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Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner

Quick dry, matte finish, long lasting eyeliner
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This water and sweat proof eyeliner delivers the deepest pigmented line with an impeccable hold for an intense finish and great colour pay-off. It lets you draw a precise, extra-intense line in just a single stroke. It has a super longwearing, quick drying and non-transferable formula.


1. Excellent colour pay off
2. High coverage
3. Matte finish and deep pigmentation
4. Easy to apply
5. Waterproof and sweat proof
6. Dermatologically and opthalmologically tested


Iron Oxides, Water, Alcohol Denat, Styrene/ Acrylates/ Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer, Propanediol, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Polymethacrylate, Silica, Sorbitol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Ethylhexylglyccrin, Sodium Laureth- 12 Sulfate, Xanthan Gum, Ammonium Hydroxide, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH, Schwanweg 1, 90562 Heroldsberg, Germany

Country of Origin: Germany

Net Qty.: 2.5ml

Ingredient List

Iron Oxides, Water, Alcohol Denat, Styrene/ Acrylates/ Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer, Propanediol, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Polymethacrylate, Silica, Sorbitol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Ethylhexylglyccrin, Sodium Laureth- 12 Sulfate, Xanthan Gum, Ammonium Hydroxide, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 69 reviews

      It's too good 😊

      sanchita shelar

      Facescanda waterproof eyeliner. Longlasting and intense balck colour. Sponge applicator which give u fine application. Just love this product.

      Sasmita singh

      I love this liner this liner is one stroke application with Tip brush long lasting smudge free and Matt finish quick dry.

      Nisha Shelar

      This is one of the best eyeliner is the smudge proof , waterproof,dark black &matte finish . I love this eyeliner 😊

      Sakshi Khadye
      Amazingly Matt for Cat Eyes

      Very easier to apply Is perfect Matt, waterproof smudge proof. Such a Great product eyes look very attractive !! Thanks facescanada for this amazing affordable product 🥰

      Parwati Vanuku

      It's gets dry fast.. A pure matter eyeliner.. Z black colour... Suparb product.. Love it.

      Long Lasting

      I love this faces Canada eyeliner**
      I have it's both 2 shades Blue & Black....
      Smooth also....
      Thank you Faces Canada....

      Geeta Singh Ji

      Loved this Matte eyeliner 👍👍👍
      Superb go for it without any doubt
      Point is superb highly pigmented do his job at single stroke.❤️

      Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner

      Eyeliner is a cosmetic that is used to make the eyes look more prominent and defined. It is used to generate a range of aesthetic effects around the curves of the eye. Eyeliner is a makeup product that defines your eye or creates the effect of a bigger or smaller eye. Eyeliner can be used to create a variety of appearances as well as to draw attention to specific features of the eyes. With a winged eyeliner or tight lined at the waterline, the eyeliner can be placed in various sections of the eye to produce diverse looks. Eyeliner can be applied above or below the lashes, or both, and even on the water lines of the eyes. Its main aim is to make the lashes look thicker, but it also draws attention to the eye and can affect the form of the eye.

      Traditional wax-based eyeliners are made up of several different ingredients. Waxes, lipids, and other soft materials that readily slide on the skin account for around half of the total weight. Most cosmetic eyeliners include stearyl heptanoate. Black iron oxides, as well as lesser quantities of titanium dioxide and Prussian blue, are common pigments.

      The texture of the eyeliner decides if it can be gently smeared or firmly defined. On the market, there are six distinct types of eyeliner, each with its unique effect—

      1. Liquid eyeliner is a transparent liquid that comes in a compact bottle and is applied with a little sharp-tipped brush. It results in a neat, accurate line. This type of eyeliner is great for creating sharp, winged eyeliner. Because liquid eyeliner is so much heavier, it's usually exclusively used on the upper lash line.
      2. The powder-based eye pencil is a wood pencil eyeliner. Dark, matted colors are the most common.
      3. Wax-based eye pencils are eye pencils with waxes in them that are softer and easier to apply. They are available in a broad range of vibrant colors as well as lighter hues like white or beige. Wax-based eyeliners can be applied with a brush or in a cone.
      4. Kohl eyeliner is a silky powder that comes in a variety of dark matte colors. It is usually the first choice to outline the eyes in black. It's available as a pencil, pressed powder, or loose powder. This sort of eyeliner is prone to getting smudged.
      5. Gel eyeliner is a softer gel liner that may be applied with an eyeliner brush with ease. It is significantly softer than Kohl and may be applied accurately.
      6. Shimmer Liner, coming in a variety of vibrant hues, can be applied to both eyelids.

      What Is Ultime Pro Matte Eyeliner?

      The Ultime Pro Matte Eyeliner is the best eyeliner on the market that you can get. This sweat and water-resistant eyeliner delivers the most intense pigmented line with outstanding grip for a wonderful color pay-off and intense finish. It allows you to create a precise, extra-dense line with only one stroke. Its formula is very long-lasting, quick-drying, and non-transferable.

      Why Use Ultime Pro Matte Eyeliner?

      This matte liquid eyeliner is all you need to have a great day at the office. There are multiple advantages that will be all yours once you start using our product. Highlights of our product’s superiority will include—

      • Precision- This matte eyeliner comes with a maximum precision tip which will let you play even the finest strokes with ease. This makes the color eyeliner easy to apply and helps you save time.
      • Coverage- We provide an excellent color payoff in our products. Get the exact pigment you desire and steal the show. You will get the perfect matte finish and deep pigmentation on every shape you choose.
      • Longevity- Our color liquid liners are made to last throughout the day. Get a 24 hours long-lasting liner that is also transfer-proof and smudge-proof.
      • Waterproof and Sweatproof- Leave all your worries as our product will not be hindered by any kind of conditions that you might have to go through. The Ultime Pro Matte Liquid Eyeliner is completely unaffected by water splashes or even sweat for that matter.
      • Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested- Our product has been tested in laboratories for any sort of adverse reaction it might result in on your skin. It is completely safe to use so that you have nothing to worry about. In fact, our liquid eyeliner is even paraben-free.

      How To Use Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner?

      Eyeliner may assist draw attention to your eyes, make them appear larger, and even modify their form. Even if you've never used eyeliner before, some practice will help you enhance your makeup game! Smooth, sweeping lines and a precise effect are achieved using matte liquid eyeliner. The liquid liner comes in two forms: a marker pen and a vial with a brush. To use it, just draw your lines and then fill in any gaps with a second liner application. The liquid liner may be used to produce a variety of designs, from thin, natural lines to dramatic effects. The use of liquid liner marker pens is fairly simple. It may take some practice to master the liquid liner if you use a vial and brush.

      How To Properly Apply Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner

      Eyeliner, whether smeared, winged, or barely there, brings an eye makeup look together as few other tools can. And, believe it or not, anyone can get their desired liner appearance with a little patience, practice, and, most importantly, endurance.

      No expertise? No worries. While eyeliner is not as simple to apply as lipstick, it is simple to master once you get the hang of it. Expect errors while applying eyeliner, especially when you're just getting the hang of it. Stick with it, don't become discouraged, and keep patience and q tips on hand at all times! Don't stress about getting a perfectly smooth, straight line—bumps and uneven lines may be quickly fixed with a q-tip and a splash of makeup remover.

      1. Shake the lining gently. Shake the bottle to ensure that the liquid liner is thoroughly blended. Before shaking the liquid liner for a few seconds, make sure the lid is secure. Remove the brush from the bottle and unscrew the top when you're ready.

      Swipe the brush around the liner bottle's edge if it appears to have too much liner on it.

      1. Begin in the center. Place the brush against your top lash line, as near to your eyelashes as possible. Then, start lining your top lash line with eyeliner. Make your way to the lash line outside the border.

      If you're concerned about having an equal line, line your top lash line first with a pencil liner and then go over it with a liquid liner.

      1. Fill in any blanks. Line the inner border of your top lash line and link it to the first line you made once you've completed lining the outside corner. Connect your lines with short strokes and fill in as needed to create one solid, even line on your top lash line.

      If you make a mistake, soak a cotton swab in liquid oil and use the cotton swab's tip to correct it. Wipe away any extra liner or straighten a crooked edge.

      Which Shade To Choose According To Your Outfit?

      As for color you probably wouldn't want to match it to your dress, unless you are wearing black, gray, or neutrals in which case that would be perfectly fine to match your eye makeup since those colors are basics anyway.

      When it comes to color, you usually don't want to match it to your dress unless you're wearing black, grey, or neutrals, in which case matching your eye makeup to those colors is OK because they're all basic hues.

      Browns, taupes, beige, and pinkish beige eyeshadows are ideal for defining your eyes. It doesn't actually add any color, but it can help to form your eyes.

      For a smokey eye, blacks and greys are ideal. Although many hues, including prunes and plums, as well as golds and browns, may be used to create a smokey eye.

      To add a splash of color, choose bright hues. A trendy approach to adding color is to line the bottom lashes with green, blue, or purple. For a little pop of color, line only the bottom waterline.

      Metallic ones also function by catching the light in your eyes with a little gleam. After you've perfected your smoky eye, add a touch of silver to the middle of the lid using a metallic liner.

      Still undecided on which makeup color to use? Remember when you learned about the color wheel in art class? Colors on the opposite side of the color wheel are known as complementary colors. These hues have the highest contrast, which brings out your eyes' color. Let's face it, blue eyeshadow won't do much to improve the hue of blue eyes. However, if your lid is painted in a gold or copper tone, your baby blues will truly pop!

      Consult the chart above if you're having problems deciding. Remember that lucky brown-eyed girls get to choose any color they choose:

      BLUE EYES: golds, coppers, golden browns, and peaches bring out the blue in the eyes.

      GREEN EYES: Purples, plums, mauve, eggplant, or even red are complementing hues for green eyes. (they're on the other side of the color wheel) make green eyes truly stand out.

      HAZEL EYES: Blues to emphasize yellow specks, and purples, plums, and mauves to emphasize green flecks.

      BROWN EYES: Navy blues, plums and purples, greens, and browns.

      How To Do Wings With Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner?

      For a winged effect, follow the bottom lash line. With liquid liner, wings are optional, although they may enhance your look. Simply follow the curve of your outer lash line upwards from the outside corner of your eyelid to get a winged effect. Then, as required, fill in the wing.

      If you don't want to seem too dramatic, try a modest wing, or opt for a longer wing for a more dramatic effect.

      You may construct a straight line for the wing by using the edge of a business card. Simply put the business card at an angle on the outside border of your eyelid and trace the edge with liquid liner.

      Wings can also be made with tape. Place a piece of tape on your bottom lash line at an angle. The tape should be applied to the outer border of your lower lash line and stretch up to your eyebrow. To ensure a uniform application, tape both sides before applying the liner. You can tilt the tape as much or as little as you wish, but remember that a more dramatic tilt will appear better. Reduce the degree of tilt in your tape if you want a less dramatic effect.

      How To Do Graphics Liners With Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner?

      Graphic eyeliner styles are bold and different from the traditional cat-eye. To get the look, you may experiment with different shapes and colors and use liquid, gel, kohl, or pencil liners, as well as eyeshadow. The aim is to be inventive and have a good time!

      Here are 3 of the most popular and effective graphic looks which you can achieve using our matte liquid eyeliner:

      • Double Liner: 

      To get this look, start by drawing a winged liner with a felt ink liner pen if you're a newbie. To make the 'body' of the liner, place the felt tip along your lash line and drag or stamp the pen or stamp it along the lid. If you choose, you may use a 'dot-to-dot' approach. Create the wing next, keeping in mind that it should be an extension of your bottom lash line. If it helps to construct the line, use a straight item, sketch it, or use dots. Then join the tip of your wing to the liner's body.

      Need a boost? Begin the wing just before your upper and lower lash lines meet and curve it toward the end of your brow.

      To make the double line, start at the tip of your liner and use dots to outline a piece of your crease. After that, join the dots. Voila! When applying, use gentle pressure.

      • Layered Liner: 

      This is the simplest of the three techniques. Create a black liner of your choosing, preferably a winged liner for this effect. When making a wing, visualize it as an extension of your bottom lash line, and use a straight-edged item as a reference. Apply a second liner on top, extending slightly beyond the black. For the second liner, choose any color you're comfortable with.

      An angle brush and eyeshadow can also be used. If you have a shaky hand, use a gel liner so you can easily blend it out. Don't stress about being flawless; you may use this sort of liner as thick as you like!

      Since you're using a colored liquid liner, glance down once it's been applied. This will give it time to dry. Looking up too fast will smear your crease liner.

      • Floating Crease:  

      Start by recognizing your crease, which has recently become quite fashionable (which is the fold between your brow bone and socket). When your eyes are open, the floating crease will be seen above your actual crease.

      Understanding your crease will make applying eyeshadow on a daily basis much easier.

      Use a highly pigmented gel liner to trace an arc right above the crease, following the contour of the crease. Eyeshadow applied with a pencil brush or gel liner is much easier to blend and more forgiving than liquid liner.

      For a more pigmented effect, wet the tip of the brush before dipping it in eyeshadow. When you're done, wipe up any excess eyeshadow on your lid with a little flat brush and concealer. Any color or glitter can be used. Do you want to be safe? Start with a champagne or brown metallic.

      How To Prep Eyes?

      Some ladies appear to be able to make a stunning, sophisticated smokey eye in just 10 minutes, while others struggle to avoid poking their eye out when applying eyeliner. Applying eye makeup is undeniably a learned talent that takes experience, the appropriate materials, and, most importantly, patience! While everyone has their own view on what defines the "ideal" eye makeup look, there are a few helpful hints and ideas to get you started—

      1. Eyes must be cleaned. It's crucial to have a fresh start, whether you've just woken up with sleep in your eyes or the remains of yesterday's makeup clinging to your lashes. Wash the sensitive area around your eyes with lukewarm or cool water instead of boiling water. If you use a makeup remover on your eyes, wash them afterward to eliminate any greasy residue. Use a clean cloth and cleanse your eyes.
      2. Make use of a cosmetic primer. The primer is essential for ensuring that your eye makeup glides on easily and lasts all day and night. Silicone in primers smooths wrinkles and creases around the eyes, which may make makeup seem streaky and uneven. Applying primer to your eyelids before applying any other makeup will make your look more finished, flawless, and long-lasting.

      There are dozens of primers to select from, each with its own brand and price point. You may get inexpensive ones at the pharmacy store or spend more money at department stores. Try a few to discover the one that works best for you.

      1. Use concealer to hide dark circles. The telltale indicators of sleep deprivation are dark circles, which are not attractive to anyone. Apply a concealer beneath your eyes that match your skin tone.

      Look for a concealer with a moisturizer. This will camouflage the bags beneath your eyes while also combating them.

      Make sure the concealer is applied softly. Because the skin around our eyes is sensitive, using too much concealer will make them seem cakey and wrinkled. Apply a little amount of concealer to your eyelids as well. This will aid in the creation of a superior eyeshadow color.

      1. Make your lashes curly. This step must be completed before applying any eyeshadow, mascara, or eyeliner since it will smear your makeup. Press down for three seconds with your eyelash curler at the root of your lashes. Repeat the process in the center and at the ends of your lashes.

      Warm your eyelash curler slightly with your hairdryer if you want a strong curl. The heat will intensify the curl, similar to what a hot curling iron does to your hair. Just be careful not to overheat your eyelash curler, since this might cause irritation to the delicate area around your eyes.

      How To Use Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner To Add A Pop Of Color?

      If you don't have much spare time in your busy schedule but still want to change up your look, try this quick tip to add a fun burst of color to your eyes. You may use any color in the rainbow, although we're currently drawn to blues, purples, and greens. Whatever color you choose, you'll quickly stand out in a crowd—

      1. A tiny, flat brush should be dipped in shadow or pigment. If you're using powder shadow, wet your brush beforehand. On the outer parts of your upper lids, draw a thick cat-eye, patting on the color for emphasis.
      2. Apply a short line beneath each eye, concentrating the color in the middle.

      Choosing eyeshadow hues that complement your skin tone is maybe the most crucial step. Tones in the bronze and copper range are ideal for blue eyes, while purple and taupe colors are great for green, hazel, and brown eyes. When picking shadow hues, it's also crucial to consider skin tone. The warmer your eyeshadow should be, the darker your skin tone.

      If you have light eyes, use brown eyeliner. If you have dark eyes, use a black liner. Apply the liner to your lash line as near to your lashes as possible. Apply brown or black eyeshadow to your lower lash line with a tiny makeup brush for a smokier effect. Simply meet the top and bottom eyeliner in the outer corner of your eye.

      Apply a light, iridescent eyeshadow beneath your brow and into your tear duct. This method can provide the appearance of light bouncing off your eyes!

      Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner Tips And Tricks

      Even while eyeliner is an important element of our makeup process, it may be difficult to master.

      We started on the quest for the finest techniques to make wearing eyeliner as painless as possible once we figured out which eyeliner to use in a particular situation. The top eyeliner tips every woman should know are listed here:

      • Taupe-colored eyeliner- 

      You're probably thinking: Taupe? Will it even be noticed? But think of it as a visual effects education. It offers modest drama and opens up the eyes without making them appear heavy or closed up as a dark brown or black would. Swipe it on the waterline or smudge it all over the lash line, top, and bottom.

      • When you're in a hurry, use mascara as a liner-

       You know those mornings when you've pushed the snooze button five times and feel like you'll melt if the sun shines on your face? This is when you'll need it the most. Make a line with your mascara. Curl lashes before applying two to three coats of mascara, squeezing and holding the lash wand into the base of the lashes without wriggling. Without the eyeliner, this deposits mascara between the roots, creating an eye-opening impression.

      • Use a pencil to trace your cat’s eye- 

      When you're attempting to nail an over-the-top cat-eye and simply can't seem to get it right, desperate measures are required. No, there isn't any. If you want a more accurate appearance like that, start with a light brown liner and draw the shape you desire. It's far easier to clean up than liquid liner, and you can then improve the design with less danger.

      • Winged Liner: Use a Post-It as a Guide- 

      We'd be affluent enough to conduct a contentious presidential campaign if we had a dollar for every time we drew two perfect—but extremely uneven—wings on our eyeliner. To avoid that sinking feeling as you step back from the mirror and see your two wings are crooked, use a Post-it note. From the outer corner of the eye to the brow, place it. It acts as a guide to ensure that the flick is balanced on both sides.

      • For Erasing Mistakes, Makeup Primer Is Better Than Makeup Remover- 

      This appears to be an enigma. However, unless you have a really steady touch, you risk getting remover all over the place—even where you didn't make a mistake. Furthermore, the oil in the makeup remover will make the liner drag even more. Instead, use a tiny synthetic brush soaked in primer to refine the contour and accuracy. This ensures lifespan and water resistance while smoothing off the edges. A Q-tip can also be used.

      • For a smokey effect, smudge gel liner with a concealer brush- 

      Coat a smaller brush, such as a concealer brush, with eyeliner by brushing it back and forth across the tip of the eyeliner until the brush is fully coated. Then smear the liner on with it. Unless you want exact lines or borders, it's ten times simpler to accomplish this using a brush since it provides you more control. Furthermore, the smudgeness is forgiving, especially if your hands are unsteady. This is especially useful for folks who have monolids. With the brush, make a thick line and then buff it out for a delicate, eye-opening effect.

      • Use smaller steps to create a Cat eye- 

      Liquid liner is the worst, there's no other way to phrase it. However, it provides super-inky color, a crisp edge, and the ability to stay there for hours. A pen-like brush aids in the creation of accurate lines and helps to divide the operation into three parts. To begin, polish the last flick, making sure that each flick is equal, of the same breadth, and symmetrical. Then, at the inner corners, draw a very thin line across the tear duct, linking it to the wing at the end. Fill in your wings outline last.

      1. Your colored eyeliner and your eyeshadow must be in tune for the perfect combo-

       It's not only budge-proof, but it's also ultramodern to double your shadow and liner. You can obtain the same definition using a liner that matches the eye shadow, but it will appear cooler and more current than merely using black.

      • Can never trust anyone more than your mirror- 

      This appears to be one of those suggestions that sounds excellent in principle but fails to operate in practice. It's not the case. Instead of using the bathroom mirror, position a portable mirror beneath your skin on the counter. If you glance down into it, you won't have to deal with your lashes as much as if you looked straight on.

      Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner Hacks

      The following are the top hacks any woman can use with an eyeliner:

      1. Set your eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow to help your eye makeup linger longer. To keep the liner in place, line your eyes with a pencil liner and then gently dust your eye shadow in the same shade on top.
      2. For problematic liquid eyeliner, use a pencil liner as a guide. If your hand isn't stable enough to use liquid eyeliner, use a pencil liner first and then draw over it with liquid.
      3. To make a less pigmented makeup pop, first, cover your eyelid with white eyeliner. This will assist to balance out the hue of your skin, giving the shadow an equal basis and allowing the color to pop.
      4. Using a wet liner brush and eyeshadow, create your own personalized eyeliner. The damp brush will deepen the pigments somewhat and give them a liner-like appearance.
      5. If you have monolids, draw a thick arch using a gel or liquid liner to achieve the precise line. If your eyeliner is being hidden by your eyelids, draw an arched line above your lash line that is a bit thicker than you believe. You'll have perfect-size lines when you open your eyes.
      6. For a quick eye lift, use white eyeliner as a brow highlighter. To define your brows, use a strong white liner to the line below and above your brows and smudge it out with a sponge brush.
      7. Warm the tip of a kohl liner with a lighter to make your own gel liner. Hold the liner's tip directly over the flame for a few seconds, then test it on the back of your hand before lining your eyes.
      8. Draw a rough line initially, then sharpen it with a cotton swab and petroleum jelly if attaining a flawless line is too difficult. Erasing mistakes is often simpler than attempting to do it right the first time.
      9. Tightline your liner in between the lashes rather than over the top of the lash line for a more natural effect. Filling in your top lashes from underneath is the best method to achieve this. This will make your lashes appear bigger without making you look too made up.
      10. Make it easier to draw a straight line by first lining your eyes with dots and then joining them. Make sure your dots aren't excessively large. They should be the same width as you want your line to be.

      How To Remove Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner Properly?

      Eyeliner is a must-have for most cosmetic lovers. Eyeliners offer color and excitement to any look, whether you want to go big and dramatic or add a little definition for a natural appearance. It's probably not as much fun to have to remove it before going to bed.

      You understand the significance of removing all of your makeup at the end of the day. If you don't, be aware that sleeping with your makeup on can cause a slew of issues, including eye discomfort and acne. While it may be tempting to skip it, it is well worth it - for the benefit of your skin.

      • An Oil-based makeup remover- 

      Oil is the best technique to remove waterproof eyeliner. The oil will break it down the most quickly, reducing the amount of scrubbing or repeated applications required.

      Soak a cotton bud or cotton pad in the remover and place it gently on the eye for 20-30 seconds. This will allow the oil to dissolve the product, allowing you to wipe it away with only one or two swipes. To eliminate any greasy residue, use micellar water.

      • Micellar Water-

      The best technique to get rid of eyeliner is to use micellar water or oil to dissolve it. Micellar water should be sufficient for non-waterproof liners. Because it's a mild remover, it's especially good for people who have sensitive eyes.

      It's not difficult to use. Wrap a cotton swab in a makeup-removing micellar water wipe and glide it over the lash line. After that, detach the wipe from the cotton swab and use it to wipe away any remaining residue.

      • Don’t over scrub- 

      You should never exfoliate your skin too hard in general. Scrubbing the eye region, in particular, is something you should avoid. Scrubbing the eye too forcefully may harm the skin and lead to the loss of eyelashes.

      • Don’t overdo it- 

      Although it may seem self-evident, one of the greatest methods to make eyeliner simple to remove is to use less of it. Opt for highly pigmented and strong hues like our range of colour liquid liners if you truly want your eyeliner to stand out. Your eyes will thank you if you work smarter rather than harder.


      Will it last all day?

      Our range of color matte eyeliners has been built to last and you can be sure that they will last throughout the day. They come with a 24hr life guarantee to bring you out of any hassles you may face.

      Is it smudge-proof?

      Our product is completely smudge-proof. Not just that, it's even waterproof and sweatproof for that matter. So there's nothing that you need to worry about.

      Is it safe for teenage girls?

      Our product has been tested in laboratories for any sort of adverse reaction it might result in on your skin. It is completely safe to use so that you have nothing to worry about. In fact, our liquid eyeliner is even paraben-free.

      Is it safe for pregnant women?

      Our product has been thoroughly evaluated in laboratories for any potential side effects on your skin. It is perfectly safe to use, so there is no need to be concerned. Hence, pregnant women can be completely sure about our matte eyeliner as it will cause no harm whatsoever.


      This is all that you need. The entire information about our product is in your eyesight, and I hope you have been observing keenly. Glam up your look into any style that you want and rock your life. Be it a date, a business meeting, a get-together, or any occasion you wanna be the boss on, our collection is the answer to all your desires. Buy our Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner and stop regretting any past mistakes that you might have made while purchasing an eyeliner. Its long life will hold up for you all day long, as will its quality since it's waterproof, sweatproof, smudge-proof, and whatnot. Shop online at FacesCanada and start living a better life.

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