9 Makeup Looks to Go with Your ‘Girl Next Door’ Outfits

9 Makeup Looks to Go with Your ‘Girl Next Door’ Outfits

Makeup looks that make you lookand feellike the girl next door in just a few minutes! In movies, TV shows, and books, there's always that girl who looks cute without trying. "The girl next door" is usually Sunkissed, laid-back, and friendly with everyone. There's a natural sweetness not just about that character, but also about her makeup look. Ever wondered how to become that girl next door?

Although it's impossible to mimic the intrinsic qualities that make you the girl next door, thankfully the girl next door makeup look isn't impossible! With a few changes to your makeup application, you can easily embody the appearance of this enigmatic creature. Ready to try a new aesthetic this summer? Try these easy makeup looks to appear like the girl next door.

#1 Glossy Lips—for an Unmistakable Youthful Glow

Glossy lips may seem like a thing of the past, but they're a great way to add a touch of youthful radiance to your lips. In fact, it’s one of the fabulously cute makeup looks! Glossy lips combine high shine and great color, making them a great alternative to lipstick on days when you don't feel like wearing one.

First off, give your skin an even tone with some tinted moisturizer. Apply a tinted lip glossor a tinted lip balm if you don't have any gloss on handand your look becomes instantly more adorable. Since the girl-next-door is all about keeping things natural, leave the rest of your face bare.

#2 Peach Blush and Lips—Get Some Monochrome Magic

A peach shade is always a good choice for a girl next door makeup looks. Due to its dark shade, it accentuates your features while still being light enough to wear throughout the day. You can use peach effectively in your makeup look by matching your blush to your lip color.

Paint your lips with some peach lipstick, and then use the same color to bring some warmth to your cheeks. This look works best paired with neutral, nude eyeshadows that highlight your peach accents.

#3 Subtle Wing—the Elegant Queen

Bold wings and the girl next door don't mix! Keep things subtle by swapping your black liquid liner with a matte eyeshadow and an angled brush. By doing this, the wing still gives the illusion of an elongated cat-like eye, while maintaining softness.

Make sure to pair this soft eyeliner look with a neutral lip and brushed-back eyebrows, and you're good to go!

#4 Two-Toned Pastel Eyeshadow—Cautious or Daring?

It's no secret that pastel-toned eyeshadow is a major beauty trend right now, and two-toned eyeshadow looks are a great way to try it out. Easily transitional from day to night, this look is perfect for a girl next door.

Keep your two tones in the same color family if you do not feel like being too adventurous with your makeup. For instance, you can use lavender to cover your lids and purple to accent the corners.

Another optionfor the daringis to use entirely different colors, such as pastel pink and pastel blue. Apply pink eyeshadow to your entire upper eyelid. With an eyeshadow brush, apply blue pigment to the outer corners of your upper eyelids and blend smoothly.

#5 Glossy Lids—Why Should Lips Have All the Fun?

The girl next door makeup look is all about gloss—yes, even on your eyes. Glossy eye makeup draws attention to your eyes in an elegant, yet subtle way. With this look, the focus is on radiance and glow, as well as adding more light to the eye area.

Apply eyeshadow with a rosy hue across the lid and up through the crease. Tap a glossy layer of golden highlighter over this. Adding some highlighter to the cheekbones is also a great touch.

#6 Fluffy Brows—Amp up Your Natural Beauty

Beauty trends often revolve around full eyebrows, and there is a reason for that. Bold brows can make all the difference in your beauty look. Although it may seem that achieving bold brows is difficult, that is not the case. An eyebrow pencil will do the trick.

Make sparse areas look fuller with hairlike strokes and cover up with brow gel to keep them looking fluffy. The fluffy brow style goes well with natural makeup looks.

#7 Glowing Skin—Makeup-Free Glamor

Some makeup trends are timeless, and glowing skin is one of them. While beauty products can amp up the dew, preparing the skin is the key.

To get rid of dry patches, use a gentle exfoliant and a good moisturizer. Put a dewy foundation on your face before applying a dash of highlighter to your high points.

#8 Nude Lips—Your Best Friend

There's a reason why nude lips are a classic—they can make any outfit pop without being overdone. Make sure the nude color you choose is two shades lighter than your skin tone. Create depth and dimension around the mouth by using a brownish liner that is only one shade lighter than the lips.

In order to achieve a seamless look, use an eyeshadow brush to blend the lipstick and liner.

#9 Flushed Cheeks—the Faux Glow

A flushed cheek is the perfect finishing touch for any makeup style. This trend helps to create a radiant, healthy appearance by adding a natural blushing effect to your cheeks.

Apply some blush to your cheekbones using your fingertips or a blender, and you'll have your faux flush in no time.


Are you ready to unleash your inner girl next door? Creating one of the above looks is a quick and easy way to do that.

We would love for you to share your favorite makeup look from the list in the comments below!