11 Incredible Beauty Tips for Older Women

11 Incredible Beauty Tips for Older Women

Make your mature skin look timelessly gorgeous with these beauty tips for older women.

Your skin changes drastically as you age. Instead of the acne and blackheads of your youth, now your problems include wrinkles, dark circles, and sagging skin. Added to that, you probably aren't aware of how to apply makeup so that it flatters your face without overdoing it.

Luckily for you, our beauty team has been devoted to finding the secret to flawless makeup for women over 50 or you can say beauty tips for older women. After scouring the internet and speaking to expert makeup artists, here are some of the best mature skin makeup tips we’ve come up with—from prep to application to colors. Regardless of your age, these aging skin makeup tips will help you look your best.

#1 Hydration Is Key—Build a Flawless Base for Your Makeup

A solid skincare routine is the foundation of flawless makeup application. Maintaining hydration is essential for keeping mature skin looking radiant, youthful, and glowing.

Your skin will lose its ability to retain moisture as you age, so moisturizing before applying your foundation is important. This beauty tip for older women will keep your skin plump, and also ensure that your products spread smoothly over the skin rather than sink into fine lines.

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#2 Apply Products Upward and Outward—Tighten the Skin

In addition to counteracting gravity, this makeup tip for older women also helps keep saggy skin and deep expression lines at bay. 

Gently sweep creams, serums, and foundations onto your face in upwards and outward sweeping motions. It stimulates circulation, helps products absorb into the skin, and feels soothing in the short term; it also minimizes downward pressure in the long term.

#3 Don’t Skip Out on Primer—Avoid Visible Wrinkles 

Primers can go a long way in evening out mature skin's surface so that makeup can be applied smoothly. They can prevent makeup products from settling into wrinkles and fine lines on mature skin types.

Often, priming formulas can also hydrate and illuminate the skin, which is helpful for older skin. It’s one of the most important beauty tips for mature skin. 

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#4 Choose Liquid Foundations—for Some Extra Hydration

Those with mature skin should avoid powders and use creamy foundations. Because powder foundation settles into fine lines and wrinkles, they become more obvious.

A moisturizing liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, on the other hand, often features hydrating ingredients and gives the skin a dewy finish, which is flattering for this skin type. These days, you can even get foundations that have moisturizer and SPF in them.

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#5 Use Foundation Brushes—Take Control of Your Application

Instead of using a sponge, apply foundation with a brush. Because foundation brushes allow you to use less product, they are more effective for mature skin.

Additionally, a brush allows you to spread the foundation easily on the skin to achieve the desired coverage.

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#6 Invest in a Moisture-Packed Concealer—Extra TLC for Your under Eyes

As the face ages, the eyes are the first ones to show signs of agingfrom puffiness and dark circles to crow's feet. Our eyes have delicate and thin skin compared to the rest of our faces. With age, this area of our body has a harder time retaining moisture, resulting in dryness and tightness.

Therefore, we need to layer skincare and hydrate cosmetics to restore moisture. If you have mature skin, choose a concealer that is creamy and hydrating. Use some hydration undereye cream before applying the rest of your eye makeup if you want to go the extra mile.

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#7 Skip Your Powder Products—Use Creamy Ones Instead

As you age, you can restore warmth and radiance to your complexion with makeup products like highlighters and blush. However, the wrong type of formula can do more harm than good since powder products amplify signs of aging in the same way as a powder foundation.

When you want your skin to look natural, fresh, and hydrated, avoid powder products in general, and gravitate toward cream ones instead. For instance, you can use your lipstick as cream blush, or even mix a little bit of makeup fixer in your powder blush to make it a cream products.

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#8 Don’t Neglect the Brows—Define Them for a Youthful Appearance

You can't expect your own eyebrows to look the way they did when you were younger—unless you tattooed them or have genetically strong ones. To keep their youthful appearance, they need a little extra help. 

Using a clean spoolie brush, brush the hair upwards. Once you're happy with how the base layer looks, create dimension by flicking in hair strokes with a darker pencil. Don't let the color get too solid. To keep everything in place, finish with brow wax. It’s a must know beauty tips for older women.

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#9 Customize Your Eyes and Lashes—So They Stand Out

Our eyelids can droop with age, and our lashes may lose their density as well. Eyeliner can give your eye area a new lease on life. Use a dark gel pencil to tightline and waterline instead of thick, dramatic lines. With this barely-there technique, you can make a noticeable difference without overpowering your eyes.

Rather than wearing falsies or curling your lashes, choose a thickening mascara for luscious lashes.

#10 Go Ahead and Play with Brights—Colors Are Your BFFs

To brighten up mature makeup looks, we love orange, peach, soft pink, and cool or warm pink shadesespecially for cheek color, eye shadow, and lips.

The use of brighter colors might feel counterintuitive if you're more mature, but if applied lightly, they can enhance your youthful glow.

#11 Choose the Right Lipstick—Creamy Textures in Your Favorite Colors

Do you have wrinkles or lines on your lips? In this case, it is best to stay away from frosted or shimmery shades since they will only accentuate the lines. Consider using the same color in a cream formulation or a moisturizing sheer texture.

You should also avoid matte lipsticks for more mature lips since they can be drying and emphasize wrinkles.

Reminder: Don't listen to people who tell you that red lipstick isn't appropriate for women past 50. Make yourself feel alive, beautiful, and confident by putting on that ruby lipstick. You just need to make sure the formula is moisturizing and velvety.

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The Bottom Line

Ultimately, youth is a matter of the heart. So don’t let those pesky little wrinkles and fine lines tell you otherwise. Simply follow these makeup tips for older women and have a bright, younger looking makeup.

Have more questions about makeup tips for mature women? Ask away in the comment section, and we’ll be happy to answer!

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