14 Eyeliner Secrets Every Lazy Girl Should Know

14 Eyeliner Secrets Every Lazy Girl Should Know

We've all had those days where we hit snooze one too many times or are feeling too lazy to draw the perfect liner but you know we still want to look good. Luckily, you can save yourself a ton of time and frustration with some practical eyeliner hacks

Putting on eyeliners takes patience and time, two things most of us don't have in abundance. This is why we thought it would be an excellent time to share some of our favorite eyeliner tips lazy-person style.

Following these eyeliner tips will help you look your best in no time, regardless of whether you're in a hurry or just feeling lazy!

#1 Clench Your Toes

No, we aren’t kidding. This is one of the beauty industry secrets for artists with shaky hands. 

To prevent your shaky hands from messing up your eyeliner, you can clench your toes during application. This tip works amazingly well for a steady application for eyeliners.

#2 Use a Pencil Eyeliner to Trace Your Eyelids

Scared of messing up your liquid liner and getting a panda look? Well, this tip will save you the troubleand the embarrassment.

Before applying your liquid liner directly to your eyelids, line your eyes with a pencil liner. Then follow it by tracing your liquid liner over it.

#3 Pointed Cotton Swabs for the Win

There is nothing more annoying than ruining your liner and having to start over from scratch. Eyeliner application tips with pointed cotton swabs can come handy in such a situation.

If your eyeliner was smudged, or any residue remained, use micellar water and cotton swabs to wipe it away.

#4 Choose the Right Eyeliner

Coming face-to-face with raccoon eye makeup at noon takes the cake as one of the biggest makeup disasters. Consider using a  waterproof eyeliner or a longer stay eyeliner  for your makeup, which tends to last longer in the waterline than other formulas.

#5 Prime Your Eyes

Primers are primarily used to smooth the skin, so that it is easier to apply your eyeliner.  To create an even and flawless base, apply a small amount of primer to your eyelids, under your eyes, and anywhere else you would apply eye makeup.

#6 Make Your Brows Stand Out With Light Eyeliner

Want more defined eyebrows, but don’t have the time to get yours done? We have a hack for it!

Apply a thick light colored or white liner below and above your eyebrows, then smudge it out using a sponge brush. This will give your brows a more sharp and defined look.

#7 Get Cat Eyes in a Minute

“Is there a simple way to learn how to do a cat eye?” Yes, there is!


Use your eyeliner to draw a small line at a 45-degree angle on the outer corner of your eye. Then, trace your liner along your lid, attach it to the wing, and there you have it! Your perfect wings are ready.

#8 Dot Your Lids for a Straight Line

You can easily draw a straight line if you first line your eyes with dots, then connect them.

Make sure your dots aren't too large. The dots should be the same width as you would like your line to be.

#9 Get an Ombre Eyeliner Effect

Want an eye-opening ombre eyeliner effect, but don’t know how? It can easily be done by blending a lighter shade into a darker eyeliner.

Starting at the inner corner of your eye, line your first three-quarters of your lash line with a light color liner, such as a white eyeliner. Line the outside corner of your eye with a dark eyeliner, then move towards the middle of your eye and stop halfway. Using a sponge brush, blend the colors that overlap in the middle.

#10 Make Your Eyes Pop With Nude Eyeliner

While black eyeliner gets all the attention, we'd like to implore you to consider nude as a worthy competitor. The easiest way to open up your eyes is with a swipe of nude eyeliner along your bottom waterline. 

In addition, it can be applied on top of black eyeliner and along the wing for a super sleek, smooth look. Lastly, lift your arches by tracing some below your brow bone and blending away. 

#11 Get a Smokey Eye Corner

Are you looking for an easy way to achieve smoky eyes? Then this tip is for you.

On the outer edge of your lid, simply draw a sideways "#". Then blend it out. After drawing a line with the lash liner, create an arch just above the socket, and then blend.

#12 Use Some Sellotape as a Guide for Winged Liner

If you've ever stepped back from a mirror and realized your wings are wonky, this tip is for you. Consider using the sellotape to save the day.

Just stick it on from the outer corner of your eye to the corner of your eyebrow. By using this winged eyeliner hack as a guide, you can make sure the flick of your wing is even on all sides.

#13 Prevent Crease With Translucent Powder

Tired of getting your eyeliner creased from too much smiling? (Keep smiling, it’s a good look!) With a little help from some trusty translucent powder, you can prevent the dreaded crease stamp after applying your eyeliner.

Summing Up.

For those who aren't keen on staring at a mirror for minutes — if not hours — applying perfect eye-liner can be difficult. Following these simple eyeliner hacks for beginners can make even the laziest girl a pro in eyeliner application.

What is your favorite hack? Let us know in the comments below. 

Also, don't forget to share any personal eyeliner tips or tricks with us!