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Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black

12 hour stay eyeliner
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This eyeliner gives an excellent color pay off which lasts for more than 12 hours without smudging or fading away. It comes with a 0.4mm flexi tip applicator that helps create both ultrafine and dramatic lines with ease. Its quick drying formula is water proof and gives your eyes a silky finish.


1. 0.4mm flexi tip applicator that creates both ultrafine and dramatic lines with ease
2. Extremely back
3. Excellent color pay off
4. More than 12 hours without smudging or fading away
5. Quick drying formula
6. Water proof

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Name & Address of Manufacturer: Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH, Schwanweg 1, 90562 Heroldsberg, Germany

Country of Origin: Germany

Net Qty.: 1ml

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      Go for it.....

      Sooooooo.... happy


      Go for it....🤩🙂


      So for it......🙂🤩

      best eyeliner ever

      Its the best eyeliner ever, I like the tip pf the eyeliner easy to use

      Love this product

      Best product.... go for it

      Best Eyeliner

      Eyeliner is very pigmented.

      Eye liner , Mascara

      Faces is the best company for cosmetics I definately love both the eye liner and mascara

      Stephy Susan

      Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black

      FC -Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black

      • What is Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black

      If you want to make your eyes seem more dramatic, you need to use matte eyeliner. Simple and beautiful, matte finishes are ideal for producing the illusion of smokey or winged eyes. Here are some of the best matte finish eyeliners on the market today.

      The eyeliner pen is a must-have in every woman's cosmetic kit, whether she is a beginner or a master. This is one cosmetic item that may dramatically change our appearance. With the right eye pen, you can achieve any look, from subtle to dramatic.

      However, selecting the best eyeliner pen for oneself is a difficult process. There are many various formulae available on the market, making it difficult to choose just one. These days, gel eyeliner, pen eyeliner, pen liner, and liquid eyeliner are some of the most popular formulations. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but when it comes to the Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black, you can rest assured of a few things - It is an Eyeliner that lasts longer than any other!

      We all want our eyeliner to last all day, which is one of the main reasons why we recommend purchasing one. In comparison to a pen, gel, or pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliners last a long time. As soon as the Liner dries, it becomes smudge-proof. Many eyeliners have a waterproof consistency, which might be difficult to remove, but the benefit is the permanence! The best eyeliner pen in the market, with the Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black, you are guaranteed sharp, Intense Liner - The best eyeliner pen waterproof will give you an intenser and bold impression than a pencil eyeliner. It gives your eyes a crisp appearance rather than a gentle one. 

      It sharpens how your eyes appear - The majority of us use eyeliner on our upper eyelids. You'll notice how nicely your eyes are shaped when you apply your eyeliner near the top lash line. Eyeliner can be thick or thin, depending on personal preference, but it does lend definition to the eyes. Do not be afraid to get creative - use your Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black to play around with your eyes; the liquid version and the applicator allow you to create a variety of effects. 

      • How to use Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black

      Eyeliner is among the most important aspects of eye makeup, and applying it is one of the most important elements in doing eye makeup.

      The eyeliner pen is used to make your eyes seem bolder, larger, and more attractive by defining their form. Eyeliners are typically black, however, diverse colors are readily available. Because the eyes are the first thing people notice about a person's face, removing eyeliner from eye makeup will make them look less flawless, bold, and well-defined. Along with the advancement of the beauty business and generations of makeup applications, it has been discovered that pen liner practice may vary depending on the shape of one's own eyes. Not only that but skilled makeup artists and stylists understand which eyeliner designs work best for certain eye shapes. Therefore, if you would like to be adept and play with new eye pen designs while also learning about eye shapes, your Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black is going to come in extremely handy for you!

      How to Wear Cat Eye Liner - 

      Begin by applying a thin line from the middle of your eyelids to the edge. After that, make a little straight wing. Return to the middle of the wing and then draw a thin line to the inner corner of your eye. Make correct outlines and refine them as much as possible after the outline is complete. To make the best eyeliner pen design seem great, do not overuse the motions and produce extremely clean lines. Who is it ideal For? Narrow and arched eyes will look amazing with this appearance. When you still want to use the liner in this manner, you may draw fine lines to make the cat wing a little smaller to fit your eyelid size. 

      How to Use the best eyeliner pen waterproof in Arabian Style - 

      Begin by sketching your outline. The one and the only difference between this and the cat eyeliner appearance is that with the cat eyeliner style, the wing is slanted at the tip of the eyebrows, but in this style, the wing is flat and aimed towards the ear. After creating the outlines, make your way across the upper eyelid, then to the lower lid of the eye, drawing us near to the lid as feasible from the inner corner to the outside corner, and finally, combine the strokes with the wings to complete the look.

      • Why is Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black better

      There are several benefits to using a Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black rather than a powder-based eyeliner, not just the simplicity with which the best eyeliner pen may be applied and the convenience with which you can customize your eyeliner application. The greatest advantage of a liquid liner is its longevity. A pen liner can fade with time, but an eyeliner pen, particularly those from Ultimate Pro eyestyle will dry completely and become smudge-proof. It will enlarge your eyes. If you begin at the inner edge of the upper lashes and go outward, gradually thickening the line and concluding with delicate 45-degree flicks to create a cat-eye impression, your eyes will appear bigger. Apply mascara towards both the top and bottom lashes to enhance your doe-eyed appearance even more. The Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black also sharpens your eyes -

      Liquid liner can also be neater than pencil or powder liner since oil production around the eye region causes pencil or powder liner to fall or smear during the day.

      The Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black adds shape to your eyes - 

      When it comes to our liquid liner, accuracy is crucial since it can truly accentuate the contour of an eye without any need for shadow while still being fresh. To obtain the finest results, place your elbow on a tabletop, then elevate your eyebrows and dot-to-dot the eye pen along your lash line while gazing down slightly into a mirror. Use the little finger as a support to keep the hand stable. You can Be inventive with your Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black.

      The best eyeliner pen waterproof may be used underneath the eye as well as on the eyelid to produce a range of effects — imagine Twiggy. Be bold and use a white liner on the interior of the eye, then finish with a full pair of lashes on top and bottom! Fake Lashes are malleable and lightweight, and they come in a wide range of designs too.

      • How to do graphic liner with Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black

      Graphic eyeliner styles are dramatic and different from the traditional cat-eye. To achieve the effect, you may experiment with different shapes and colors and use eyeliner pen, liquid, gel, pen liner, or pencil liners, as well as eyeshadow, but do not forget the very urgent part - your Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black. The aim is to be inventive and also have a good time!

      Layered Liner is the first look - 

      This is the simplest of all techniques. Create a black eyeliner of your choice with the best eyeliner pen, Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black, preferably a winged liner for this effect. When making a wing, visualize it as an extension of your bottom lash line, and use a straight-edged item as a reference. Apply a second line on top, extending a little further than the black. And for the next line, choose any color you are familiar with. An angled brush and shadow can also be used. If you have had a shaky hand, use the Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black so you can easily blend it out. Do not stress about being flawless; you may use this sort of liner as thick as you like! If you are using a liquid liner, glance down once it has been applied. This will give it time to dry. Looking up too fast will smear your crease liner.

      Look two is the Crease Floating -  

      Begin by recognizing your crease, which has recently become quite fashionable - the crease is the fold that comes between your brow bone and socket. This floating crease would sit on top of your existing crease in a way that when you open your eyes, they will become visible. Knowing the type of your crease will make the process of applying eyeshadow on a daily basis much easier. Use a rich dark eye pen to draw an arch right just above the crease, matching the contour of the crease. Eyeshadow applied with a pen brush or gel liner is much easier to mix and much more accommodating than liquid liner. If you want a more pigmented effect, moisten the head of the brush prior to dipping it in eyeshadow. When you are finished, use a little flat brush and concealer to wipe up any leftover eyeshadow on your lid. Any color or glitter can be used. Do you want to be safe? Start with the best eyeliner pen waterproof.

      The final look is the Double Liner - 

      To get this effect, start by drawing a winged liner with the Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black, a felt ink liner pen if you are a newbie. To make the 'body' of the liner, place the point along your lash line and drag or press the pen or press that along the eyelid. If you choose, you may use a 'dot-to-dot' approach. Draw the wing afterward, keeping in mind that it should be a continuation of your bottom lash line. If it aids to construct the line, use a straight item, draw it, or even use dots. Then join the end of your wings to the liner's base. Need a boost? Begin the wing well before your top and bottom lash lines connect and curve towards the end of your eyebrow. To make a double edge, start at the tip of your pen liner and use dots to outline a piece of your crease. After that, join the dots. Voila! While applying, use gentle pressure.

      • How to fill inner corners of eyes with Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black

      Back in the 1960s, winged eyeliner was a huge hit and it never really fell out of fashion. The cat-eye craze is still going strong today, courtesy of stars like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. However, now that we have entered the year 2022, the winged eyeliner style is poised to get a refresh. Yes, a new cosmetic fad is sweeping the internet, and we can not wait to flaunt it for our next party. So, what precisely are we discussing? It is none other than the pen liner trend in the inner corners. The inner corner eyeliner style is all about accentuating the eyes by providing a crisp wing to the eye area as well as a dramatic wing to the outer corners. This gives off a stunning and oh-so-chic demi-feline vibe. Confused? Do not be too sure! You have most likely seen the same trend all over Instagram, and we are going to teach you how to simply reproduce it at home.

      First and foremost, the foundation. It is crucial to hide the dark rings [around your eyes] for this look so the color pops and does not seem muddy. It is critical to cover dark spots so that the pigment pops out and is not obscured by puffiness or blackness beneath the eyes. It does not take much; just concealer, a touch of powder, and you are ready to go with an eye pen. To begin, line the upper lash line, then extend the line beyond the innermost corner of the eye. You may go all at once or work in compact, short lines to keep everything under control.

      Begin with the upper lash line. After you have covered your eye bags, line your top lash line to achieve your winged liner. Do not forget your favorite eyeliner pen in this process - bring out your Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black! This step is just the same as sketching a standard cat-eye, so do not stress too much over it. Extend the line beyond the inner corner of the eye once you are finished. As for the Lower Lash Line - Draw a little stroke on the corner of the eye of the bottom lash line with the best eyeliner pen waterproof to link the two once you have mastered this. There may be a few errors and omissions, but nothing that a little cotton bud can not solve. And that is it! The trend of the inner corner eye line! As a last step Mascara should be applied to your lashes. It is always crucial to coat your lashes with mascara after a bold eyeliner look with the best eyeliner pen so that they stand out. Use a mascara that volumizes and lengthens your lashes. If you want to take your cosmetic appearance to the next level, use falsies.

      • Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black tips for beginners

      Mastering how to apply an eye pen is undoubtedly on the list of necessary cosmetic abilities. A lethal wing is a game-changer because it quickly raises your eye and makes you appear larger. However, if done poorly, it might cause your eyes to appear fatigued - thank you, next! Fortunately, there are several methods available to assist you in moving from novice to expert status as rapidly as possible. Here are some eyeliner pen tricks that have been tried and true.

      First and foremost, choose the right tool. 

      There are so many various formulations and applicator equipment to choose from when it concerns a pen liner. Each style of the liner does have its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so selecting the appropriate tool for your skill level and intended aesthetic is critical. The best eyeliner pen, like our Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black, is the simplest instrument to use if you are a newbie to the liner world. We intended to make a liner that everyone, from beginners to experts, could use with ease when we built it. It has a fine tip, is simple to handle, and has excellent staying power, which means it is smudge-proof and now even waterproof. Let's face it: when you nail the perfect wing, you want it to remain put.

      The next tip is to Position Your Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black Right! 

      The overall outcome may be totally determined by how you position yourself before you begin your lining. To begin, use a handheld mirror (even just a magnified mirror!) and get up close with your eye and you will see what you are accomplishing. Hold it underneath the eye so that your lashes are downwards when applying the best eyeliner pen waterproof, making the procedure easier. Place your elbow (of the hand you are using to place the liner) on a tabletop or surface to keep yourself stable. If your hand is wobbly, tighten your toes to keep it stable — it may seem strange, but it works! 

      You need to create the outline of your eyeliner using a pencil first -

      Start by drawing the outline of your wing with a pencil if you are a newbie since this is much easier to remove compared to liquid liner. Then apply the liquid liner over and tidy it up with a Q-tip as needed once you have figured out the form. If you do not have time, use a super fine-tipped pen liner, such as our Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black Precision Liquid Liner, the best eyeliner pen to draw a wing quickly and easily, even for novices. Our last tip is to Outline the Wing First with Eyeliner. While it may seem unusual to begin with your wing, it is much easier to get the inclination perfect so that it elevates and grabs your eye rather than pulling it downward. We recommend you start with the wing by outlining the furthest corner of your eye and drawing a fine line, tilted slightly upward.

      • Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black hacks

      It is not easy to apply eyeliner! You are walking blinded, especially if you do not know the correct tips and strategies. The eyeliner pen can instantly transform your style, turning it from simple to gorgeous. For work, go for a more modest liner and add a wing to carry you into the evening. It can take a plain pair of jeans and a shirt and turn them into a beautiful party dress. If you like the appearance of eyeliner but are not sure how to apply it, here are some pen liner techniques for beginners you must know!

      Do not know how to achieve that perfect cat eye?

      Reach for bandage tape and place the center of it over your nostril (make absolutely sure you can inhale via your nose!) for a highly exact cat-eye. Drag either corner of your eyelids to the outer edges. Cut two smaller pieces of tape and lay them in the middle of your eyelids, meeting the tape's other ends. This creates a triangle in which you may apply your preferred eye pen (or eyeshadow). Simply remove the tape and you are done. Make a Straight Line with a Business Card - Still trying to polish your winged liner look with a flawless straight line? Make use of your business card. As they are sturdier than standard paper but narrower than a credit or debit card, business cards are great. It should be aligned with the corner of your eye and angled in the direction you want your wing to travel. You will always obtain a straight line if you draw a line while pushing down on the sheet!

      Make use of the best eyeliner pen - 

      the Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black. Are you having trouble applying liquid liner? For a lot simpler application, use a gel liner with a pretty firm brush. The gel does not move as much as liquid, making it more difficult to goof up. You will adore this approach if the liquid liner is proving difficult.

      Try the bobby pin hack - 

      Take a spare bobby pin, cover the open end with your favorite liner's tiny balls (this pastel green looks very amazing), and press it against the outer area of your eyelids to make a sort of "stamp," and then just fill inside the space with the remainder of your liner. So. Easy. You can also go for the 3 lines hack - This hack requires some artistic ability and may work best with the best eyeliner pen waterproof =. Draw 3 parallel lines from the center to the end of your lash line, moving from smallest to highest. Then, by coloring in the lines, join them together. Finally, add a little wing on the end.

      • Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black tips and tricks

      Without eyeliner, where will the universe be? Would Adele still be Adele if she didn't have her winglets? Would Kim Kardashian be able to pull off a "natural" makeup look if she did not have the eyeliner pen? It is a depressing and terrifying world to fathom. Even though eyeliner is an important element of our beauty process, it may be difficult to apply. We started on the quest for the finest techniques to make wearing eyeliner as painless as possible once we figured out which eyeliner to use in a particular situation. The top eyeliner tips each woman should learn are listed here. 

      To widen up your face, use a black-colored pen liner.

       Do we understand your reaction - black? Will it even be noticed? But think of it as a visual effects education. It provides modest drama and helps eyes appear larger without looking heavy or shutting them up like a dark brown or taupe. Smudge it all the way around the lashes, both top and bottom, or brush it on the waterline. The Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black provides just enough color to make a statement. First, trace your cat's eye using a pencil.

      When you are attempting to master an over-the-top cat-eye and simply can not seem to get it right, desperate measures are required. (No, there is not any.) If you want a more accurate appearance like that, start with a light brown liner and draw the shape you desire. The best eyeliner pen waterproof is a lot simpler to clean up than liquid liner and then you can polish the design with minimum danger.

      Make use of a Post-It as a Winged Liner Guide - 

      We would be affluent enough to conduct a contentious presidential campaign if we had a penny for every time we made two perfect — but extremely uneven — wings with our eyes open. To prevent that horrible feeling as you back away from the mirror and see your two wings are crooked, use a Post-it note. Makeup experts recommend applying it from the outermost corner of the eye to the brow. It acts as a guide to ensure they are even on both sides. For a smoky effect, smudge Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black with a concealer brush. Cover a smaller brush — like a concealer brush — with Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black, the best eyeliner pen, by brushing it back and forth across the tip of the eyeliner until the brush is fully coated. Then smear the liner on with that. Unless you want exact lines or borders, it is ten times simpler to accomplish this using a brush since it provides you more control. Furthermore, the smudgeness is forgiving, especially if your hands are unsteady. This is especially useful for folks who have monolids. With the brush, make a thick line and buff it out. It has a gentle, awakening impact.

      Want to create a bold and dramatic cat-eye effect? 

      Liquid liner is the best, there is no other way to phrase it. However, it provides super-inky color, a crisp edge, and the ability to stay there for hours. Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black is a pen-like brush that aids with accurate lines and breaks the procedure down into three parts. First, polish the final flick—make sure each flick is equal, of the same breadth, and symmetrical. Then, at the inner corners, draw a very thin line across the tear duct, linking it to the wing at the end. Fill in your wings outline last 

      • How to apply Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black properly 

      If you do not know how to apply an eyeliner pen, you may end up looking like a panda. Although pandas are adorable, they do not visit weddings or festivities.

      With one easy stroke, eyeliners can define or ruin your appearance. Even those who choose to keep it simple, are the most crucial cosmetics item in any girl's vanity. Drawing flawless wings or using the best eyeliner pen waterproof to enhance the appearance of your eyes is a difficult undertaking. Of course, the professionals always win. However, if you are a novice, you may need some experience to assure precision. That is why we have created step-by-step instructions for applying pen liner flawlessly.

      Prepare Your Eyes for the perfect look

      This is a stage that is sometimes ignored, yet it is the most crucial. Put on a face moisturizer as well as an eye lotion under your eyes after cleaning your face. The eye cream reduces wrinkles and smoothes out redness and discoloration around the eyes.

      Begin with a clean canvas - Apply a little quantity of eye primer to the eyelid, behind your eyes, and across the overall eye area where any form of eye makeup would go to create a more even and clear base. The primer's primary function is to smooth the skin, making makeup application simpler. It will offer you a perfect finish while also keeping your makeup in place for an extended period of time. Put on concealer to the upper eyelid and beneath the eyes. Blend it thoroughly and set it with a finishing powder.

      Start with the line!

      Next comes the most important part: the best eyeliner pen. Bring out your Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black. You may either use the included brush or purchase one separately. Begin by drawing a line above your lashes. Make sure your lines and strokes are tiny. It is usually preferable to increase it. If you make it too thick, you will end up with a mess, so keep the strokes short. Once you are happy with one eye, repeat the same with the other. Keep things as simple as possible.

      Now to apply the wings - I could never just apply an eye pen on the upper eyelid. I believe I have an uncontrollable need to wing it afterward. It seems to fulfill me in some way. So, let us talk about how you get this appearance. Following the correct curve of the lower lashes is the key to determining the proper angle. Your liner should wing out to the point where a line extends from your bottom lash line. Draw a line and gently fill it in. When you are initially starting out, give it your best shot with this since if you make a mistake, you will have to start over.

      • How to do different shapes of eyeliner with Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black

      You obviously understand your eye shape is not the same as your best friend's, so why apply pen liner in the very same manner? Yes, you both can sport a cat-eye, but you might need to adjust the flicks at the finish to highlight *your* distinct pair of baby blues. Fortunately for you, we will share with you the techniques to master the different shapes of eye pens with Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black!

      For the ones with almond eyes - 

      You possess almond eyes if the top and bottom of the iris are veiled by the top and bottom eyelids (along with the other characteristics shown in the illustration). Choose Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black, a creamier eyeliner pen, and outline your lash line with that before softly smudging it with an out for a smooth, dreamy look. Because this eye shape is the most symmetrical, it can take any liner style, but the easiest way is to follow the natural contour of the eye while developing thickness towards the outside third half.

      If you have downward eyes - 

      Are you unsure whether your eyes are downturned? Consider a straight line running across the middle of them. This shape is formed when the outer corner dips below the "line." Create a very narrow cat-eye with a bright best eyeliner pen waterproof, sliding the end up to your temple to produce a slight lift at the outer edges of your eyes. When you grin, maintaining the tail shorter helps to keep the expression noticeable. Oh, and keep your lower lash line naked so the liner on high does not conflict with it.

      If you have wide-set eyes - 

      You have wide-set eyes if the distance across your inner corners is more than the breadth of one of the eyes. To assist in creating greater balance and pulling the emphasis inward, keep the color focused at the inner corners of your top and bottom eyelash lines using the best eyeliner pen, limiting any product placed at the outer edges.

      • How to properly remove Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black

      The Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black, the best eyeliner pen is a must-have for most cosmetic enthusiasts. Pen liners offer color and excitement to any look, whether you want to go big and spectacular or add just that little sharpness for a natural appearance. It is probably not as much fun to have to remove it before going to bed. You understand the significance of removing all of your makeup at the finish of the day. (If you do not, just know that napping with your makeup on can cause a slew of issues, including eye discomfort and breakouts.) Although it may be enticing to skip it, it is well worth it - for the benefit of your skin.

      Micellar Water is recommended for the Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black. The easiest technique to remove the eye pen is to remove it with micellar water or oil. We recommend using micellar water to clean non-waterproof liners. Because it is a mild remover, it is especially good for folks with sensitive eyes. It is not difficult to use. Wrap a cotton swab in a makeup-removing micellar water wipe, and slide it down the lash line. After that, detach the wipes from the cotton ball and then use them to wipe away any remaining residue. We also prefer to remove the best eyeliner pen waterproof with a micellar water-based solution. It is delicate and it will not go into your eyes and create a film as oil may. You will need a cotton swab dipped in micellar water for this. Then, carefully press it down underneath the waterline and gently pull it away. 

      Opt for a makeup remover that is oil-based. Oil is the best technique to remove a waterproof eyeliner pen like the Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Black. The oil will break it down the quickest, and decrease the quantity of rubbing or repetitive applications required. We like to softly hold a cotton bud or cotton pad on the eye for about 20 - 30 seconds after soaking it in the remover. Doing so allows the oil to break down the substance, enabling you to wash it away in just one or two jabs. Then remove any greasy residue with micellar water.

      Some say, eyes are the first things that people notice on one’s face. With this pro liner, creating new and unique eye-lining styles has become amazingly easy and you would be surprised how creative you can be when it comes to using this liner. Rock these new styles of eyeliners and make heads turn like never before. 

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