Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner

Perfect precision, intense black eyeliner
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Get bold, gorgeous eye with Faces Canada Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner. A smudge-proof formulation which will glide smoothly and leave your eyes with the most intense black matte finish. Application is so smooth and easy that you get a perfect precision, imparting a fool proof definition to your eyes. Boasting of a transfer-proof and fade-proof formula, it keeps that intense colour locked down for hours and gives you dramatic, gorgeous eyes round the clock!

Reasons to Love

1. Intense black pigment in a single swipe
2. Smudge-proof and long lasting
3. Pinpoint precision
4. Paraben free and cruelty free

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Viva Cosmetics, C1/1-6, Radheshyam Indl. Complex, Asangaon, Thane - 421601

Country of Origin: India

Net Qty.: 4.5ml

Ingredient List

Water, Shellac Black, Black Iron oxide, Sodium Borate and Glycerine

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews

      Intense black Kajal and pure matte… loved it

      Amritpal Singh


      Tejal Thakkar

      Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner

      Deepshikha Singh

      Superb liner

      Deepshikha Singh

      First tym I used face Canada products I ordered eye liner nd compact nd kajal I liked it best quality..thanku face canada👍🥰

      Recently viewed

      Faces Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner

      Everybody likes to look gorgeous and glamorous. Makeup can add beauty and enhance the look of women. But most people are busy applying concealer, foundation, lipstick & blush only in the name of makeup & do not even consider eye makeup. Whereas eye makeup can help you get a different look. High-quality eye makeup can remove dullness from the eyes and show freshness in the face. Dark skin can be shown evidently, and small eyes can be given a big look. Matte liner is very much in vogue these days and is a part of almost all women's makeup. If you are looking for the ultimate matte liquid eyeliner, then certainly try Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner from Faces Canada. The matte finish of this eyeliner will truly make you believe that this eyeliner is made in heaven.

      Enjoy bold and fierce eyes with Faces Canada's liquid eyeliner. It provides you with an intense black matte finish and a bold color during the day. It has an exclusive smudge-proof formula for round-the-clock application. It glides smoothly and imparts an ideal and precise look. The fade-proof & the transfer-proof formula helps in locking the intense color in places for hours. It is cruelty-free & paraben-free.

      Now know the benefits of Magnetise Matte Eyeliner:

      • Dries fast

      This eyeliner dries quickly on your eyes after you apply, giving you time to apply another makeup. Or if you are going somewhere in a hurry and you do not have time to dry the liner, then in that case it can prove to be a better option.

      • Smudge-proof and waterproof

       This line is completely waterproof and smudgeproof which lasts for a long time on your eyes.

      • Smooth Application

      This eyeliner is very easy to get into the eyes as its smooth texture helps it to spread easily on the eyes.

      • Affordable

      The best thing is that it comes within your budget. If you are looking for a great liner but your budget is low then it Might prove to be a better option.

      • Travel-friendly packaging

      The second most important thing is that it comes with travel-friendly packing, which means that you can also take it and use it when needed. This product from Faces is a perfect weapon for busy women to make their look even better.

      Eye Makeup Do's and Don'ts

      •         Wash your hands carefully before applying eye makeup.
      •     Choose only cosmetic brands that are natural, chemical-free, and harmless for the eyes.
      •         If you are having sensitive skin or reaction to a cosmetic product such as pain, swelling, discharge, or watery eyes, stop using that product.
      •         Do not store any product for a long time & check out the expiry date.
      •         You need to consult a doctor as soon as you feel any eye infection.
      •         If you have sensitive skin, use hypo-allergenic cosmetic goods.
      •         Close the makeup container correctly to stop transmission of bacteria & other organisms.
      •         One thing you have to keep in mind, always apply makeup outside the lash line, away from the eyes.

      Why use Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner

      Eyeliner is one such eye makeup that you can apply on almost all occasions. Whether it is a marriage or a party, going to the workplace or going somewhere, eyeliner suits every occasion. Where in marriage and at parties, girls use eyeliner with dark shades on their eyes. At the same time, while going to the workplace & traveling, she applies eyeliner with light eye makeup. This means you can apply eyeliner on all occasions and improve your beauty.

      If you love a smokey eye look, then this Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner is for you. This eyeliner comes with a smudge brush, which can be used to obtain a smokey eye. You can utilize it as eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow. Accessible in pencil form, this Eyeliner gives a matte look to your eyes. Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner is waterproof and transfer-resistant. Liquid liners are used when you desire a dramatic effect because the color pigments are reasonably intense. But that doesn't mean they cannot be used for a day effect.

      Liquid liners are either brush-tipped or soft or hard felt-tipped. I mainly choose the felt-tip as it is easier to manipulate. Soft tips feel good on the skin around your eyes, but hard tips offer more accuracy, so it really depends on your preference. I generally do a little wing at the outer edge of my eyes, and when I utilize the hard tip I work from the outside in. Liquid lines are good for creating better-looking eyes, particularly in the black shade, but have also seen fun shades like turquoise & gold floating around.

      What Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner does for your eye makeup?

      When it comes to multi-tasking a makeup piece - Eyeliner is the first thing that comes to the brain, one-liner and several different looks.

      The lining is one of those makeup items that highlight & elevate the most significant feature of your face & can offer you the right look that you require on a day when you have short time. There is no doubt in this that eyeliner is a must to carry in your purse & one can't do much without it.

      Winged Tip

      Applying your eyeliner in this way will certainly provide you with a stunning look as it is extremely popular nowadays. It provides your eyes a very well-defined look along with giving it a glam touch. There are several tutorials through which you can effortlessly learn to get the winged tip.

      White Liner

      White liner is a must to carry for a girl. This fashionable eyeliner can include so much glam to your eye makeup that you desire you got your hands on it before. The most excellent way to use it is by applying it to the lower waterline to provide your eyes with a broader look. This look can also be used when you haven't slept well; it will provide your eyes a well-rested look.

      Straight As An Arrow

      Applying your eyeliner straight as an arrow can make your eyes appear natural and longer. Try this look as it will make a visually remarkable look in just a number of simple steps. First, you must create an outline & then fill in the space. 

      Once you are done filling in the space then get a liner pencil and draw towards the inner side of your eye to get this whole stunning look. You can try this look on an evening dress & pretty sarees if you are going to a wedding.

      Smokey Eyes

      There is something extremely sassy about the Smokey eye makeup. The Smokey appearance makes your eyes look grunge and hot. To get this appearance you don't have to do a lot. All you need is to apply a thick line of Kohl pencil & smudge it. There are several video tutorials on the internet, find the one that is most simple for you.

      Glitter Liner

      Glitter liners never went out of craze, who said they did? Well, the excellent news is they are still in tendency, so grab your desired glitter colors. The glitter liner will jazz up your look and change you from a working lady into a stylish queen. There is no hard science in applying it; you can apply it in a similar way as you would have done with standard eyeliner. But keep in mind if you are wearing glitter liner then don't wear some flashy jewelry.

      Dual Eyeliner

      There is a fresh look in the town; I hope you have heard about it. This new look combines two colors, to get this appearance apply your black liner first & then "glam up" this look with a different colored liner. Keep in mind when you apply the second liner, apply it in a thin line, this will provide it an unbelievable look and will make your eyes an immediate attention catcher.

      Cat Eyes

      Cat eyeliner looks has become pretty fashionable these days & you can even get them with standard eyeliner. If you are a frequent eyeliner customer then you will have no problem getting this look. Start by applying the liner in an informal style, but in its place of creating the flick of the eyeliner with a black pencil use a metallic shade pencil to create the flick. If you don't like metallic shades then go for the glitter liner.

      Go, Black & White

       Black and white are the classiest colors ever, and if you truly want a dramatic & bold look for your eyes then I recommend you to play with black and white. This is a wonderful eye look for night parties and dinners and will constantly give you an alluring look.

      So there you go ladies with so several different styles to glam up your eyes, applying makeup has never been this much fun. There are several high-quality brands in the market offering different kinds of eyeliners, so what are you waiting for girls? Grab your favorite today and start turning heads with those drop-dead beautiful eyes.

      How to use Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner

      No makeup treatment is complete without eye makeup, & if you know how to apply matte black eyeliner and eyeshadow, you've got a great head start at looking beautiful.

      Even though the eyes are normally just one aspect of a person's makeup procedure, how to apply eyeliner and eyeshadow can describe your look totally. There are lots of different ways to put on your eye makeup; you can go for low maintenance, barely-there appearance, the ever-popular smoky eyes look, or any number of looks.

      Before you start though, you'll require supplies, of course. Firstly, you have to choose your eyeliner & eyeshadow. The colors you might select for eyeshadow will depend on your skin tone & the look you wish to create.

      For eyeliner, while there are many different shades and tones; ranging from barely-there to over-the-top, black & dark brown are two of the most absolutely necessary eyeliner colors that an individual should have. They can come in pressed or loose powder forms, although eyeliners will most usually be in pencil form or in liquid form.

      For eyeshadow, while you get a little flexibility with eyeliner -since, as the name might imply, you'll possibly only need to draw in a line about your eye- the colors you select for your eyeshadow, on the other hand, will have to take your skin tone into consideration. For example, very dark colors can make very pale-skinned persons look washed out, and blues & purples can be unflattering to people with yellowish undertones in their skin color.

      Whatever eyeshadow you might select though, it's constantly good to have a light color, & a darker color. They're great for combination and creating the illusion of wider, deeper-set eyes.

      Generally, it's good to start with the eyeliner; especially if you're using a matte black eyeliner pencil & are trying to go for a subtler effect. For a truly natural look that can still open up your eyes & make them "pop," try applying chocolate or lighter-colored eyeliner to the outer corner of the top of your eye, near your lashes. Draw in the line evenly; if you're using an eyebrow pencil or liquid eyeliner, apply short strokes & stop two-thirds or three-fourths of the method.

      Afterward, to ensure that your eyeliner doesn't smudge, "set" it with powder eyeshadow by applying it over the eyeliner. When that's done, pick out two eyeshadow colors that are close to or balance your natural skin tone; one light, & one deeper hue.

      Begin with the lighter tone eyeshadow; apply it to your brow bone & around the top part of your socket. Then, take the deeper shade and brush it onto your eyelid; working from the lash-line up & from outside to inside; mixing it with the lighter color. Provide your eyes a little highlighting by also applying a bit of shadow to your lower lashes. Don't line the entire thing though; stop halfway, & apply this very lightly as well for a more natural look.

      While this might be just a specific look to try with your eye makeup, the fundamental idea of how to apply it can effortlessly be translated by simply varying the colors and the strength of your application. After all, the question of how to apply eyeliner and eyeshadow doesn't have to be a hard one to answer.

      How to do wings with Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner

      If you are one of those who do not recognize makeup very well but are constantly attracted to eye makeup, then you will certainly love winged eyeliner too. Winged Eyeliner not only makes the eyes look better but also adds to your eye makeup after applying it. Winged eyeliner will look good even if you have applied the usual eyeshadow. But several people have this difficulty that winged eyeliner does not look wonderful to them.

      With some, this difficulty comes that they are not competent to match the other eye like one eye and with some, there is a difficulty that they are not able to start right. So what to do? If you love eye makeup & you are not able to apply the perfect winged eyeliner, then we tell you a number of tricks that can help you.

      1. Tape can help you Apply winged liner -

      This trick is well-known for applying winged liners. If you have seen, several beauty bloggers use tape for winged eyeliner. This will assist you to get the ideal arch. There are a few things you need to remember before applying the tape.

      •  Apply tape before doing complete face makeup.
      • Touch up the side of your eyes initially.
      • If you are applying tape after doing complete makeup, then touch up the face later.
      • Firstly cut the tape about 2 cm.
      • Now apply it on the outer corners of the eyes.
      • By following the edge of this tape, you have to create a line that will be the base of your winged eyeliner.
      •  Ensure to apply the tape in a similar way on both sides.
      • ·Now take out the tape & shape your eyeliner.

      2. Spoon will be helpful to apply eyeliner-

      You can also apply a winged line and your look using a spoon. For this, you have to keep your hands stable. If your hands shake a bit, this hack can be a bit complicated.

      The best part about this trick is that you can do it even after applying full makeup.

      •         First, place the handle of the spoon on the external corner of the eye.
      •         Now make a straight line, and do the similar with both the eyes.
      •         Now take a round portion of the spoon & place it on the cups of your lids.
      •         Make a rounded edge with this and your winged eyeliner has an outline. Finish your winged liner by blending these two outlines.

      How to do a cat eye with Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner

      If you are also one of those ladies who do not recognize how to apply cat eyeliner, then now you do not worry. Because now we have brought a number of tips and tricks for you, after following which you can apply the ideal cat eyeliner. Let's know.

      If you are applying cat eyeliner for the very first time, do not use eyeliner directly on your eyes. Because after applying liner, you will not be capable of cleaning the eyes nor can you apply any type of makeup like cream, concealer, water, etc. on your eyes. So if you are applying liner, first of all, wash your eyes well then begin applying liner.

      After cleaning the eyes, now you have to use concealer and primer around your eyes with the help of cotton. But you must take care that this product does not get in your eyes as it can also irritate your eyes.

      To provide an excellent look to the eyes, it is very significant that you have the precise knowledge of the shade or type of cat liner. Because there are several types of liners like liquid liner, felt tip liner, pencil eyeliner, gel liner, etc. But it would be better if you use pencil liner firstly because it is extremely easy to apply pencil liner.

      After you've selected the Matte Eyeliner, you have to decide whether you desire to apply simple cat eyeliner or intense make-up with eyeshadow. Because if you desire to apply cat eyeliner with eyeshadow, first you have to apply eyeshadow. Simply after that, you start applying cat eyeliner.

      Also, applying a great liner requires that you utilize the right liner brush. Because there are several types of liners and it is very significant to choose the liner brush accordingly like the liquid liner brush is different. But you can utilize a thin brush to apply cat eyeliner because the liner is effortlessly applied with a thin brush.

      If you're applying winged liner & don't have that much finishing on hand, you can also apply makeup tape or easy tape to the corners to shape the liner and take out the tape after you've applied the liner. Constantly start the liner in the middle of your eye & keep the brush close to your lash line. Doing this will assist you to apply the liner correctly to the outer corners.

      Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner tips for beginners

      Women are constantly fond of makeup & they would constantly love to be good-looking. There is something better-looking, especially about their eyes. And of course, eye makeup is always necessary. However, Matte Eyeliner is one of the most excellent ways to make your eyes look better-looking. So here you will find a number of tips that will help you to know how to apply eyeliner very effortlessly.

      The step by step process

      Here you will find the step-by-step process that will clarify how you can very effortlessly apply eyeliner. Follow this procedure carefully so that you will become an expert in creating good-looking eyeliner designs with Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner.

      Firstly, wash your face with face wash & then apply moisturizer all over your face and mainly under your eyes. This procedure is to prepare your eyes all set for eye makeup.

      You can select one of the best eye primers & apply a base coat all about your eyes.

      Once this is completed you are ready to go with the high makeup. Now you have to line your lashes by using a small liner and provide small strokes. Repeat the process until you are totally satisfied.

      Now it is time to provide a wing look by applying eyeliner on the top of the eye & taking it to the corner of the eyes by making the wing. Repeat the similar process for both eyes and just ensure that it is correctly winged on both sides.

      Lastly finished the book by giving two or three strokes so that you will have gorgeous eyes


      Here are a number of tips that will assist you to know how to apply eyeliner without feeling much pressure.

      Whenever you are applying eyeliner ensure that you rest your elbow. So that it becomes extremely easy for you to make different styles and finish them extremely easily. This is one of the simplest processes where you can apply eyeliner with a stable hand.

      Making use of a cosmetic mirror can also be one of the outstanding ways where you can very simply create eyeliner effects.

      While applying eyeliner ensure that you constantly look down. If you try to look up then it will totally spoil the shape of the eyeliner.

      It is always necessary to know that you must never stretch your legs whenever you are applying eyeliner. Trying to do this will totally disturb the overall eye makeup & it affects the face as well.

      If you feel it is hard to create a wing style with your free hand then you can make use of tape or even a card to hold the place. Then it will be very simple for you to create a wing effect.

      This will entirely help you to recognize how you can apply eyeliner upon which the necessary tips can also keep you more stylish. So whenever you are going to a party do a dry day’s procedure and tips that will really make you look smarter.

      Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner application guide

      We all take the help of a variety of makeup methods, to hide our blemishes and get a perfect look. But in order to make the best out of the different makeup tools and to bring out the best in you, you'll have to know about some significant eye makeup tricks. Here is an in-depth detailing of different eye makeup tricks that you must know these days.

      Even if you do excellent eye makeup but your base makeup is unsuitable then all your efforts will go in vain. So before anything, ensure that your base makeup is fine. If ever your foundation looks cakey and not natural, use a tissue to wipe it off of your cheeks. This makes it simpler to layer your blush on without it looking fake. This brings a usual tone to your cheeks and realness back to your skin.

      When it comes to your mascara, first be certain your mascara is no more than a month old-fresh mascara glides on simply and won't flake. Apply the mascara at the base of the lash & sweep outward with an upward stroke. Try to get the thickness into the base of the lashes and taper them logically towards the ends.

      Dark circles make you look sleepy. Start off with a hydrating, fast-absorbing eye cream, which will let products go on effortlessly. Next, apply a right corrector to cover the purple or green tones in the coat. Follow it up with a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your base. Finally, set the under-eye area with a pale yellow powder to help it last longer and stop creasing. 

      Liquid eyeliner is one of the eye makeup products to get professional. Yet if for one time you get the hang of handling it in the ideal way to do it, you can end up looking ravishing. A simple trick to managing liquid liner is; that before you start border-lining your lash line, utilize a taupe eyeliner pencil to evenly trace out a line just above your upper lash line. Do this as thinly as possible, and then you apply the coat of your liquid eyeliner. 

      Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner tips and tricks

      By learning how to utilize eyeliner correctly, you could improve smaller eyes, shrink larger eyes and create endless amounts of diverse looks for every event you have coming up in your future. It can be tough to imagine for several women that there is truly a technique to using eyeliner but when used properly you can be certain to create the look of celebrities.

      The smoky eye is extremely popular this year and although it does describe a darker image, it can still be accomplished even if you have lighter skin. First, the key is to purchase the eyeliner that offers the blending brush on the differing end. This is the main component to attaining this look with very little effort. First, you need to begin from the inside corner of your eye & work your means outward, trying to make the center of the eyelid the thickest. Then take the other end of your eyeliner (the mixer) or use a cotton swab to blotch the eyeliner you just created. Layering the liner through a light layer of eye shadow is the key to the smoky eye.

      If you are seeking a bolder look, no matter what your skin tone you purchase a darker eyeliner color and in its place of stopping the line ¾ of the way across the lid, going all the means across from the inside corner to the outside corner can make the remarkable look you are seeking that special night on the town. By combining this theatrical eyeliner technique with the smoky gray or black eye shadow across the liner you added to the crease of your eyelid you have made a simple and remarkable look for any event.

      One of the most significant factors of using your eyeliner properly is to ensure that you are using a high-quality product. You will not attain any of these eyeliner practices by using cheap eyeliner. By choosing brands like faces Canada, you can count on the high-class you need to make your innovative eye look last all day and all night. Although you will get that these products cost a bit more than others, it is more than worth it in the extended run.

      Take note of these great eyeliner practices as you can generate the look of celebrities in just a few short minutes right from your house. You will be shocked just how much better your makeup will look when you apply these easy techniques. Right now you might think there is nothing wrong with your eye makeup but by taking the possibility of these new techniques you might be surprised just how much better you look. Invest in a number of grand eyeshadows and brushes to ensure you have the tools to create the looks listed above and the several popular trends of 2022.

      Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner hacks

      If you desire to provide your eyes with that magical effect, go for these easy tips. Eyeliners can be applied in several ways but the simplest trick is not to use them in a clear manner. Rather, they ought to blend in with your eyelashes to provide you with an effect that is naturally fantastic. Here are a number of tricks you can try.

      When you are making a line, never begin it from the nook of your eyes. In its place, start from a point that is midway. This is particularly true for your top lid and will give you a more natural, gorgeous look.

      Merging the line with the lashes is also the ideal way of doing it. Just hold the upper lid tight and start making the line in the reverse direction. The strokes that you make should be short so that it becomes easier to draw them and don't forget to stop after finishing two-thirds of the eyes. If drama is more to your first choice, make the outer lines thicker. Eyeliner application turns out to be simple when you apply the eyeliner on clean lashes prior to applying other makeup like eye shadow.

      One more trick is to utilize eyeliner mixed with an eye shadow. This not only stops smudging, but it also provides a more natural look. You can use the eyeshadow straight over the liner with the use of an eye shadow applicator.

      Unless you have been blessed with obviously sultry looks, steer clear of liners that are extremely thick. The color of your liner must be as near as possible to the shade of your eyelashes. A shade that is lighter than that of kohl constantly looks best.

      Eyeliner could be properly applied to give you a sultry smoky look. Put on the eyeliner the way you would generally and smudge it with cotton wool. Don't overlook that if you are going for this look, your lines must be on the inner lid.

      The applicator that you utilize should always be clean and soft. Once used, eyeliner stays good for around 180 days, after which it must be discarded; or else, it will cause irritation due to over-usage. If the eyeliner annoys your eyes, the appropriate thing to do is to go for eyeliner.

      How to remove Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner properly 

      Liner is one of the most vital beauty products in women's makeup. From a party to a wedding function, the liner is a significant part of almost all women’s beauty looks. Because women like to make their eyes look good-looking, they do different types of eye makeup according to their outfits. We take liner effortlessly but in winters it is too lazy to remove it.

      Use rose water

      You can apply rose water to remove the eyeliner from your soft eyes. All you need is a cotton ball and rose water to remove the liner. For this, all you have to do is take a little rose water on cotton & rub your eyes with light hands and then clean your eyes with clean cotton. If you desire, you can also take the help of paper.

      Buy makeup remover

      These days, there are several types of makeup removers available in the marketplace. You can also use makeup remover to remove the liner. But, you just have to take care that the makeup remover does not get into your eyes. Because it is made by mixing several types of chemicals, if it gets into your eyes, your eyes might get irritated.

      Coconut oil is also useful

      Coconut oil is very helpful for the face. You can use it as a moisturizer, lip balm, and makeup remover. With this, you can effortlessly remove the liner as well. For this, take a little coconut oil on the palm & apply it to your eyes and clean it with tissue paper after massaging it with light hands. Just the liner will be totally clear from your eyes. 


      Is it effortlessly removable?

      As you must be aware that matte eyeliners act like a long-lasting liner, that is why it becomes very important to stick them properly on your eyes. But when it comes to Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner, it also does exactly the same thing but it is very easy to get off and it can be easily removed with the help of makeup remover from any good brand.

      Is it smudge-proof?

      As the company claims, a smudge-proof formulation that will glide on smoothly and leave your eyes with the most intense black matte finish. But if it comes to actual use, then you have to use it carefully, you have to avoid rain and face wash because no matter how good the liner is, it cannot stop the rain, sweat, and face wash for a long time.

      How long does it take to dry?

      Well this Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner can take a little longer to dry. But once it dries completely it doesn't come off easily and you can use other makeup products.

      Is it safe if it gets in the eye?

      Although all eyeliners are safe for the eyes, you still have to protect them from contact with the eyes. Use it only on the outer parts of the eyes

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