produce a Smokey eye look with the aid of glitter eyeshadow.

      Glitter eyeliner

      If you suppose that glitter eyeshadow will make your eyes appear weird and you don't desire to apply all the glitter eyeshadow firstly, then you can just utilize glitter eyeliner to include a touch of glitter. You can use glitter eyeliner in several ways.

      If you desire, apply a little glitter eyeliner on the curve by applying black liner or you can also make bright glitter eyeliner a piece of your makeup.

      While doing makeup, you have to balance your eye makeup & lip makeup. If you are not applying sparkle to the eyes, then you can take it on your lips too. Yes, glitter lip makeup looks fine. To create this look, firstly apply lip liner on the external corner of your lips & then apply your preferred color on the lips.

      Now use lip gloss on your lips. After this, with the aid of a lip brush, apply powder glitter on the lips. If you do not desire to apply powder glitter on the lips, then you can take a clear glitter lip gloss from the market & apply it on your lips too.

      How to apply Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner

      A glossy touch will not just include your makeup look but will also bring out your makeup appearance. Whether you desire to keep your look new or an easy look with nominal makeup, your eye makeup gets everyone's awareness. Going only on your eyes. It'll all be made with just a touch of sparkle that you're going to get with these glitter eyeliners

      Glitter eyeliners appear good, particularly if worn for a party or other such grand occasions, it offers that edge to your outfit & is the trend of the season. But you should be extremely careful while applying glitter liner because one fault can ruin the whole thing.

      1. Apply the right brush to apply the eye makeup according to the technique of eyeliner you are applying. If you plan to presently outline your black eyeliner, utilize a thin brush but if you desire to only apply glitter eyeliner then utilize an angled eyeliner brush.
      2. Don't use too much glitter eyeliner. Particularly if you plan to wear something involved you might want to apply only a thin line of the glitter liner to not look overcooked.
      3. Keep in mind that eyeliner is meant to describe your eyes correctly but in the case of glitter eyeliners particularly in a light color, the glitter tends to reproduce the light hence being not capable of providing a good definition to your eyes. Select the color wisely.
      4. Match the rest of your makeup through your glitter eyeliner. For instance: Skip glitter highlighter or glitter lipstick if you are wearing glitter eyeliner unless you deliberately desire a bold and overdone look.
      5. Choose the waterproof liquid version in its place of pencil glitter eyeliner if you have the routine of smudging it and making havoc on your features. Most women have made this fault and understand the former is a way better alternative.
      6. Choose glitter & not glaze. Eyeliner mixed through glazy finer glitter particles does look extremely obnoxious and too plastic-ey. In its place, ensure you check that you get the real glitter eyeliner with appropriate glitter particles.
      7. Sync it well with your eyebrows. Ensure to shape your eyebrows well to go with your glitter eyeliner look. Glitter eyeliner takes away lots of attention to the higher part of your face counting your eyebrow. Use an appropriate eyebrow palette to put them in shape.

      How Can I Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro?

      The primary thing that you must recognize is that it is going to get time to get your eyeliner seeking as a professional would! Don’t get disheartened or give up just as you don’t get it the first time.

      First, apply the eyeliner as close to your lash line as you can find it. Hold your finger to the skin around your eye to create the line defined, but be careful to not pull. From there, just draw a short, connected dash close to the lash line. Starting at the internal corner helps. If you’re stressed with unstable lines, try resting your elbow on a tough surface for more constancy & control.

      That’s it! It truly is that easy. Keep trying until you feel comfy. Of course, if you desire to do fancier eyeliner, you’re going to have to research, but applying eyeliner like a professional is as easy as getting close to your waterline & drawing a line.

      What shade to choose according to you look

      The eyeliner is one of the easiest and most willingly accessible make-up products. Though the name of the eyeliner might sound to be quite simple as compare to other bigger names in the globe of make-up, when selected cleverly & used in the correct method, and eyeliner can go a long way in ensuring fuller lashes, pleading eyes, and a total change in your look. With a range of colors and kinds of eyeliners to be had, it is significant that you choose the one which is top to suit your requirements!

      When you visit your favorite beauty shop, you would get a range of eyeliners starting from the classic and comfortable pencil eyeliner to the extra-dramatic gel or liquid eyeliner. Making the precise choice could be hard therein and therefore, here are a few tips for you so that you can end up purchasing the right type of eyeliner based on the type of effect you desire:

      • If you desire to have eyeliner that must be capable of creating a soft natural line beside your eyes in the simplest manner possible, go for a standard pencil liner. You get these eyeliners with water-resistant power so that your eyes are in ideal shape during the day!
      • If you crave a striking look & you are all set to practice and practice till you attain the preferred precision, go for liquid eyeliner. It can be hard to manage but, with a little practice, it provides you with the eyes of your dreams!
      • If you desire a similarly dramatic effect as in the case of liquid eyeliner & you desire something that has a remarkable staying power, select cake eyeliner. Did you recognize that cake eyeliner is the top choice with most make-up artists to make a superstar look?

      Eyeliners are accessible in a variety of good-looking shades & you are free to choose the one you like best! But before you select an eyeliner shade for yourself, check out the following tips:

      • Are you somebody who believes in a low upholding look? Go for a fawn shade or an unbiased brown color.
      • For getting easy deep & dark eyes, select a classic black or brown (in a gloomy shade) eyeliner.
      • Do you desire your eyeliner to make a remarkable look & you need your eyeliner to be the exclusive focus of your make-up? Go for bold sharp eyeliner shades.
      • If you desire your eyes to appear larger than their normal size while you are attending a night party, invest in white eyeliner or a softer shade of silver & gold.

      A Small Note on Skin Undertones

      Whether your skin tone is medium, light, or dark, it has a sure yellow, ashen, or pink tinge or shade to it. This shade is called an undertone. If your skin shows blue, or pink, your undertone is ‘cool’. On the other hand, if there is yellow, peach or blond shade in your skin, the undertone is ‘warm’. Individuals who do not have a cool or warm undertone are said to have impartial undertones.

      When it comes to choosing eyeshadow according to skin tones, you can go with palettes that highlight your undertone. Warm skin tones can choose warm tones in oranges, golds, & reds, to emphasize the warmth in their skin. Cool skin tones can go with blues, greens, & purples, to match the blue, purple-pink undertone in their skin. Neutrals have the exclusive privilege to experiment with warmth in addition to cool shades.

      How to create wings with Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner

      Flawlessly winged eyes are a work of art that needs skill & patience. And if you are a learner, learning how to do winged eyeliner must be on top of your to-do list. But, worry not. We are here to tell you all about it! Ideal wings include drama to your eyes. They include a touch of sexy and style to your look and emphasize your facial features. But, shaky hands might keep you from attaining the look. But if you recognize the right hacks, you can make a sharp look in no time. 

      Winged style eyeliner is the one that is bent from the center beside the lashes and leads outwards & upwards from the area to add a little length. Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner by drawing a comprehensive line on the outside edge of your eyes & change the span as need be. From the end, draw an interior flick with a slight bend. Once you’ve accomplished a gap, top it off to frame a division.

      Before you begin creating a Smokey glitter eyeshadow appearance, keep your eye makeup remover or tissues handy, in case you spoil it up and desire to restart. For the Smokey outcome, you need three shades of a similar color. For example, you can take grey. Apply the base shadow - a lighter shade - on your lids. Then apply a faintly darker shade on the outer curve. The darkest shade must be reserved for the creases. Ensure you blend the colors regularly. Don't forget to apply the lightest shade just below the lower lash line. Apply eyeliner to describe the eyes. Or go for winged eyes with the liner. Finish off with makeup.

      Step By Step Tutorial

      Get pencil eyeliner and draw an extensive line on the outer edge of your eyes making an angle with your eyebrows. Amend the length according to your preferred length of the wing

      At present, place the pencil where this line ends & draw a line that flicks inward with a small curve & expand the line to the inner corner of your eye. If you find it hard to expand the similar line in one go, extend it at least the middle into your upper lash line and then carry on till the inner bend. Try to ensure that the line thins slowly, particularly if you have smaller eyes

      Now, fill up the gap until no skin glances through from between the upper & the bottom line that forms your wing.

      Leave it as it is If you like a softer finish. But if you desire your wings to be more striking & bold, take liquid eyeliner and cautiously trace beside the lines you have created with your pencil eyeliner. Besides, if you are planning to include this step, you can let your lines be a little uneven on the edge while using the pencil eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner will wrap up the rough edges to provide a flawlessly smooth finish.

      How to do different looks with Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner

      Makeup is an essential part of most ladies' lives. No matter how many individuals say that makeup hides your real self or makes you look false, it is right that makeup brings unusual confidence to our character.

      With the coming days, there are tons of new makeup tendencies popping up on the internet & this year too there will be no diversity from them. Now that the pandemic subsides, celebratory & spring looks are making a comeback. It is seen that in the spring term, the makeup looks will be fairly extreme with no-makeup looks and additional bold colors co-existing.

      Sleek Winged Eyeliner

      A sleek winged liner is the most ordinary method of applying eyeliner. The most excellent part about a shiny winged liner is that it goes flawlessly well for a day in addition to a night look. Start a smooth winged at the innermost corner of your eye & line your top lash line with the greatest attention. Extend the liner a little past the outer corner of your eye and finish tidily without some smudges. You can either leave your lesser lash line bare or utilize a nude pencil on it to make your eyes burst. And that’s how you nail a smooth winged liner.

      Smudge It: 

      What’s the most excellent part about a smudge appearance? It doesn’t have to be specific and neat. The messier, the superior! If you desire to create a great out-of-bed eye makeup appearance, then go for a smudge. For this style, you’ll require eyeliner with a smudger. Line your upper & lower lash lines with a Kajal pencil and quietly smudge it. Yes, it’s that easy.

      Thin Liner

      All those who like to keep their eyeliner at least must go for a thin liner that is hardly there. To make a thin liner with excellence, we recommend you use a gel or liquid liner. Make a super-thin outline just above your upper lash line. You can utilize a nude pencil on your waterline. But it’s good to just keep it nude. For your eyes to burst, add a little mascara and utilize an eyelash curler. And you’re ready! 

      Double Winged Liner

      If an easy winged liner didn’t make adequate drama for you, then provide your eyes with a double dose of eyeliner. Once you perfect the solitary winged liner, then, line your lower lash line as close to the lashes as possible and expand that into a wing too. Describe both the wings obviously with the help of either a white eye pencil or an eye shadow. Rock this alluring look at your next party!

      In it to win it

      If you thought the internal corner of your eye makeup was kept for a daub of highlighter, we’re here to shake things up. In its place, rely on a little glitter. Apply gold-toned glitter eyeliner inwards from the beginning of your upper lash line over your tear duct till the start of the lower lash line. It’ll be all the interest you need!

      Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner tips and tricks 

      If you think that glitter Eyeliner will make your eyes appear weird & you don't desire to apply all the glitter makeup at first, then you can just utilize glitter eyeliner to add a touch of glitter. You can apply glitter eyeliner in several ways.

      1. Constantly start with a clean canvas. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser & then towel-dry. Next apply a light, moisturizer and allow it to absorb completely before applying makeup.
      2. Glitter eyeliner must be the finishing touch to your appearance, so apply most of the other makeup first. After a start with a base, concealer, & loose powder to even out skin tone and cover the flaw. You can also apply a highlighter and eyeshadow prior to applying eyeliner. Note: powdered eyeshadows are best when using glitter eyeliner, as gel or creams are likely to smear & can bring the glitter beside for the ride. If you utilize makeup to help shape your eyebrows, you may also desire to do this first. Mascara, however, must be saved until you’re finished applying liner.
      3. Once your look is about to complete, it’s time to truly glam things up with your glitter eyeliner. Several diverse brands, colors, and formulas are accessible, so there’s room to research with diverse looks. Glitter eyeliner is usually too subtle when used alone, so we like to utilize a darker pencil liner first (like black or navy) & then follow with the glitter eyeliner. Don’t apply a liquid formula for your first line, but, as the glitter eyeliner can cause it to smudge.
      4. After you have done applying innovative eyeliner, stroke a single line of glitter eyeliner over the top, begin just short of the inner corner of the upper lid, and move outward. Avoiding the internal corner of your eyelid helps stop specks of glitter from migrating into your eyes & causing annoyance. I like to make a cat eye with glitter eyeliner by adding a slight wing at the outer bend. Repeat this procedure on both eyes & you’re done.
      5. Glitter eyeliner is certainly a glam look, & it wouldn’t be done without a few coats of mascara. If you’re providing this much importance to the eye area, you usually want to keep the rest of your face easy; I apply just an extremely light blush and a number of nude lip glosses to finalize the look.

      Now that you recognize how to apply glitter eyeliner properly, you can make a fun, glam-rock look with just a few simple steps. It might not be suitable for an everyday look, but it’s a grand method to spice things up for a night out.

      Get the Right Wings for Eye Shape

      One of the most significant rules when it comes to using winged eyeliner is getting the angle of the wing right. But, this is different for everybody, as we all have our own exclusive eye shapes. For instance, to accentuate round eyes, you can make the illusion of additional width by adding a bold wing to the external corners. If you have a hooded lid, then the kind of wing you create will be extremely different from somebody who has deep-set eyes. Play around with diverse angles, wing shapes & sizes, and wing placement to discover the shape that you feel hot in.

      Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner hacks

      The eyeliner practice is that part of makeup that can describe & change totally your look. It’s basic to learn how to apply eyeliner for your eye profile!

      Either if you select to use it thick, vivid, or the classic black easy eyeliner, it can describe your final look. If you have done an outstanding job with your eyeshadow and mess it with the eyeliner, the whole thing gets ruined. 

      And otherwise, if you choose a natural curve eye makeup and then apply a pop of color with color eyeliner or a theatrical winged liner, you can turn that normal makeup into something more shaped and glam. 

      Find the Right Tool

      When it comes to eyeliner, there are several different formulas & applicator tools to select from. Each kind of liner has its own set of benefits and losses, so finding the correct tool for your skill level and preferred look is vital. 

       Do short strokes

       Rather than trying to line your eyes in one fell pounce, try drawing tiny dashes beside your top lashes and connecting them into one hard stroke. One more elegant technique: holding your eyeliner horizontally (so it's similar to the floor) & running it sideways beside your lash line.

      Don't forget to tightline

       It's the secret to making liners look refined. Do it by quietly lifting your lid & wiggling the liner in among your lashes as close to the root as possible. Include a little mascara & you're done.

      Outline the Shape of The Wing

      In its place of gradually thickening the size of your wing, make the outline of the shape & then fill it in. We really like to begin by drawing both wing shapes prior to working on the lash line or inner corner, as this will assist you to ensure the wings are regular in width & angled in a similar direction.

      One of our all-time preferred liner hacks is using a post-it to get a clean, straight wing through the right angle! It’s so easy & makes the entire process so much simpler. Begin by placing the post-it edge beside the lower lash line & angle it, so it meets near the tail end of your eyebrow. Utilize this edge as a guide to make your wing. Wait for the liner to place, & then gradually peel away the post-it. Next, draw along your lash line to convene your wing.

      How to remove Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner properly

      Wearing Eyeliner is one of the most exclusive and gorgeous things about all makeup. And while we are constantly on the lookout for smudge-proof, waterproof & long-wearing eyeliners or kohl pencils, we know only too well that these products can be very tough to remove from the eyes. Because Kajal or kohl is worn on the waterline of the eye, it is extremely significant not to use harsh soaps or standard face cleansers to get rid of the Eyeliner. In this article, I will recommend a number of simple, gentle, and effective ways in which you can totally remove all traces of Glitter Eyeliner from your eyes. Here are a number of ways in which you can gently and efficiently remove Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner properly:

      Coconut oil: One of the best and most effective ingredients that you can utilize to take out all kinds of makeup, especially eye & lip makeup is coconut oil. Ensure to use the virgin, cold-pressed alternative. You can take the coconut on a Q-tip or on a cotton pad and softly press it alongside the waterline. Leave it there for a few seconds and quietly wipe the Eyeliner away.

      Olive oil: Olive oil is nutrient-rich oil that you can utilize to remove Glitter Eyeliner & moisturize the weak eye area. Here, also it is wise to utilize the organic & virgin variants of the oil, & follow a similar procedure as with coconut oil.

      Cleansing milk: If oil is not working in your case then the excellent old cleansing milk will work well. Take some amount of cleansing milk on a cotton ball and use it to softly wipe away the Eyeliner. You can repeat this 2-to-3 times until the Kajal comes off totally. Ensure to utilize a very soft cotton ball or pad.

      Wet Piece of Cloth

      The simplest thing you can find your hands on if you’re in a rush is a wet piece of cloth. It is secure and the only thing you need to ensure is that you rub it softly over the eyes & not be too harsh.

      The most excellent way to be certain eye makeup doesn’t irritate your eyes is to keep away from wearing any. If you have chronic dry eyes, you might not be competent to apply eye makeup. Applying mascara & eyeliner to the internal part of the eyelash can also affect your tears & irritate your eyes.

      Choose eye makeup that’s right for you. If you have harsh or unrelieved dry eyes, eye makeup is possibly not for you. But, with the right cleanliness, application, products, & every night removal, you might be capable of keeping wearing it.


      Is this eyeliner smudge-proof?

      If we talk about this Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner, then of course it does not spread on your eyes and it does not spoil, this Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner is effective in giving a shiny and great look to your eyes. But while using it, you have to keep in mind that you have to protect your eyes from water; a little water will not make any difference to them. But when it gets caught in the rain, it can be a matter of concern.

      Is the glitter safe?

      As the company claims, it is made with hand-picked ingredients that feel very light on your eyes. It is completely safe. This glitter eyeliner has a unique composition of various weighting agents that are designed keeping in mind that they are gentle on your eyes and do not harm them.

      What to do if glitter gets into your eyes?

      What will you do in this situation if this Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner goes in your eyes, let me tell you, the company claims that this eyeliner is completely safe for the eyes, but despite this, you should take some precautions. If it accidentally gets in your eye, you will have to clean it immediately by killing a few cheetahs with water. If you feel more irritation, then you can clean your eyes by taking a little rose water with the help of cotton, this will give frost to your eyes and your eyes will get relief. You can use mild moisturizer in the place where rose water does not suit.

      Is it waterproof?

      This eyeliner is from a very good company, as you already know, then you must also know that being a well-known company, it makes its entire sub-items waterproof. So that all these products can stay on your face or eyes for a long time. But being waterproof does not mean that you can swim with it on, obviously, it is not at all. No matter how waterproof any makeup item may be, when water is repeatedly applied to it, it will spread or get spoiled.

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