10 Beauty Products You Need for Dry Skin

10 Beauty Products You Need for Dry Skin

Anyone who suffers from dry skin knows how vital it is to maintain hydration and minimize discomfort with the right skincare and makeup products. When your skin is dry, it exhibits discomfort like itchiness, flaking, and rough patches.

However, this does not necessarily mean you have a skin conditionit's just your natural skin type, which is more common than you think. This simply means that your skin has fewer sebum glands, giving it a scaly appearance.

A few changes in your beauty and skin care routine for dry skin are all you need to combat these issues. Find out about our favorite dermatologist-approved products for improving moisture and managing dry skin.

Skin Care Must-Haves for Dry Skin Type

#1 Cleansing Is Always the First Step

Regardless of your skin type, a good cleanser is important for taking away makeup and dirtbut if you have dry skin on face, you should look for one that isn't too stripping.

In addition to cleansing dirt and grime from your skin, Epic Skin Facewash moisturizes it as well.

You can keep your sensitive skin happy with this nourishing face wash, which contains a blend of carefully curated ingredients and a sulfate-free formula. The best part? Its mild fragrance keeps you feeling fresh all day long!

#2 A Serum to Go in Skin-Deep

The best serums in skincare for dry skin not only provide extra moisture, but also nourish deeply and protect against harsh weather elements, like Urban Balance Skin Comfort Serum.

Formulated with natural ingredients, it works to get rid of skin dryness, leaving your skin soft, smooth and supple. Concerned about layering too many products on your skin? Don't be, as this serum is lightweight. Plus, it also smells great!

#3 Hydrate Like It’s Your Job (Because It Is!)

To lock in that hydration and avoid skin drying out, you'll need to apply a nice, thick moisturizer. Featuring a creamy texture and intense moisture, the Hydro Face Moisturizer for dry skin melts lusciously into the skin, leaving it highly moisturized.

A combination of soybean extracts, shea butter, & patchouli oil effectively treats dry, sensitive skin, improves skin tone and texture, and masks imperfections.

Moreover, dry skin is well-known for showing more wrinkles than other skin types, so the anti-aging ingredients of this moisturizer is always a plus. 

#4 Your Body Needs Care Too!

With its chemical-free and cruelty-free formula, Bath N Body Milk & Honey Body Cream is the perfect everyday dry skin care moisturizer.

With a luxurious blend of milk and honey extracts sourced from organic sources, the body cream hydrates and nourishes your skin for hours. Our favorite part of this nourishing and rich formula is that it provides hydration for up to 24 hours.

#5 Some Extra TLC for Your Hands

With the constant texting, double tapping, and right swiping, your hands are the first place to show signs of weathering—especially if you’ve dry skin.

Fortunately, hydrating and nourishing hand creams can prevent the appearance of signs of daily wear and tear, such as the TNDR SRNDR Hand Cream.

It has a smooth, ultra-smooth texture that moisturizes hands and cuticles perfectly with a soft, refreshing scent.

Makeup Necessities for People with Dry Skin

#6 A Primer That Moisturizes

If your skin is especially dry, primer is essential because it helps minimize enlarged pores that can occur with drier skin types.

A double-duty product, Ultime Pro Primerizer acts as a moisturizer for the skin as well as a primer for smoothing the surface and preparing it for flawless makeup application.

With its antioxidant properties, Vitamin E stimulates the regeneration of the skin, while shea butter hydrates, smoothens, and preps it for makeup. With all the micro-shimmers packed into the primer, your face will appear lit from within in no time!

#7 Concealer that Doesn’t Crease

Don't you just hate putting makeup on, only to have it crease all over your face? Well, the Ultime Pro HD Concealer is going to be your best friend!

This HD Concealer is not only designed to conceal dark circles and puffiness, but also blemishes and creases—the constant companions of people with dry skin.

Besides looking very natural, it holds up well on dry skin and can be layered for extra coverage.

#8 Foundation That Doesn’t Dry up

When your complexion is dry, the wrong base can accentuate fine lines and latch onto skin flakes. The Ultime Pro HD Runway Ready Foundation fixes all of those problems.

This water-free formula provides glorious hydration and boosts your skin's vitality while improving its texture and providing a flawless finish. Additionally, this foundation comes in 6 shades—perfect for all Indian skin types. 

#9 Colorful Lips That Stay Hydrated All Day Long

There is no makeup item that can brighten up our face faster than a beautiful lipstick. Occasionally, though, a nice lipstick experience may turn into a nightmare as the lips start to become dry and chapped after a few hours. Try the Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick if you want to ensure your smile stays smooth (and pigmented) all day long.

Comfy Matte Pro is made with a nourishing formula of macadamia oil and olive butter that keeps your lips hydrated and comfortable for up to ten hours. With 0% alcohol, the formula is super nourishing and won't dry out your lips. Get your lip color to stay super matte, super long-lasting, and transfer-proof all day long with one of the 14 shades available.

#10 A Makeup Remover that Removes Makeup without Drying off Your Skin

A makeup remover for dry skin needs to have the ability to cut through foundation and lipstick without irritating or drying the skin. The Triple Impact Makeup Remover does just that.

This three-in-one makeup remover is infused with rose water and is super effective at removing makeup for lips, eyes, and the face. The formula cleanses deeply, instantly tones and intensely nourishes your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.


Dry skin demands some serious effort to manage. With the right beauty routine, however, you can say goodbye to dry skin problems easily.

Check out the dry skin cure and beauty products and forget all your dry skin woes asap!