No Transfer Matte Lipstick

All day wear transfer-proof liquid lipstick
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Reasons To Buy

  • Intense color payoff in single swipe
  • Smudge proof, transfer proof and long lasting
  • Enriched with moisturizing Chamomile oil
  • Highly pigmented
  • Paraben free
  • Available in 12 stunning shades


Covet worthy and extremely gorgeous liquid lipsticks from Faces Canada. No Transfer Matte Lipstick will prettify your pout like no other and true to its name, this liquid lipstick is 100% transfer proof. Intensely pigmented liquid matte lipstick that gives high coverage lasting for hours. It offers one-stroke application that dries within seconds giving an extreme matte look. A non-bleeding formula, this 'one coat' wonder liquid lipstick beauty will never let you down!

    Product Info

    Name & Address of Manufacturer:Viva Cosmetics, C1/1-6, Radheshyam Indl. Complex, Asangaon, Thane - 421601 M.L. No.: KD-C-265 Marketed by: Faces Cosmetics Private Limited, Ground Floor Tower A, The Presidency,46/4 Mehrauli Gurugram Road, Sector 14,Gurugram Haryana - 122001

    Country of Origin:India

    Net Qty. (g/ml):3.5

    Ingredient List

    Isododecane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Disteardomonium Hectorite, C12 -15 Alkyl Benzoate, Propylene Carbonate, Fragrance, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Chamomilla Recutita oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Pearls & Approved Colors

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 109 reviews
        Amazingly superb u can't no

        Same as in pic and transfer proof long lasting weightless ...don't feel as if u applied ..loved's worth the price

        Super good the product is value for money

        One of the best company with good quality of products and value for money With very good offers
        Sade- Tea spiller 06
        Sade- serial texter 09
        Smudge proof, Transfer proof and long-lasting
        Enriched with chamomile oil

        Love you this

        Absolutely love the shades filter freak and tea spiller

        Wonderful lip colours

        I ordered randomly..but received amazing wonderful lip colours..super pigments..not bad at this price b1g1 offer

        Wonderful lip colours

        I just love the colour pigment and smooth texture..must have

        About No Transfer Matte Lipstick

        The No-Transfer Matte Lipstick will make your lips like none other. True to its name, the lipstick is transfer-proof. It is a highly pigmented liquid matte lipstick with the best coverage and lasts for hours. It's a one-stroke applicator that is dry in a matter of seconds, giving an extremely matte appearance. It is a non-bleeding formula "one-coat" amazing liquid lipstick matte beauty that will last forever!

        The texture is matte with one stroke. It dries in approximately 2 minutes upon application of one coat. When dry, it hardens and does not transfer even when wearing the mask. If you apply multiple coats, it will become thicker and could not transfer. We should frequently moisturize my lips throughout the night, so that there are no issues with dry lips. The lipstick wears less than other liquid lipsticks from the same category. The loss is mostly on the inner and middle lips but very minimal. The lips are covered in one coat, providing an opaque layer.

        They last for up to 6 hours and never fade. We can wear it underneath the mask, and it remains in place. The only thing to do is allow it to completely dry without putting on too much. They last longer on lips that are always moisturized and appear plump naturally. We've tried it on food, and it works extremely well.

        Benefits of Having No Transfer Matte Liquid Lipstick

        Matte lipstick can look elegant and neat. It's a matte-textured texture and is easy to apply to your routine of beauty. The most beautiful appearance of this lipstick can be achieved by choosing a shade that is compatible with the skin tone. Additionally, it is a makeup type that works with almost every other makeup.


        It is a good idea to wear matte lipstick and consider cool lipstick ideas. Contrary to glossy lipsticks, matte lipsticks are able to last for a long duration. It is among the main benefits of matte lipsticks.

        While it's not mandatory to apply the cream every day to maintain the best appearance, there is less chance of suffering from cracks and caking or the need for a coating of moisture.

        Transfer with Very Little Effort

        The main benefits of lipstick are that this lipstick is free of smudges. It stays in place after application and is less likely to break out during the time of the day. It's an excellent lip balm that can assure you that it will not transfer even during everyday activities such as eating a sandwich or sipping a cup of coffee.

        Other lipsticks need regular wiping, but it's not so for matte lipsticks. These are the main advantages that come with a matte lipstick.

        Looks Natural

        Although the benefits of matte lipsticks can give an impressive appearance, it's also extremely adept at creating an impression distinct from glossy lipsticks.

        Warm Weather

        This lipstick is a good choice for the hot days of summer. Some glossy lipsticks start to rub off and become difficult to get rid of. It happens due to temperatures and the beginning of sweating. In high temperatures, the matte lipstick does not get hot and stays in place without losing its color—other advantages of matte lipstick.

        More Power

        When it comes to applying the top liquid lipstick matte, you could have more control. The best matte liquid lipstick can be difficult to achieve complete control on what amount is applied with a doe-footed application tool for glossy types.

        An excessive matte liquid lipstick base application can easily lead to the creation of a sticky mess. However, this is not the case with a matte lipstick because it is simple to apply, and it feels exactly identical whether you require three, two, and three coats.

        What Is It That Makes It Different From Similar Liquid Lipsticks?

        Matte isn't flat at all. The latest trend in matte lipsticks has taken runways as well as Instagram accounts by storm, and it's like there's a new collection of matte lipsticks released every week. Here's the way that no transfer matte lipsticks differ.

        They Go Over the Bullet

        If you've heard of matte lipsticks, you're likely thinking of the classic liquid bullet. However, when it comes to the latest trends, matte liquid lipstick is growing in popularity. The numerous formulas offer many different kinds of creativity, like mixing shades and creating the ombre effects. However, beauty professionals and customers should be aware that these matte liquid lipsticks could ruin the inside of your purse or makeup kit if you fail to secure them.

        Long-Live the Wear-And-Tear

        One of the major benefits of matte lipsticks is the fact that they generally have more durability than glossier shades which will transfer each whenever you drink or eat. However, liquids that are oily may cause matte lip colors to peel away, and reapplying them can be a challenge according to the formulation. To prevent this issue, you should use an eyeliner with matte lip colors.

        The Matte Hackers Are Out There

        There is no need to purchase a new lipstick set to join the train of matte makeup. You can transform any lipstick to be matte by using little powders or even baby powder. The first step is to apply your normal lipstick and then remove the shine using the help of a tissue. Put a makeup sponge into your translucent powder, and then lightly dab it on the lips. It will not only be matte to the lips but also help to set the color and help make it last for longer.

        Also, you can alter the appearance of matte lipstick by making use of gloss. There is a chance that a pure matte liquid lipstick appears harsher than you would like on the skin of a customer; however, adding a small layer of pink or clear gloss can help balance the look. Similar to many other trends in makeup, it's all about experimentation. Matte lipsticks are an excellent option to include in your collection.

        It's an Easy, Vintage Style

        Although dramatic matte shades and shades of smokey gray are trendy right today, matte lipsticks have been popular for a long time. A vibrant pink flat color can be a great easy way to get the retro 1950s pinup look that never goes out of fashion. To give a contemporary spin to this vintage vibe, makeup artists can wear an eyeliner that is black with the boldness of a shade of matte or bright fuchsia instead of the traditional red.

        How Do You Apply No Transfer Matte Lipstick Correctly?

        As trends in makeup change, it appears that matte lipstick will be around for the long haul. In the wake of this "new normal" making mask-wearing compulsory, liquid lipsticks, as well as other makeup products that are budge-proof, are becoming essential for all makeup lovers.

        If you're looking for lippies that can withstand transfer, FACES CANADA's No Transfer Matte is the best choice.

        The latest collection comes with extremely pigmented shades that will provide you with a needed pop of color. It has a transfer-proof and fade-proof matte formula that can last at least 12 hours, meaning you don't need to be concerned about scratching off or leaving marks on your face. It's truly the most summer-proof lipstick.

        To achieve the most effective results from the matte lip glosses you have, follow this instruction for applying liquid lipstick matte using a proper method.

        1. Exfoliate For Pre-Lipstick Preparation

        Lips that are dry and flaky are a nightmare for all hippie lovers, but particularly when it is about liquid lipsticks. The rough texture of the lips could hinder the process of even applying. Long-wear lipsticks, for instance, might have difficulty adhering to lips that are cracked.

        Therefore, prior to applying your lipstick matte to your lips, gently exfoliate them to create a smooth and smooth surface. It is possible to use a lips scrub, washcloth, or an old toothbrush to accomplish the task.

        2. Apply A Moisturizing Cream and Wipe Off the Excess

        The wear of matte lipsticks for long durations can cause dryness to the lips, and that's why applying a lip balm that is moisturizing is vital. FACES CANADA No transfer Matte is a perfect lipstick to use in this situation since the formula is made for keeping your lips soft and hydrated throughout the day.

        But the presence of any grease or oil on your lips may hinder the application of even the finest liquid matte lipstick shades. Therefore, you should leave the lip balm only for a short time, then gently wipe the excess away with a tissue that is clean. Your lips will feel smoother and more hydrated, but they will remain dry enough to be able t\o apply the lipstick.

        3. Line Your Lips

        Making a perfect lip line with the red liquid matte lipstick set applicator requires some time and perseverance. Lip liner provides the precise outline you need but is also more accommodating to mistakes. Also, the use of the lip liner will stop certain shades of dark liquid lipstick from leaking into the skin.

        For the first timeline, your lips begin by drawing your lips with an "X" where your cupid's bow is. From the top of the "X," trace each side of the lip line until you reach where your lips meet. After that, trace the middle of the lower lip line until you get to the corners of your mouth.

        4. Blend the Lip's Edges Line

        After the lips are lined, you'll need to smooth the lip's edges. It is a great option if your lip line appears a little rough and you'd like your lip liner to blend into your lipstick in liquid form.

        Utilizing a clean bristle or cotton bud, gently smudge the outer edges of your lips. The inner edge, which is to one side of the lips, works toward the inner side to create a seamless appearance in between the lipliner and lipstick when you apply the lipstick in liquid form.

        5. Begin Applying Lipstick Starting, Beginning From The Inside Of Your Lips.

        The inside of your lips, the area where your lips purse is, is an excellent spot to begin your application of lipsticks for a number of reasons.

        It first gives you enough space to spread the lipstick evenly without having to be concerned about crossing the lip line. In addition, as this area experiences lots of movement and friction while talking beginning here, it gives the lipstick a time to dry before.

        You can also modify the application to make the color or make lines that are more precise as you move outwards.

        6. Create Color by Applying Gentle Layers

        One tip to putting the lipstick properly is, to begin with, a light, thin layer. It will give you more control over how strong you'd like the color to appear. Lipsticks such as FACES CANADA No Transfer Matte FACES CANADA Matte with No Transfer Matte permit excellent color buildup without feeling heavy on your lips.

        7. Take Care to Clean Up Any Errors

        Some people are afraid of matte lipsticks because they dry out quickly, leaving no room for errors. However, there are some ways to get rid of any spots or smears.

        No Transfer Liquid Lipstick Matte Shades

        Shades 01 through 05 are part of Shades 01-05 are part of the "red" color family. Different shades of red can be observed from close. From shade 06 onwards, the range of colors opens up. The top shades are 11, which are naked and out, which is very comfortable and suitable for workwear, casual wear, or everyday wear. The other shades that you might like are 09 and 06; both are in the shadows of purple and plum. They are the "coral" shades 07, 08, and 10 are gorgeous. This shade is the original and striking color of a plum.

        How Do You Select The Best No Transfer Matte Liquid Lipstick Shade To Match Your Skin Shade?

        There are hundreds of lipsticks available that come in different tones and finishes, so locating the one that suits you best can be a challenge. The truth is, a variety of shades most likely be suitable for you (which is why you might end up with more than a dozen red lipsticks). However, knowing the tone of your skin can narrow the choices.

        How to Choose Lipstick Based on Your Undertone

        There's no way to find the perfect lipstick shade. It's up to you to test many different shades to determine the best shade. However, you can use your undertone to guide you by watching a variety of shades of the same shade on the inside of your arm, then taking note of how different shades appear on your skin.

        • Tones that are warm: If you have yellow or warm shades or olive skin tone, search for lipstick with warm tones like brick-red, orangey-red, and terra-cotta that can enhance your skin.
        • For pink or blue tones: The ideal option to compliment cool skin tones that have pink or blue undertones is a lip gloss that includes cool tones, specifically, blue-ish and purple shades. Consider a bright red that is bluer than orange, berry shades such as cranberry or deep plum.
        • For neutral tones: Neutral undertones can be used with a broad spectrum of shades. If you've got a neutral style to your skin or don't know which ones you have, consider mauve shades for medium skin tones, shades of pink for fair skin, and berry tones for darker skin tones.

        How to Choose Dark Lipstick

        Dark lipsticks look best on women with a darker complexion. For the most appropriate shade, whether dark or deep, you must take note of the color of your lips and your skin tone. If you're trying out deep shade for the first time, remember these points in your mind:

        An easy method to sport a dark lip is to use lip gloss. Even ladies with thinner lips can wear these shades by adding shine to their lips. It's a perfect look for the evening.

        How to Choose Nude Lipstick

        Finding a decent, natural-looking lipstick can be a challenge due to the shade and tone that can enhance the natural color of your lips or cause you to look sick. In the case of lips, "nude" isn't always a reference to "skin color." It's not about finding a shade that matches the hue of your lips. The goal is to highlight the lips in a way that is natural to you.

        An excellent starting point for finding "your" nude lip shade is to determine if it shades darker or lighter than the color of your lip.

        Tinted balms can add some color to your lips and work with the natural shades of your lips to make them appear more attractive.

        How to Choose Bright Lipstick

        Colors that are bright (pink or orange shades of red) can be simpler to pick than the perfect t-shirt. With so many choices, it's easy to feel overwhelmed at the counter for makeup. If you're completely unfamiliar with finding a flattering glowing complexion, here are a few suggestions:

        The finish can really alter the appearance of bright lipstick. The formulas are shiny and youthful. A matte or satin finish is classic. Matte lipsticks look modern and give a strong look.

        Select a hue based on your personal preferences. Cooler colors tend to be brighter, whereas warmer shades offer a soft appearance.

        Keep in mind that the more sheer the color of your lips is, the more tolerant and adaptable it is. One method to make the most vibrant lip colorwork is to thin it with a lip balm.

        No Transfer Matte Lipstick Shades for Different Occasions

        For College Makeup

      • Rosey Lipstick Shades
      • Shades of light rose lipstick can often be the closest to our natural lip color. Choose the shade that is perfect for you, and it will be ideal since you will get that 'your lip but better' appearance. It's also suitable to eat and drink because once it fades, it doesn't appear odd, and you can easily apply it, perhaps even without using a mirror.

      • Peach Lipstick Shades
      • Peach lipstick was among my favorite lipsticks during college. I don't think I ever opted for other lipsticks. It's great for everyday wear, and you don't need to be concerned about spreading.

      • Matte Coral Lipstick Shades
      • If you're looking for an extra zing to your lips, but without being over the top and too bright, then corals or subtle orange shades are great to achieve that. They're stylish and chic and look like statement lips; however, they are very comfortable and wearable, particularly if you opt for a matte finish.

      • Nude Lipstick Shades
      • It is the most popular lipstick option for a lot of students. Pure lipstick, in various shades, gives an extremely natural and beautiful appearance. Pick the shades and undertones you love the most and put them in a jar in your bag.

        For Wedding Makeup

      • Classic Red Lip
      • It's impossible to go wrong with traditional red lipstick! The ruby-red hue is very bold, as long-lasting as well as precise use to prevent bleeding is vital! There's something classic and romantic about red that is timeless. An excellent option is the timeless FACES CANADA Liquid Lipstick. It's a favorite shade that will last for a lifetime for your lips!

      • Minimalist Peachy Nude Lipstick
      • It's impossible to be wrong with a classic naked. Ideal for those who want something more simple and neutral. Even if it's not your style, a light shade, such as the peachy-nude hue seen on the bride's face above, is a great way to add coloring to your face.

      • Bold Plum or Berry Lipstick
      • For brides in winter and fall or simply those looking for more of a moody look, Dark lip colors are vital. If you're looking for a dark color, make sure you choose an item with a high-quality color payoff and durable wear. It's also great for the traditional wedding appearance with many jewel tones for a classic look.

      • Soft Feminine Pink Lip
      • For our beautiful spring brides, a delicate pink shade is essential for your wedding day! It is possible to choose the more subtle shadow to create a softer appearance or go all-over with shades like FACES CANADA no transfer matte lipstick for a stylish style. If you're seeking to be bold in the pink realm, there's nothing wrong with adding a touch of hot pink that is somewhat adventurous.

        For Family Function

      • Bold Plum or Berry Lipstick
      • For brides in winter and fall or those who want an edgier appearance, Dark lipstick is vital. If you are looking for a deep shade, make sure you choose the lip product with an intense color payoff and durable wear. It's also great for an event with a traditional style that has lots of jewel tones to create a classic look.

      • Soft Feminine Pink Lip
      • For romantic brides, a delicate pink shade is essential for your wedding day! It is possible to choose the more subtle shade for a soft look or go all-over with shades like FACES CANADA liquid matte lipstick to create a glamorous appearance. If you want to stand out in the pink realm, there's nothing wrong with adding a touch of hot pink to make you look slightly adventurous.

      • Matte Coral Lipstick Shades
      • If you're looking for an extra zing to your lips but without becoming too loud, bright, muted shades of orange are perfect for achieving that. They're stylish and chic as statement lips. However, they are very comfortable and wearable, especially when you opt for a matte finish.

        How Do You Prepare Your Lips For No Transfer Matte Lipstick?

        Lips that dry and flake are the worst nightmares for all hippie lovers, especially when it is about liquid lipsticks. Lips with rough textures can hinder the process of even applying. Some lipsticks, like long-wear ones, could have issues sticking to lips that have cracked.

        Therefore, prior to placing your glossy lipstick on your lips, gently exfoliate them to smooth the surface. You can apply the Lip scrubber, washcloth, or an old toothbrush to complete the job.

        Long durations can cause dryness to lips, which is why applying a lip balm that is moisturizing is vital. FACES CANADA No transfer Matte is a perfect lipstick for this as its formula is specifically designed for keeping your lips soft and hydrated for a long time.

        But the presence of any grease or oil on the lips may affect even the most flawless liquid matte lipstick shades. You should leave the balm on for a short time and then gently wipe the excess away with an uncontaminated tissue. Your lips will feel smoother and more hydrated, but they will remain dry enough to put the lipstick on.

        How Do You Create A Plump Lip with No Transfer Lipstick Matte Lipstick?

        The eyebrows aren't the only sought-after features of the face nowadays. In fact, it appears the lips have been having an epic moment too! If you've seen a sloppy, pillow-like pout on social media feeds, on a film screen, or strolling along the street, it's a look that's officially at the bottom of the charts in terms of popularity, and it's easy to see the reason. If you're after a poutier, plumper-looking pucker, keep reading. Below, we'll provide a couple of must-try makeup tips and techniques that will aid you in learning the best ways for your lips to appear more pronounced. Make sure you have your lipstick on and follow the instructions!

        Over-Line and Put Your Lips In

        With a lip liner such as one such as the FACES CANADA No Transfer Matte, Line your lips a little away from the edges of your lips. It's important not to be too big, but you want your lips to appear natural. Everyone should not have wondered what transpired in your mouth. After you've lined your lips, line them with your favorite lipstick to create an opaque appearance. The deeper your lips get, the more full they appear. Make sure you match your lip liner with the shade of FACES CANADA Matte, which is a No-Transfer Matte Available in 16 stunning shades.

        Get Rid Of the Edges

        To make your lips shine, choose your preferred concealer or mix the perfect color with FACES CANADA No Transfer Matte to highlight your lips. It can be a great addition to your daily makeup routine. It will not only make your lips pop more clearly, but they'll also appear more polished as well.

        Ombre Appearance with No Transfer Matte Lipstick

        To bring back the nostalgia of the 90s and recreate the look, stay tuned as we've provided a simple guide on how to achieve the style.

        Exfoliate Your Lips

        Making sure your lips are smooth is crucial to ensure that the lipsticks apply evenly, particularly when creating a look for your lips. With a lip scrub or a moist washcloth, gently scrub your lips to eliminate dead skin cells and reveal your smooth lips. Should your lips appear dry after this, apply a lip balm Yi. However, make sure that you don't use too much because you do not want the lip liner you'll apply to slide off.

        Line Your Lips

        Then make sure you line your lips using an orange-toned lip liner. Make a line around your lips, making sure that your sequence in the center is relatively thin and getting thicker around the outer edges. That can help give the appearance of larger lips. It is vital in relation to the shape of your lips.

        Diffuse the Lip Liner

        For the first step in creating an ombre look, start with a tiny lip brush to diffuse the liner on your lips lightly. Blend the color toward the center of your lips so that it is the deepest on the outer lip and fades to the center.

        Apply a Light Lipstick Shade

        Find a lipstick shade that shares similar undertones to the lipstick liner you picked; however, its 3-4 shades less. If you're looking for an extremely striking contrast, consider Faces canada No Transfer Matte. For those who prefer an ombre style to be less somber, pick a lipstick that is only 2 to 3 shades less than your liner.

        Apply the color to the center of your lips straight from the bullet making careful not to cover the liner of the lips. Utilizing your fingers or a lip brush, smooth the edge of the lipstick to ensure that it appears diffused in the liner of the lips.

        Top Off the Look with Lip Gloss

        Although you could just leave it as is and still enjoy stunning lips, it wouldn't be an authentic nod to the 90s if you didn't finish it off with a lip gloss. It was all about shine, and applying a clear mask gives it that perfect finishing touch.

        No Transfer Liquid Matte Lipstick Review, Makeup Tips & Hacks

        Matte lipsticks are trendy and fashionable. However, it's not the most low-maintenance makeup. It's not something you can just put on and go, or you'll look like you've eaten an orange and not as if you're wearing Kylie Cosmetics' shade 22. Here are the best ways to look gorgeous while sporting your most matte lip.

        Make sure your lips are cleansed prior to the application of a lipstick in order to prevent a cakey effect

        Matte lipstick is easy to settle onto any rough spots on your lips, which is why it is best, to begin with, on a clean canvas. Make sure to exfoliate at least once a day using an easy lip scrub with your finger.

        Use a light layer of lip balm to your lips prior to applying lipstick to ensure that your lips stay well-hydrated

        It will maintain your lips' hydration as matte lipsticks can be extremely dry. Applying balm prior to the lipstick rather than after can help keep your lipstick's appearance matte.

        To ensure that your lipstick lasts all day, tear each layer of tissue. Place one of them on your lips and apply a thin layer of translucent powder over the tissue

        It allows a small amount of powder to pass through the tissue and then deposits on your lipstick. The powder has a lot of staying power, much like it is for your makeup. However, it's not recommended to apply this directly on the lips since it will appear like a cake.

        When you have applied lipstick, rub a skin-colored color around the edges of your lips to create a more clear lip line

        It helps to smooth any edges on your lipstick and soothes your lips to stand out.

        First, line your lips to ensure a precise application

        Matte lipsticks are extremely colored, so it's simple to apply color beyond the lines of your lips. After lining your pout with the liner, apply the shade to your lips around halfway in advance of using your lipstick. It will prevent the color from discoloring and will also aid in blending it more effectively, too.

        Apply lip primer directly on your lips to help the lipstick's color remain true and stop it from leaking

        The lips don't have a natural shade, and therefore unless you apply an even shade by using primer and lipstick, your lips will not look as if they're wearing lipstick and will appear somewhat more muted. The application of primer prior to applying lipstick and liner makes the color appear more vibrant and stops the lipstick from spreading.

        Put sheer glossy to the lips of matte lipstick for an edgier look

        Are you looking for a relaxed style? Put clear gloss on your matte lipstick to get fresh, dewy eyes.

        Apply highlighter to the lower lip for more of a look

        A bold matte lipstick may make your lips appear smaller, so this tip will aid in reducing this effect. Highlighters can add more volume to your lower lip than the sun naturally strikes.

        If you'd like to apply again, you must take everything off and begin again

        If your lipstick is starting to fade, it could be tempting to put another layer over it. However, matte lipsticks are too dry for two layers. Kylie Jenner herself recommends only one thin coat of lipstick. The best option is to begin completely from scratch. Take a makeup wipe to apply a touch-up between classes.

        When you're facing difficulty getting rid of a matte lipstick that is really difficult to remove, apply vaseline to the tissue

        If your lips have a stain due to wearing lipstick all day, It's a good idea to use a budget Vaseline that will wash the paint completely off.


        Can No Transfer Matte Lipstick Be Used Daily?

        Don't apply lipstick more than twice per day. Using lipstick more than two times can result in the ingestion of greater amounts of chemicals and cause harm. To prevent this, be aware not to apply it more than twice every day.

        Is No Transfer Matte Lipstick Kiss-Proof?

        Yes, it is. Consider purchasing a non-transfer matte lipstick to get the longest-lasting power. They're smooth in texture and begin with liquid and then dry.

        Can I Use No Transfer Matte Lipstick As Blush And EyeShadow?

        Yes. Begin with a tiny amount of product, and build up to the next level as needed. For a monochromatic appearance, apply the same lipstick to create a light eyeshadow. Additionally, it is important to keep your foundation as fresh as possible. In case your face is oily, you might want to consider applying a mattifying moisturizer or primer.

        Is No Transfer Liquid Matte Lipstick Combo Mask-Proof?

        Yes. Although experts have generally agreed that liquid lipsticks are the best for facial masks, there are some matte lipsticks with a regular texture that are durable enough to last.

        What Is The Shelf Life Of No Transfer Matte Liquid Lipstick?

        It has been found that generally, the no-transfer matte liquid lipstick kept in a dry, cool area and left unopened can last between 2 and 3 years.