Baby Shower Makeup—Look Gorgeous with Your Baby Bump

Baby Shower Makeup—Look Gorgeous with Your Baby Bump

A step-by-step guide to amp up your baby shower makeup look in no time!

From weddings to birthday parties, there are so many occasions in life that deserve the perfect beauty lookand a baby shower is no different.  The event of your baby shower is among the most important of your life since you get to show the world that precious baby bump.

When it comes to your baby shower outfit, going for something flared and comfortable is a no-brainer. But how do you manage your baby shower makeup ideas? Luckily, you don't have to worry about any of that because we've taken care of it for you. Below is an easy-to-follow guide to creating the perfect baby shower look.

#1 Go for a Dewy Base—Perfect Your Complexion

If you want your baby shower makeup to look glowing, you'll need a radiant base. The first thing you should do is use a makeup primer to smooth out any imperfections and prolong the life of your makeup. Use a makeup blender to blend a skin-perfecting liquid foundation onto the skin for a seamless, dewy finish.

Additionally, blending a drop of liquid highlighter into your foundation will give your face a little extra oomph.

#2 Don’t Forget the Concealer—Brighten & Illuminate

In case you still have a few blemishes or imperfections you would like to cover, grab a lightweight concealer. If you want to get a brighter complexion, use a concealer that's one or two shades lighter than your foundation under your eyes.

Make an upside-down triangle under each eye with the concealer and you'll have brighter, more awake-looking eyes in no time. Goodbye, under-eye bags!

#3 Contour Is Key—Add Dimension to Your Face

It is important to have a flawless complexion, but that alone won't get you very far. The pregnancy weight can make your look extra puffy, especially around the face. Make your face look sculpted to define your features for the ultimate baby shower makeup look.

Contouring is most easily done by taking your darker shade and creating a shadow underneath your cheekbones.  Trace the product along your jawline and temples, following the natural contours of your cheeks. Find a look that works for you by playing around with different lines and shadows.

#4 Use Golden Highlighter—Give Your Radiant Complexion a Boost

Turn up the glam quotient of your simple baby shower makeup by using a highlighter on top of your radiant complexion.  

Using an upward motion, apply the highlighter first to the bridge and tip of your nose, then your cheekbones, and to your cupid's bow. Go for a gold highlighter, because it flatters all skin tones and leaves a reflective finish for a glowing complexion.

#5 Color Your Cheeks—Create a Natural Flush

By the time your baby shower comes along—around the third trimester of pregnancy—the natural glow of maternity begins to fade away. But fret not,  just fake it with pretty shades of blush on the day of your baby shower.

Remember to apply a peach or pinkish shade blush to give your cheeks a natural flush. Also, restrict the application area to the apple of your cheeks to make sure it doesn’t appear overdone.

#6 Grab Your Favorite Eyeshadow—Let Your Eyes Do the Talking

Use an angled eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows after brushing them out with a spoolie. Make fine, natural strokes with a thin-tipped pencil. 

Make your eyes pop with your favorite eyeshadow hue. Avoid using the same eyeshadow shade as your outfit to ensure your makeup looks balanced. Feel free to add a little pastel pink or baby blue around the inner corner of your eye or along your lower lash line, depending on the gender of your baby!

#7 Line Away with that Wing—Take It up a Notch

With all eyes on you, take your natural look to the next level with some winged eyeliner.

Create your wing with a black liquid liner and make your eyes pop! If you’re not well-versed with the liquid eyeliner, you can always go for an easy to use felt-tip liner. Make sure you get one that’s smooth and non-drying.

#8 Paint Your Pout—the Climax to Your Look

Last but not least, add some color to your lips to complete your baby shower makeup look.

Make sure your pout stays bright throughout the day with a long-lasting liquid matte lipstick that complements your outfit!

#9 Spritz Some Makeup Spray—Seal the Deal

There is no doubt that you want your makeup to stay put through all the celebrations, laughs, and tears (happy ones)!

Adding a touch of radiance to your look with makeup spray is a surefire way to set your makeup.

Dos and Don'ts of Doing Your Baby Shower Make-Up

Don’t Overdo Makeup

It's important to look good in your baby shower pictures, but we don't recommend wearing overly heavy makeup. The use of too many products may clog up your pores, leading to flare-ups of pregnancy acne. Hence, it’s important to go for lightweight products—especially for your base makeup—and build up as you go.

Do Choose the Right Products

The food we eat during pregnancy can affect the development of our unborn child. Similarly, our skin absorbs upwards of 60% of what we apply topically. Therefore, mothers-to-be should be extra vigilant about choosing skincare and cosmetics that are nontoxic.

The following ingredients are to be avoided while pregnant: retinol, synthetic scents, paraben, chemical fluorides, and oxybenzone.

Don’t Skip Skincare

Dry and dehydrated skin will end up looking spotty, regardless of how perfect your makeup is. Pregnant women should take care of their skin throughout their pregnancy to maintain a glowing, even complexion.

And make sure you complete your CTM routine before applying your makeup on the day of your baby shower.

Do Drink Loads of Water

Again, taking care of your skin is crucial for flawless makeup. And drinking water’s an important part of that.

You need water to stay hydrated and refreshed, as well as to keep your skin supple and elastic. 

The Takeaway

You don’t have to spend tons of your money on makeup artists to get ready for every special occasion. Create an awe-inspiring baby shower makeup look just by following the step-by-step guide given above.

Have any more baby shower look ideas you’d like to share? Drop them in the comments section below!