Winter is Coming! Here are 8 Much-Needed Autumn/Winter Makeup Tips

Winter is Coming! Here are 8 Much-Needed Autumn/Winter Makeup Tips

Autumn/Winter time is here again! Plus, we’ve been indoors for quite a while now. It’s finally that time of the year—the holiday season is here and so is the autumn/winter season! It’s the best time to finally go out and glam up again.

But autumn/winter is not just about applying bright makeup, it also carries a lot of winter makeup and skincare caveats—like dry skin, chapped lips, for some of us even a paler complexion.

So the season calls for more attention to skincare so you can protect your skin, while also looking hotter than June in December cold! Here are a few autumn/winter makeup tips to make you look hot, AND stay comfortable.

Prime and Moisturize Well

Use a Hydrating Face Serum or Moisturizer and Primer

Don’t ever skip the moisturizer and primer step. Your whole look depends more on it than you’d think. Plus, if you want to keep it peachy but minimal, use a multipurpose foundation/concealer/blush stick for a natural, healthy glow.

Use a Lightweight, Breathable Base

Try to choose light cream base instead of powder based one. It would be a lot more comfortable for your skin since it’s drier during winters. 

Use Smudge Proof and Waterproof Makeup Products

Even though it’s not summer and you’re not going to sweat, you still need waterproof makeup in winters. That’s because you can get teary eyed in winters, which could smudge your mascara and liner.

Use Warmer Shades in Your Makeup

—like peaches, bronzes, and warm pinks. Go for bright shades of red and rose when going for a wedding, party, or festival.

Use Poppy Lipstick Shades or coral shade lipstick

You can go for intense shades now that you can use warmer colors. The mask has been covering your pretty lips for quite a while now, use lipstick’s comeback to your advantage.

Of course, no matter which shade you choose, make sure it has natural ingredients and a nourishing formula for the lips. A natural lipstick will keep your lips moist and prevent chapping—the biggest enemies of lipsticks, especially during winters.

Focus on the Eyes - Perfect Eye makeup

Because you might still be wearing the mask a lot of times, the eyes get the most attention. Try the fox eye or cat eye for that soft lift and natural vibe rather than the smoky eye.

And of course, where there’s a cat eye, there’s always jet black mascara.

Amplify your eye makeup detail with those loaded lashes. Try to avoid false lashes, the winter winds and teary eyes might make it messy.

Finally, Keep those Brows Natural with Brow Definer

We know winters usually mean fewer trips to the salon. But thank god for the bushy eyebrow trend that’s caught up so well since the pandemic! Keep them natural with a smooth brow defining pencil and you will totally slay the look.

The 2021-22 autumn/winter makeup trends definitely favour natural radiance and effortless glamour! But regardless of the look you choose, make sure your makeup for winter is skin-friendly, safe, and made with natural ingredients. Because just like you need a cute bright sweater to protect your body, you also need to choose winter makeup that's glamorous yet season-apt. Keep glowing! :)

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